☢ Buranelectrix Dredrum

Eurorack format, open source module that generates 8-bit 3-voice lo-fi percussion module

✪ We did sample all oscillators (noise, square, sinewave and sawtooth) with all tuning and different pitch env-  organized in 3 folders: short, medium, long lenght.
👉 A total of 117 mb for 755 WAV files
👉 24 bits, mono as the original module
✪  includes 42 special "drones and effects" files

Need a lofi 8 bits C64 simmons? 

Here's you chance to have all the sound, with all combo. Special 8 bits flavor with aliased effect! 

■ standard module DIY with 4 waveforms with variable pitch, pitch envelope and decay

■Sound are generated by standard +5V trigger

■Simple mono audio out

■3 voices selectable 8-bit waveform for each voice (sine, square, saw, noise)
3rd voice switchable to click (only one waveform period)
infinite sound with decay pot turned fully to right for pseudodrones

■AVR ISP for software upgrades

■Inputs 5V trig input, 100k impedance

■Outputs Audio output (-2.5V – 2.5V AC coupled, 0V – 5V DC coupled) 

■audio processing 8-bit/15.625kHz


schematics, PBC design, source code:

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