☢ Yamaha Rm-50  (1991)

Rhythm Sound Module from early nineties, rompler with AWM2 technology. The RM50 is a box full of electronic and acoustic drum sound.

Free Sample pack contains 245 .wav samples + 5 kontakt kits.
🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz
🎁 Price: FREE!

✪ Deluxe edition contains more than 3000 samples
- 64 original kits mapped for kontakt (5+ or player)
-One shot Samples organized by categories (kick, snare, toms ...)
-32 extra samples from rsc3011 card

▓ 90' percussion ▓
▓ drum acoustic ▓
▓ vintage flavor ▓



103 kiks
66 cymbals
52 fx
66 percussions
109 snares
108 toms

■ One standard rack unit, pretty the same as Tg500 (sy85 rackmount version).
Basically it's a rompler rack based on Yamaha's AWM2 engine with 16-bit samples able to generate 16 voices polyphony close to  Ry30 drum machine with many enhancements with more digital filters and modulation.

■The basis ROM are are the 133 PCM  AWM  waveforms that are stored in the internal memory: 15 bass drums, 27 snare drums, 7 hi-hats, 7 cymbals, 9 toms, 21 percussion sound,, rim shots, metallics, FX andsome basic  synthesizer waveforms.

■More sound can be loaded by the three card slots compatible with  RY30 drum machine, but also cards for the Yamaha SY77  / 99 / 55. The fourth card slot is reserved for data cards, which expand the internal memory for sound programs and drum kits in case the 500 presets and 128 user voices as well as the 64 preset and 64 user drum kits (Extra ram cards store one or two sets of 64 kits to a RAM data card MCD-32 or MCD-64 respectively.

■Kits are: Rock 1-3, Studio 1-2, Metal, Pop 1-2, Country, Latin Rock, Latin Perc, Brazil, Funk, R&B 1-2, Jazz Big, Jazz Small, Jazz Brush, Dance 1-2, House 1-2, Rap, Mouth Kit, Hip Hop, World 1-2, Gated 1-2, Fusion 1-2, Reggae 1-2, Techno 1-2, Analogue 1-2, Reverb, Stadium, SFX Kit 1-2, G MIDI, Yamaha, Dry Zone 1-2, Room Zone 1-2, Rev Zone 1-2, Kicks 1-3, Snares 1-3, Toms 1-3, Cymbals 1-2, Perc 1-2, Special/FX1, FX/Stacks.

■SAMPLE LOAD SYEMB06 Expansion Memory Board Optional memory board allows to upload custom samples (same as tg500) but editing is quite tedious and sample parameters are quite limited (or use Rm50 editor, it's free). These boards are quite hard to find but there's some modern clones around. The RAM must be initialised before you can use it, but once this is done you can load samples into it directly from RY30/SY77/SY55 waveform cards or via MIDI in Sample Dump Standard or TX16W formats.

■ Beside midi, the Rm50 can be controlled by 6 external trigger that works also as an audio-to-MIDI converter. 

■Filters and editi LPF12, LPF24, HPF12 and HPF24 filter types together with a simple rate/level envelope, and on from there via a pitch EG before being routed to stereo or individual outs. The RM50 adds to this structure an LFO, an amplitude EG  and a delay section for each Element.

■LFO can be set to modulate amplitude, pitch or filter settings, using either a triangle, saw up / down square, sine or sample/hold waveform, with both variale speed and initial delay.

■Sound generation: AWM2 16-bit linear samples, up to 48kHz sampling frequency Filtering: LP12, LP24, HP12, HP24; resonance; single-segment EG; part of each Voice Element

■Kits: 64 Preset (ROM), 64 Internal (RAM), 64 Card

■Waveforms: 133 (ROM)

■Voices: 500 Preset, 500 Variations, 128 Internal
Maximum simultaneous notes: 16
Maximum simultaneous timbres: 16

■Note layering: 2 Elements per Voice, two Voices per note

■Sample RAM: optional SYEMB06 512Kb memory board which can hold up to 64 user Waveforms; sample data can be received via MIDI in TX16W and Sample Dump Standard formats
Battery is a CR2032 soldered to mainboard

■LCD: 2 x 24-character, backlit

■Front-panel card slots: three waveform, one data; the RM50 can read SY77, SY55 and RY30 waveform cards

■Rear panel: Stereo out (L/Mono and R); six individual outs; stereo headphones output; six trigger inputs; MIDI In, Out and Thru

■Dimensions: 18⅞" (W) x 1¾" (H) x 13⅝" (D)

■Weight: approx, 11lbs / 5kg

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