☢ Korg Kaossilator Pro + (2013)

Dynamic phrase synthesizer - loop recorder is a classic synth with touchpad to play notes and manipulate sounds in real time. 

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👉categories: bass, fx, drums, drum loops, leads, chords
👉one shot middle "C"
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✪ 24 bits / stereo 44 kHz
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Kaosscilator-Sample collection


33 basses, 21 chords, 28 fx, 30 leads, 33 loops (120bpm) and 85 one -hot percussions (bd, snare, toms, crash, ride, clap, conga ...)

■ The KAOSSILATOR PRO + is an updated pro version from 2010 with more sound.

■ Various sounds, pads, bass, arpeggio, musical melodies and phrases can played with  by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touchpad.  Horizontal motions control the pitch; vertical motions control aspects of the tone, such as filter cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth.  You can set the musical key or “root.” amongst 35 scales, ranging from chromatic, major pentatonic, and minor blues, as well as unusual scales such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga. 

■ The KAOSSILATOR PRO+ features 250 various synth sounds likel leads, and synth basses, drums, loops along with sound effects for DJ use.  The new  PCM includes sounds from the classic percussive Wavedrum .

■ Loop Recording can be set for up to four measures (16 beats.) Performances  can be recorded into any of the four onboard internal Loop Recorder Banks. By adding (overdubbing) additional sounds one at a time, you can create  looped phrases.. Each of the four loop banks can be muted or un-muted, its volume adjusted, and its loop length changed, making live performance.

■The KP provides line inputs and a mic input to allow for the recording of external audio sources as well for sampling.

■The built-in gate arpeggiator patterns can automatically generate phrases and beats by moving the finger across the touchpad. Use the slider to change the gate time and gate speed in real time for performances.

■ Number of programs: 250

■Number of Scales: 35

■Key setting: ±12

■Main controllers: Touch pad, GATE ARP TIME/SPEED slider
1 x X-Y Touchpad
4 x Loop Record Buttons
1 x Gate Arpeggiator Slider
1 x Tap Tempo Button

■Audio Input:
Line Input (Stereo RCA jacks)
Mic Input (Mono unbalanced 6.3 mm phone Jack)

■Audio Output:
Line Output (Stereo RCA pin jacks)
Headphone (6.3 mm Stereo phone jack)

■Sampling Frequency: 48kHz 
Recording 4 x Loop Recording Banks, Up to 4 Measures or 16 Beats Per Bank

■AD/DA 24 bit / Linear

■External storage device: SD Card (16MB – 2GB), SDHC Card (- 32GB)

Note: for some weird reasons, you cannot play the sounds by Midi Input.

■USB Type B

■Power supply: DC9V

■Dimensions: (W) x (D) x (H*) 210 x 226 x 49 mm / 8.27 x 8.90 x 1.93 inches *including knob height

■Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.87 lbs.

■Accessories: AC adapter + Protective sheet for touch pad 

■1 x Stereo RCA Line Input (2 Jacks, L/R)
1 x 1/4" Mic Input
1 x 1/4" Stereo Headphone Jack
2 x MIDI Connectors (In/Out)
1 x USB Type B Port


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