☢ Yamaha DX-7

he DX7 was the first affordable synthesizer implementing FM synthesis designed by John Chowning.

Sample pack contains 87 FM PERCUSSIVES samples
🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz

✪ Also includes a kontakt mapped version (5+ or player)

🎁 Price: 5€

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▓ digital drums▓
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DX7 percussive fm

87 sounds: kick, snare, conga, toms, timbales, triangle, noises, fx , catagnet, timpani, hit

■YAMAHA DX7 (1983) Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer
The DX7 was the first affordable synthesizer implementing FM synthesis designed by John Chowning: the digital revolution changed the sound forever. In following years it is revamped to DX7 Mk2.

■VOICES synthesizer 16 voices polyphony based on FM synthesis - the DAC BA9221 works at 12 bits.
 IC YM21280 generates 6 syncable sinewave oscillators or operator each with individual volume settings and pitch detune (EG is generated by IC YM 21290) 

■SYNTHESIS 6 sinewave operators organized as algorithms, assigned as carrier or modulator, linked between them on different pathways interacting on their harmonic contents depending on the variable feedback strength.
- carrier; defines the amplitude and the spectral frequency
- modulator: sets the sound timbre and the relative harmonic contents.

■DX7 features 32 algorithms combinations with frequency ratio or fixed frequency: the output is fed back to its input with 7 different levels feedback, as general rule, high values feedback results in richer harmonic contents. 

■LFO up to 2 modulators (shapes: sine, triangle, saw up/down, square and sample & hold) with adjustable start delay and sync retrigger:
- PMD modulates pitch
- AMD processes the amplitude.

■ENVELOPE the IC YM2819 generates 7 EGs:
- 1 EG pitch: 4-segments structure + 4 time levels.
- 1 EG for each operators: 4-segments structure + 4 time levels
The Scaling Level is a very precise key follower with 4 linear / exponential curves

■MEMORY - 32 RAM patches.
Internal RAM is doubled if a cartridge mode RAM1 is present, also many third part cartridge for more banks including EMW DX70, Interlock TurboDX1, FORAT MAM 2000, Steinberg Monsterram, Yamaha Sound collection voice. The backup memory works with a CR-2032 lithium battery soldered to the mainboard - be aware that there is no ROM factory recall, so it is necessary to use Midi exclusives data for this job.

■KEYBOARD 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch. The main panel features a 16 X 2 lines display (not backlit but can be modded) 42 buttons, 2 sliders for volume and data entry.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- mono out
- Midi interface
- headphones out
- breath controller input
- sustain footswitch input
- portamento footswitch input
- volume pedal input

■Keyboard 61 keys (C1 ~ C6)
Sound Source FM Tone Generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)
Simultaneous Output Notes Poly Mode - 16 notes, Mono Mode - 1 note
Internal RAM Memory 32 Bank (32 Memory)
External ROM Memory 32 Bank x 2 (64 memory)
External RAM Memory 32 Bank (32 Memory)
Mode Selectors Store, Memory Protect (Internal, Cartridge), Operator Select, Edit/Compare, Play-Memory Select (Internal, Cartridge), Function
Controls Volume, Data Entry [lever, switch: Yes (On)/No (off)], Pitch Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Operator On-Off, EG Copy
Algorithm 1~32
Feedback 0~7
Speed 0~99
Delay 0~99
Pitch Modulation Depth 0~99
Amplitude Modulation Depth 0~99
Sync On/Off
Pitch Modulation Sensitivity 0~7
Amplitude Modulation Sensitivity 0~3
Oscillator Mode Ratio/Fixed (HZ)
Frequency Coarse 0.5~31
Frequency Fine (Frequency Coarse) x 1.0~1.99
Detune -7~+7
EG Rate (1~4) 0~99
Level (1~4) 0~99
Break Point A-1 ~ C8
Curve (L/R) +/-LIN / +/-EXP
Depth (L/R) 0~99
Keyboard Rate Scaling 0~7
Operator Output Level 0~99
Key Velocity Sensitivity 0~7
Pitch EG Rate (1~4) 0~99
Pitch EG Level (1~4) 0~99
Key Transpose +/- 2 octaves
Voice Name Within 10 characters
Master Tune +/- 75 cents
Poly/Mono 16 note poly, 1 note mono
Pitch Bend Range 0~12
Pitch Bend Step 0~12
Poly Retain/Follow
Mono Full-Time/Fingered
Glissando On/Off
Time 0~99
Range 0~99
Pitch On/Off
Amplitude On/Off
EG Bias On/Off
Foot Control Range 0~99
Foot Control Pitch On/Off
Foot Control Amplitude On/Off
Foot Control EG Bias On/Off
Breath Control Range 0~99
Breath Control Pitch On/Off
Breath Control Amplitude On/Off
Breath Control EG Bias On/Off
After Touch Range 0~99
After Touch Pitch On/Off
After Touch Amplitude On/Off
After Touch EG Bias On/Off
Midi Channel 1~16
System Information Available/Unavailable
Connecting Terminal Output (600 Ohms - unbalanced), Phones (8-150 Ohms)
Control Terminal Foot Switch (Sustain, Portamento); Foot Control (Volume, Modulation); Breath Control Midi (In, Out, Thru)
Others LCD Display, Cartridge Interface
Dimensions 101.8(w) x 10.2(h) x 32.9(d) cm (40 x 4 x 13 inches)
Weight 14.2 kg (31.2 lbs)
Power Consumption 40W

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