☢ Korg Em-1 Electribe (1999)

Sequencers / Grooveboxes part of the electribe family. One of the rarest!  We did sample all the drum section: about 150 one-shot wav.

✪ Organized in 13 categories: kick, snares, hh, toms, percussions, claps, noises and more

👉 Wav files for any DAW sampled 44kHz at 24 bits Mono

🎧 11 mb

Em-1 ... so "2000"

What's inside the sample pack:
- 4 cowbells
- 4 claps
- 16 hihats
- 22 beat drums
- 3 rides + 
2 crashes
- 3 rimshots
- 22 snares

- 7 toms
- 18 electronic percussions
- 36 ethnic percussions
-  6 various percussions

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■The EM-1 combines a drum machine and synthesizer with a sequencer: an eight‑part drum machine and a two‑part (mono) synth section all sample-based with sound control, leaving the analogue modelling technology from ER1 with some simple controls like EG. The display is quite simple with characters like from the 80'.

■16‑step, pattern‑based sequence based on classic TRXX with motion recorder.
Each pattern can consist of up to 64 steps which: four bars of 16 steps, no other signature but triplet patterns. Drum parts are programmed by selecting one of the eight drum keys , then using the 16 sequencer keys to assign them to the desired step. Melodic section can be played on the "piano like" section with special glide legato for TB effects and accent. You can chain up  256 patterns in 16 performance songs.

■drum sections offers all kind of sounds from that era, including a ROLL option for performances

■ Effects: Reverb ,Compressor, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Pitch‑shifter, Distortion, Decimator, Resonator, Filter, stereo, cross‑feedback tempo delay and Modulation Delay. Each effect is programmable via rhe two Edit knobs

■ Digital filter with classic resonance and cutoff, no external input for processing.

■ Digital Groovebox sequencer with drum section and bass synth

■Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator): Waveform Count 50
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator): Waveform Count (Percussion) 144
192 factory rhythms 
144 drum and percussion sounds plus 50 soundwave waveforms

■Effects: Reverb Chorus Flanger Compressor Delay Phaser Distortion

■Sequencer Step Sequencer Max Step Count 64
Max number of songs 256

■MIDI in/ out

■Pads Matrix Pads Count 16

■Display type EL Resolution: Symbols Count 3

■Built-in controllers
Jog dial
Audio out
Analogue:  3.5mm: 2
Audio in
Analog 1/8" 1

■Power Voltage 9V DC

■Dimensions :Height 55 mm X Width 300 mm X Depth 222 mm

■Weight 1.250 kg

■Production  1999 - 2002



FACTORY RESET: The pattern and song data with which the EM-1 is shipped
from the factory is referred to as the "preloaded data," and
you can restore this preloaded data back into the memory of
the EM-1.
When you do this, the patterns you created and the songs
which use these patterns will be erased, and replaced by the
preloaded data. If you wish to keep the patterns and songs
you created, you must save the data on a data filer etc. before
you load the preloaded data.
1. While simultaneously pressing the Transpose key and the
Write key, turn on the power.
2. The display will indicate "PLd," and the Play/Pause key
will blink.
3. To load the factory preloaded data, press the blinking Play/
Pause key.
This will require apporoximately 30 seconds.
To cancel, press the Stop/Cancel key.
When loading is complete, the EM-1 will return to its initial
state. After several seconds the display will indicate pattern
number "A.01," and the EM-1 will be in Pattern mode

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