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Here you can find many info, review, demo and pictures about electronic modern and vintage musical devices ... and some cats.

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Our reviews and technical information:

Synthesizer section link

Synthesizers and modules

Discover the world of both analog and digital keyboards.

Drum machine section link

Drum machines

If you don't like a tr808, you cannot enter here ;)

Studio and live effects review


Rackmount, analog, early digital, weird boutique pedals. A lot of things there!

Sampler section


Lo-fi?  grungy vinyls? MPC? Old school fans can discover old gems from the past!

Sequencer link


A new section, sequencers now deserve it!

8 and 16 bits retroaudio link

8-16 bits retro audio and toys

Did you say Commodore, Atari? Pokey, sid? then this is the right section!

the sample shop

The sample SHOP (new!) famous high quality recording from our big collection of vintage and modern synthesizers! also drum machine and more... and of course a lot of freebies!

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