☒ Waldorf Rack Attack - Percussion Synthesizer (2003)

Sample pack contains 175 samples
🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz mono

🎁 Price: FREE! 
βœͺ DLX edition features 445 extra samples!

β–“ Electro β–“
β–“ 80 simmons stuff β–“
β–“ minimal β–“


Rack attack SOUND LIST:

Free edition:
Kick : 30   
Snares: 30 
Toms: 20
HH: 20
FX: 20
CY digital: 20
Percussion: 30
Crash digital: 5

Deluxe edition:
Kick: 111
Snares and claps: 115
tom: 69
HH: 84
FX: 63
CY digital: 40
Crash digital: 9
Percussion: 130
bass sound: 6

β– Rackmount drumsynth based on virtual synthesis aimed to emulate electro percussive sounds from analog drum machines. RACKMOUNT 2 units, 2 versions: green or blue. The main panel features a backlit display, 15 buttons, 6 knobs and a classic Waldorf red rotary data encoder found on the Waldorf Microwave.

β– Motorola core handles 24 voices polyphony assignable to a single sound or kits programs. Each voice is composed by 2 digital oscillators that can be set to either:
- virtual analog modeling synthesis
- PCM waves

β– FM The oscillators can be ringmodulated and OSC1 is able to modulate the OSC2 by FM frequency modulation. Relative frequency amount is set by either LFO or EG.

β– VIRTUAL MODELING synthesis generates 6 shapes (triangle, sinewave, square, sample&hold, noise and saw) with variable or random start phase.
TIP: Sounds can be also played chromatically using the SPECIAL TUNED CHANNEL mode (only latest OS only).

β– WAVETABLE ROM contains only 3 PCM samples: 2 x hihat (open + close) and crash internal.
TIP Special XOR function avoids to play some sounds at the same time like open/close hihat. 

β– ENVELOPE each sound has 2 freely assignable EGs (4-segments ADSR each) + special SHAPE function switches DECAY and RELEASE values to exponential or linear mode.
Most common EG routings are :
- oscillators pitches
- amplitude
- filter cutoff
Special CRACK function creates some analog clap-like sounds: basically it simply applies a kind of configurable saw-shapped Envelope demo HEAR crack

β– FILTER up to 6 resonant filter models for each sound, in addition the filter system mananages an effective cutoff KEYTRACK function from -100 to 100% range.
Filter Modes: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch, EQ shelving, type bell EQ and S&H type. 

β– LFO each sound features 2 digital modulators freely assignable (typical routings: pitch, filter, amplitude and stereo panning) and triggered by velocity, wheel or breath controller. The LFO structure features 6 shapes (sine, triangle, square, saw, noise and random chaos) relative frequency can be synched to clock at different time dividers demo HEAR LFO

β– SEQUENCER the PATTERN PLAY is not really a sequencer but a kind of quick 128 steps editor with variable time dividers, shuffled playback and gated note length. Each entered note can be assigned to 3 different velocity levels displayed on the LCD.
SYNC created sequences can be synched to external MIDI clock. 

β–  MIDI very limited implementation: just a few controllers like breath or modulation, but latest 1.05 OS adds some extra parameters like panning, volume and fx amount- full Midi Sysex system is supported.

- 1200 kits (programs) each contains 24 assigned sounds
- 50 programs performances to manage the kits in different configurations.
TIP: Sometimes internal memory must be defragmented using the REORGANIZING FLASH option, right into the UTILITY section.

β– Brand: Waldorf
Model: Rack attack
Type: digital drum pad with PCM samples
Country: Germany
Dates: 2003
Class: Sound Module
Synthesis: PCM + VA
Polyphony: 24 voices
Oscillator: 2
FM: yes
N.waves: 3 PCM
Filter: Digital 6 modes
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 2 EGs
Sequencer: 128 steps
Sync: Midi clock
Effect: 4 engines
Memory: 50 programs
OS: V1.05 latest

β– Connectors:
Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- audio signal input for external line processing
- 2 main signal out
- 4 assignable AUX that can be either 3 stereo / 6 mono.

β– Weight: 1,7 Kg
Dimensions: 483 (w) x 92 (h) x 89 (d) mm
Power supply 12V external PSU +)- polarity 1,2 mA.



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