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About polynominal

"Poly ...what?"
Founded in 2006, polynominal.com is initially a website dedicated to synthesizer information with a great success (well, for the time) included technical review, manual and schematics. 

From 2022 on we focused our energy in high quality audio samples for music production using our recording studio and huge amount of synthesizers and drum machine we collected in years of (dusty) passion.

Here, you can find a growing archive of sounds, samples and synth patch for all your need. Have fun, always!

Polynominal supports abandoned pets

Besides synthesizer world, our main purpose is helping abandoned, abused, and homeless pets (especially dogs and cats) in whole Italy. We do often host and shelter little kittens, playing around machine and mixers waiting for some adoption and health care -  we have a lot of animals from nice fella from ENPA (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali) which is the Italian Animal Protection Authority; we try to help as much as possible: a never-ending war and sacrifice, well-worth the time. 

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