☢ Teenage Engineering PO-32 "Tonic"

Portable drum synthesizer and sequencer with para-meter locks, punch-in effects!  We did sample about 1500 samples out of it created with microtonic: the biggest sound collection ever made!

✪ Organized in 7 categories: kick, snares, hihats, claps, toms, percussions and FX covering a whole range of electro genre from 808 to minimal techno.

👉 Wav files for any DAW sampled 44kHz at 24 bits Mono
🎧 110 mb! get the whole thing
👉 Free version teaser!

Tiny .-.. but punchy! ^__^

What's inside the DLX sample pack:
- 16 factory sounds (free version)
- 399 kicks
- 79 claps
- 186 fx
- 193 hihats
- 347 various percussions
- 212 snares
- 69 toms

■Drum synthesizer and sequencer with para-meter locks, punch-in effects and unlimited sounds with microtonic vst (sold separately) through data transfer. Very 80 handheld animation is very fun and unique.

■The PO-32 Tonic is the seventh addition to Teenage Engineering’s range of compact, battery-powered Pocket Operator handheld grooveboxes. 

■PO offers 16 sounds, 16 performance effects and a 16-step sequencer into an cool 80 bare hardware unit highly portable. However, where previous POs have been limited to a pre-defined range of sounds, this one is capable of a wider sound palette via sound creation on applications

■PO-32 has been created in collaboration with Swedish developer Sonic Charge's MicroTonic - a software drum synthesizer -PO 32 can be loaded with fresh sounds and patterns created using the plug-in, allowing users to completely alter and overwrite its sonic palette and create new sound. Sound can be loaded with old school  audio-data signals by line in or internal mic.

■ each sound can be manipulated by 2  parameter knobs (pitch and special morphing, which make a transition between 2 sounds parameters). The PO’s Parameter Lock capability allows the movement of these two knobs to be automated on a per-step basis too.

■ Like other PO family there are some effects for real time performances including: rhythmic filtering, delayed fade outs, lo-fi and distortion effects, stutter, glitch  beat repeats and more. 

■Drum synthesizer and sequencer
Real synthesizer engines (no samples)
16 Preset Sounds
16 Patterns
16 Effects including bitcrusher
Delay and filter
Unlimited sounds in combination with Micro Tonic VST
"Lock Tab" Write protection for pattern
Parameter Lock (2 parameters per sound)
Step multiplier
Built-in speaker
Line input and output 3.5 mm jack
Built-in microphone for data transfer
Animated LCD display
Power supply via 2 standard micro batteries (AAA)
Battery life: up to one month
2 Years standby time
Automatic switch-off
Jam Sync
Integrated clock + alarm clock
Folding stand

■ Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 0.2 In / 17.78 x 7.62 x 0.0 cm
Weight: 0.14 lb / 0.064 kg 



To load sound PRESS SOUND + ACC

FACTORY RESET: hold pattern + write while inserting batteries to restore the unit to factory default.

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