☢ Jomox Mbase11
Analog Bass Drum Synthesizer (2009)

Monophonic analog module dedicated to Kick drum creation. Samples are in two different packs both at 24 bits/ 44 kHz for DAW

🎁 Basic FREE version with 18 drums sample

✪ Deluxe edition with 478 samples

Akai MPC60 sampled version

We did also sample the Mbase with the old school 12 bits Mpc60 sampler, check out the link for disk image for hardware.

▓ Analog kick ▓
▓ techno electro▓
▓ Analog sounds ▓


Mbase11 sound list:
478 sound, mainly kick drums but also electro toms, fx with lfo, warped percussions

■A revamp from previous Mbase 01: an affordable monophonic analog module dedicated to Kick drum creation.
The model Mbase 11 adds some updates and a brand new look.

■VOICE core based on PIC16F887 - 8-bit PIC Microcontroller manages 1 channel polyphony.
A single VCO generates Kicks (also kind of toms and basses). Jomox claimed that the bass drum VCO and the sound production are 100% identical to the XBase09, XBASE999 and the AirBase99 but with different value ranges. Once created, the sound can be played in 3 ways:
- Midi (channel can be set)
- external analog trigger
- pushing the "play" button.

■ PARAMETERS the generated sound can be modified choosing a parameter per time:

- TUNE controls its pitch EG amount on VCO for warping
- PITCH overall tuning: starting from rumbling 10 Hz
- DECAY controls the generated EG decay up to a long time of 2 seconds
- HARMONICS adds harmonics to the sinewave with some distortions
- PULSE (attack) add a square impulse to the attack for click
- NOISE (attack) adds some white noise
- METZNE (metallized noise) changes the noise of the noise generator to a metallic noise.
- ATTACK ratio of added pulse and noise attack to the sine
- EQ simple lowpass filter attenuates high frequency
- VOLUME sets the main gain
- COMPRESSION adds dynamic compression
- GATE TIME sound can be gated from 0,1 to 16 ms. 

■ PERFORMANCE using Midi triggering it is possible to choose different playmodes:
- Split mode 1: the sound is played only by C1 keys
- Split mode 2: the sound is played on all keyboard with pitch variations
- Pitch mode: chromatic play on 3 octaves.
- MIDI all parameters can be controlled by Midi Control Changes.

■LFO a single modulator with possibile polarity inversion (shapes: saw up, saw down, sine up/down, triangle up/down and rectangle up/down) assigned to VCO PITCH.
The LFO frequency can be synched to Midi clock or manually set in a 41-290 BPM range.

- 100 flash ROM sounds
- 10 RAM user sounds.
Created sounds can be dumped to Midi exclusives system.

■Brand: jomox
Model: mbase11
Type: analog drum kick generator
Made In :Germany
Date Produced: 2009

■Main panel features a basic 7 segments display, 1 knob, 16 leds, 1 rotary encoder and 4 buttons.
Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out (mono)
- Midi interface (no THRU)
- Trigger input (signal threshold can be set)
 Power supply is a 9V external PSU DC +)-

■ Fully analog sound engine with storable parameters
110 Bass drum presets (10 User RAM, 100 FLASH)
LFO: 8 Waveforms: Saw +/-, Sine +/-, Tri +/-, Rect +/-
Modulates the pitch
MIDI synchronisable
1 Data wheel
1 Potentiometer
5 Buttons
16 LEDs for parameters and functions
7 Segment, 3 digit LED display
Outputs: 1 6.3 mm Jack mono out
Output level: Around 0 dBu
External analog trigger input - adjustable sensitivity
Incl. External wall wart 9V DC
Dimensions: 145 x 155 x 35 mm
Weight: Approximately 0.5 kg 


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