☢ Kawai R50 (1987)

Digital 12 bits drum machine, sister of the R100 with some addons .This particular version we sampled includes standard set, "E" set and 2 kits eprom (Linn, RY30).
The most complete sample set for any DAWS you can ever found! See details below

✪ 277 Pcm wav samples
✪  24 bits (mono for one shot, stereo for loops)
Free version

Our special R50 features 4 banks , modded with a 4 position rotary selector to choose the soundbank!  finally hear all the R50 sounds!

Need Grungy 12 bits retro percussions?

What's inside the pack:
- 96 one shot percussion from 4 different set: 
Standard R50, R50E (electro) and Linndrum, Ry30 set from our special modded drum beast.
- 50 factory preset patterns Loops (stereo at 120 bpm)
- extra 131 samples with internal flange (mostly on snares and cymbals) and super LOW tune for extra grunginess, like an old amiga game!

■ Digital Drum machine with pads and sequencer with a separate out (not like R100)
Standard common R50 version includes 24 drum and latin PCM percussion voices 12-bit PCM samples recorded at a sampling frequency of 32kHz (Special version legendary R50III includes 3 sound banks).

■Sound can be tuned in 16 semitone range (+7/—8), shorted with GATE option, apply a kind of FLANGER effects (effective on snares, rides...) and a short delay. The internal mixer allows to set volume for all all pad assigned instruments as well as stereo panning.

■ It is possible to assemble your own kit by assigning any modified sample at any pads and save it to special "user slots"

■ Sequencer internal memory includes 50 present slots pattern + 50 user free, they can be created in step or real-time modes (metronome is availabe) and then combined in songs (up to 10), whose total length is limited to 255 bars. There are 15 different internal accent levels. The drum offers a quantisation range from 1/4 (quarter-note) to 1/96 including triplet variations as well as a Swing that delays the timing of offbeat 8th or 16th notes by a fixed amount, either for individual parts or for a whole pattern. 

■  recorded songs and patterns can be saved by either cassette (with verify option) or more modern Sysex MIDI data dumps. 

■ Tempo can be set to internal (also by tapping) or external sync slave mode.

■Year Released: 1987
Category: digital drum machine with sequencer
Number of Pads: 10 (no velocity, the instrument is capable of receiving touch-sensitivity via MIDI)

■  Sound
ROM Size: 24 waveforms at 12-bit, 32kHz resolution
SOUNDS Bass drum (1,2,3), snare drum (1,2,3) Tom high, Tom med, Tom low, Hi hat closed, Hi-hat open, Ride (1,2), Crash (1,2), China, Cowbell, Claps, Shaker, Agogo, Conga, Tambourine, Timbale, Claves.

■Polyphony: 8 notes

Preset Patterns: 50
User Patterns: 50
User Songs: 10*
Preset Drumkits: 4
User Drumkits: 8
Note: R-50's memory is non-volatile and battery-backed so you won't lose data if the power goes off.

■Power Consumption: 5 watts, psu DC9V with negative center
Weight: 1.0 kg
Dimensions: 320 mm x 195 mm x 51 mm

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