☢ Waldorf Rack Attack -  (2003)

Legendary percussion Synthesizer based on virtual synthesis aimed to emulate electro percussive sounds from vintage analog drum machines.

Sample pack contains 175 samples
🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz mono

🎁 Price: FREE!
✪ DLX edition features 445 extra samples!

▓ Electro ▓
▓ 80 simmons stuff ▓
▓ minimal ▓


Rack attack SOUND LIST:

Free edition:
Kick : 30   
Snares: 30 
Toms: 20
HH: 20
FX: 20
CY digital: 20
Percussion: 30
Crash digital: 5

Deluxe edition:
Kick: 111
Snares and claps: 115
tom: 69
HH: 84
FX: 63
CY digital: 40
Crash digital: 9
Percussion: 130
bass sound: 6

■Rackmount drumsynth based on virtual synthesis aimed to emulate electro percussive sounds from analog drum machines. RACKMOUNT 2 units, 2 versions: green or blue. The main panel features a backlit display, 15 buttons, 6 knobs and a classic Waldorf red rotary data encoder found on the Waldorf Microwave.

■Motorola core handles 24 voices polyphony assignable to a single sound or kits programs. Each voice is composed by 2 digital oscillators that can be set to either:
- virtual analog modeling synthesis
- PCM waves

■FM The oscillators can be ringmodulated and OSC1 is able to modulate the OSC2 by FM frequency modulation. Relative frequency amount is set by either LFO or EG.

■VIRTUAL MODELING synthesis generates 6 shapes (triangle, sinewave, square, sample&hold, noise and saw) with variable or random start phase.
TIP: Sounds can be also played chromatically using the SPECIAL TUNED CHANNEL mode (only latest OS only).

■WAVETABLE ROM contains only 3 PCM samples: 2 x hihat (open + close) and crash internal.
TIP Special XOR function avoids to play some sounds at the same time like open/close hihat. 

ENVELOPE each sound has 2 freely assignable EGs (4-segments ADSR each) + special SHAPE function switches DECAY and RELEASE values to exponential or linear mode.
Most common EG routings are :
- oscillators pitches
- amplitude
- filter cutoff
Special CRACK function creates some analog clap-like sounds: basically it simply applies a kind of configurable saw-shapped Envelope demo HEAR crack

FILTER up to 6 resonant filter models for each sound, in addition the filter system mananages an effective cutoff KEYTRACK function from -100 to 100% range.
Filter Modes: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch, EQ shelving, type bell EQ and S&H type. 

LFO each sound features 2 digital modulators freely assignable (typical routings: pitch, filter, amplitude and stereo panning) and triggered by velocity, wheel or breath controller. The LFO structure features 6 shapes (sine, triangle, square, saw, noise and random chaos) relative frequency can be synched to clock at different time dividers demo HEAR LFO

■SEQUENCER the PATTERN PLAY is not really a sequencer but a kind of quick 128 steps editor with variable time dividers, shuffled playback and gated note length. Each entered note can be assigned to 3 different velocity levels displayed on the LCD.
SYNC created sequences can be synched to external MIDI clock. 

■ MIDI very limited implementation: just a few controllers like breath or modulation, but latest 1.05 OS adds some extra parameters like panning, volume and fx amount- full Midi Sysex system is supported.

- 1200 kits (programs) each contains 24 assigned sounds
- 50 programs performances to manage the kits in different configurations.
TIP: Sometimes internal memory must be defragmented using the REORGANIZING FLASH option, right into the UTILITY section.

■Brand: Waldorf
Model: Rack attack
Type: digital drum pad with PCM samples
Country: Germany
Dates: 2003
Class: Sound Module
Synthesis: PCM + VA
Polyphony: 24 voices
Oscillator: 2
FM: yes
N.waves: 3 PCM
Filter: Digital 6 modes
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 2 EGs
Sequencer: 128 steps
Sync: Midi clock
Effect: 4 engines
Memory: 50 programs
OS: V1.05 latest

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- audio signal input for external line processing
- 2 main signal out
- 4 assignable AUX that can be either 3 stereo / 6 mono.

■Weight: 1,7 Kg
Dimensions: 483 (w) x 92 (h) x 89 (d) mm
Power supply 12V external PSU +)- polarity 1,2 mA.



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