☢ Akai Xr 10 (1990)

Digital drum from akai from early 90. Quite uncommon sounds with a industrial electro kraftwerk mood. We sampled all the box at top quality.

🎁 FREE Sample pack contains 62 samples

DELUXE EDITION is a 2023 resampled version at 24 bits / 44 kHz (32 mb size) and adds these features:
👉 XR Sample tune variations (faster / slower) for a total of 130 samples (64 original samples + 66 variations)
👉 27 best patterns from original machine looped at 120 bpm (stereo) and more!

Sounds from the industrial demons

Bass drums (x10), snares (x10), rimshots (x2), hihats (x3), toms (x12), crash (x2), ride cymbal (x2), claps, finger snap, conga (x4), vibraslap, guiros (x2), cabasa, tambourine, triangle (x2), cowbell, claves, timbales (x2), agogo (x2) , slap bass and a FX orchestral hit.   

▓ LO- FI STUFF ▓ ▓ Electro ▓ ▓ industrial ▓
ᗧ···ᗣ···ᗣ·· [●▪▪●]

■XR10 is a digital drum machine based on a 8-bits CPU NEC D78C10G part of Z80 Zilog processor which handles up to 8 voices polyphony. The sound is generated by internal PCM samples stored in an internal ROM wavetable and 12 parameters.

■Sounds: PCM Wavetable the XR ROM contains 64 PCM samples recorded at 16 bits resolution. Most of the samples are old school big drums, acoustic gated toms but also electro percussions in a perfect Kraftwerk-like style.

■Sequencer: The maximum global resolution is fixed to 1/96 and offers 8 different level of quantization (or humanize) from 1/4 to 1/48 plus a classic array of traditional edit functions like copy, insert or repeats. Created sequences and songs can be data dumped to Midi exclusives protocol. 
Note entries system works in 2 different modes:
A- realtime at 96 ppqn resolution
B- simple step entries.

■SYNC internal tempo range 40-296 BPM or XR can be slaved to external Midi clock, although some sync issues have been reported (maybe depends on the OS?).

■ INTERFACE All edit with single parameter with limited display. One of most irritating function of the machine is the MEMORY PROTECT which is always turns back to ON when switching off the drum machine - no to mention the lack of backlit display.

■ LFO section offers a single modulator SWEEP for the pitch with following controls:
- frequency rate
- depth modulation
- polarity inversion.

■ ENVELOPE each assigned sample have 1 single EG that features:
- 1 segment DECAY
- 1 time SUSTAIN (31 levels each)     

■Company: Akai
Model: XR-10
Class: Drum Machine
Country: Japan
Pads: 15 non-dynamic
Display: 16 x 2 lines
Dates: 1990

■Synthesis: PCM rompler
N. Samples: 64 PCM
Sample Resolution: 16 bits
Polyphony: 8 voices

■Sequencer: 20 songs
Rec resolution: 96 ppqn
SYNC: Midi
Envelope: 1 EG
LFO: 1 modulator
Memory: 50 styles

■CPU: NEC D78C Z80
OS: latest V2.2 OS is burnt on EPROM, test version is 2.2

■ Back panel terminals connectors:
- main signal out
- Midi interface
- headphones
- 2 pedalswitch inputs for start-stop and FILL IN functions.
- Power supply external PSU 12V / 200 mA -)+ polarity.

■Weight: 1,7 Kg
Dimensions: 350 (w) x 241 (h) x 68 (d) mm


AKAI XR10 RESET FACTORY IS NOT ON ROM. You cannot reset original patterns without original factory dump  -we're still looking for it, if you have it, contact us and it will be shared here for free.

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