☢ Sonic Potion LXR digital drum Synth (2013)

The LXR is a digital drum machine with integrated sequencer. Sound engine provides 6 different instruments. We did sample a variety of percussive sounds.

🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz Mono
♪ Sample pack contains a total of 139 one-shot samples in WAV format for any daw.

Price: 5€

🎧  LXR cold Sample Pack

Samplepack contains:

-4 claps
-3 crashes
-10 FX
-36 hihats
-26 kicks
-21 snares
-36 various electro percussions


■ Originally released as a DIY kit, the LXR is a digital drum machine came with different cases (e.g plastic or metal) with special open source with different OS (I remember I liked the OWL). Years later, the company ERIC synth from Lituania upgraded it as a MK2 with some differences like integrated mixer.

■The LXR is a full  digital drum machine (full 44kHz, 16 bit audioon 4 separate audio outputs.) with integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak. It can produce a wide variety of sounds, ranging from classic analogue emulations to LOFI crushed sounds

■Each of the 16 steps of the sequencer in TR style is divided into 8 additional substeps, resulting in a total of 128 steps per track at 32 ppq resolution. Sequencer features also a probability control, parameter automation and  MIDI velocity to each step.Patterns also features handy polyrhythm capabilities  to create  shuffles and beats.

■Different modulation sources into the LXR that are capable of modulating any sound parameter. There are 6 freely routable LFOs, velocity modulation, the parameter automation from the sequencer and FM oscillators.

■ Performance mode offers realtime features like manual triggered rolls and realtime preset morphing from a sound kit to another, with 127 dither steps. 

■  Sourcecode and the schematics are available on GitHub and the firmware can be built using open source toolchains.

■The Trigger IO extension is an upgrade for the LXR drumsynthesizer that provides additional analog trigger in- and outputs. It has:
7 trigger outputs for the individual sequencer tracks
1 clock input for different clock rates (1, 4, 8, 16 and 32ppq) to sync the LXR to analog sequencers
1 reset input
2 clock outputs with variable prescaler to sync external sequencers to the LXR
1 reset output

■Cortex M4 based
6 voices (VA and FM)
7 sequencer tracks (extra open HH channel)
44kHz / 16 bit audio
4 mono outputs
4 different instrument engines
1/128 step pattern resolution
USB/Din Midi
different lengths for each track
8 chainable patterns per preset
Step probability
39 buttons
6 LFOs routable to every voice parameter
complete kit. comes with all needed parts for assembly
No SMD soldering required
open source


original DIY kit

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