☢ Casio Gz-5

Maybe the tiniest Midi toy keyboard with pitch bender and modulation wheel, highly portable, it can be battery operated. The Casio GZ5   features 10 digital sounds based on PCM synthesis. We sampled the whole group.

✪ All preset sampled and perfectly looped
✪ 10 NKI files mapped for kontakt 6+  with 2 filters, adsr evenelope and much more.
✪ Also 60 original .wav files raw that can be loaded in any DAW or sampler
✪ 24 bits / mono
✪ added effects like delay, reverb
✪ FREE piano samples! 
🎧 46 size Mb

GZ-sample collection

Try our carefully sampled sample collection with plenty of effects and sound edit.


Piano, E. Piano, Vibraphone, Organ,
E.Guitar, E.Bass, Strings, Brass, Flute and

■ 32 mini keys with built-in small speaker. Main voice polyphony 4 notes based on OKI M6387-A23 chip, mostly digital rompler at low fidelity (hiss can be heard. On the left side a simple bend controller and modulation both limited to set value (these are buttons in reality)

■ The keyboard can be set to midi mode, but no sound will be out. Midi is quite limited,with octave shift, velocity slide switch with 6 steps: pp (50), p (70), mp (85), mf (95), f (110),ff (127) (keyboard is of course not dynamic).

■ Midi controls are:
Program Change
Hold 1
Effect Depth
Fine Tune
Coarse Tune

■ machine can be operated with external PSU with negative center or internal 4x1,5V batteries

■Make: Casio

Model: GZ-5

Origin: Japan, 1990s

Body: Plastic

Keys: 32 Mini Keys

Polyphony: 4 Voices

Oscillators: PCM Sample

Effects: N/A

ROM: 10 Sounds

MIDI: 5 Pin

Weight: 700g

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