☒ Casio CZ101

Simple light-weight Sample pack contains 17 patches for kontakt (5+ or free). Raw sound, good sound.

🎧 Format: 16 bits/ 44 kHz

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🎁 Price: FREE! 

β–“ LO FI STUFF β–“
β–“ 80 sounds β–“


5 X electro bass
farfisa organ
rhodes EP
4X  strings

β– Part of the CZ synthesizers series based on digital synthesis PD-Phase Distortion - inspired by Yamaha FM technology Yamaha DX7. The CZ-101 is the portable version of the series with minikeys (same as cz1000)

β–  system and 8 bits CPU UPD-7811G-120 manages up to 8 voices polyphony based on PD synthesis. A basic patch is composed by 1 or 2 DCO (or LINES) which are detunable digital sinewave-cosine oscillators (digital waveform stored in ROM probably IC MB83256pn26) processed by logic mathematical operations.

β– PD - PHASE DISTORTION process periodically distorts the phase angle of the oscillator altering the harmonic content, consequently creating new rich waveforms (8 to be precise).
The pattern of the distorted reading phase angle determines the DCO, while the amount of distortion of the reading phase angle (the depth) is determined by a dedicated EG DCW (Digitally Controlled Wave) which transforms the harmonics from pure sine to full distorted wave (99 stepped values).

β–   each DCO is composed by 1 or 2 rich harmonics waves out of the 8 available.
The second wave follows the first one for each periodic cycle, thus creating even more waveforms. However there are some hardware restriction: it it not possible to mix 2 waves from group 2 thus following this rule, it is possible to obtain 33 combinations.

 β–   PERFORMANCE the 2 DCO lines can be set to 4 different path modes:
- line 1 just DCO1, 8 voices polyphony
- line 2 just DCO2, 8 voices polyphony
- line 1+2 DCO1 + DCO2, 4 voices polyphony with detune
- line 1+1 stacks 2 times DCO1, 4 voices polyphony with detune
In addition various playmode functions:
- portamento time
- monophonic mode
- key transpose
- bender range. 

β–  ENEVELOPE 3 EGs for each line DCO (6 in total):
-EG DCW PD: 8-stages + 8 levels + 8 sustain points that determines the level at which a sound is held as long as a key is pressed
- EG DCO pitch: same structure as DCW
- EG DCA amplitude: same structure as DCW.

 β–   LFO a single delayed amplitude modulator for DCA 1-2 at same time.
The LFO features variable depth and 4 available shapes: sine, saw, square and ramp

β– KEYBOARD 49 mini keys. The main panel features a LCD 16 x 2 lines display (no backlight) and 52 push buttons. On the left side there is a single pitch wheel.

β– Terminal connectors:
- Midi interface (no Thru)
- cartridge slot
- line out
- headphones.

- 16 ROM sounds
- 16 RAM slots
- 16 RAM extra slots if card model Casio RA-3 is fitted.
RAM needs the internal 1.5V batteries to retain sounds (no lithium battery inside). 

β– MIDI basic implementation but fully exclusive systems compliant for both edit and backup.
System is fully compatible with Cz-1000 model.

CZ-1000 the same but bigger and normal keys plus membrane buttons
cz-3000: 16 voices 1 DCO or 8 voices 2x stacking 61 keys and chorus effect
cz-2000S: same as 3000 plus internal stereo speakers (also known as 2600s for other market)
cz-230S: tiny as cz101 but preset non editable + speakers + PCM drums 
cz-5000: with sequencer and 61 keys 
cz-1: the biggest with keys velocity with Aftertouch (no sequencer) 

β– Country: Japan
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 676 x 208 x 70 mm
Power supply 6 X 1.5




β– CZ101 FACTORY RESET: Remove batteries for at least 10 minutes, then use thin object to push the rest button under the hood.


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