☢ Korg ER-1 (1999)

Classic drum, we sampled all pcm forms (with speed variations) and 470 shots from VA generator (includes kick, snare, fx, noises, strange percussions) with all kind of knobs variations.

🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz Mono

♪ Sample pack contains a total of 503 one shot samples + 17 loops at 125 BPM.

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▓ Modern electro ▓
▓ noise ▓
▓ early 2000▓

KORG ER1 soundlist:

9 claps
6 crashes
17 hats cymbals

470 sounds created from synth percussions (including kicks, snares, fx, stranges noises)

■Advanced drum machine, a "rhythm synthesizer" based on a mix of virtual analog modeling synthesis and PCM samples. Main panel features a segments display, 16 pads, a data entry wheel, 11 knobs and 34 rubber buttons.
Later replaced by Korg Electribe R MkII - part of the following second electribe generation, quite the same as Mk1 but Korg added a cross modulation effect between oscillators

■VOICE Main CPU H8S2350 manages 6 voices polyphony (tms5707FFT DSP + DAC AK 4522) each with individual volume, Midi channel and panning position. Voices are allocated between part A and B:
A--> 4 parts VA analog modeling percussion synthesizers
B--> 4 parts PCM samples playback but only 2 voices since hihats and crash are channel-shared.

■ PART A: ANALOG MODELING section is composed by 4 parts each can be either a sinewave or triangle waveform with a pitch tuning from 20 to 12000 Hz.
A special ring modulation process can be applied between:
- part 1 / part 2
- part 4 / audio input

contains only 4 PCM waveforms: 

■ ENVELOPE only the DECAY segment can be set for both PCM and VA sections but it also works as a signal gate for external sources process. 

■ LFO a single bipolar modulator, relative frequency range between 0.1Hz and 5kHz with variable depth. The LFO features 6 shapes:
- sawtooth
- square
- triangle
- noise: adds a white noise to the sound, indicated for snare
- envelope: is effective for kick drum sound creating
- sample and hold: is very indicated for bleeps or analog-like noises

■SEQUENCER classic Roland TR STEP mode for beat programming.
Variable time signature (4/4 or 3/4 or triplet timing) and other functions e.g accent, clear events, copy and swinged mode (humanize).

■Special MOTION SEQUENCER records and loops knobs movements then values can be played back as is or interpolated for a smoother sequencer effect.

■SYNC internal frequency tempo from 20 to 300 BPM or unit can be slaved to external Midi clock and other Electribes machines.

■EFFECT only a cross-feedback digital delay with adjustable feedback rate and sync to tempo mode. Both PCM and modeling V.A can use the special LOW BOOST for more bass EQ gain.

■MIDI every parts (including audio input) are assigned to a Midi note and channel.
The Midi implementation is poor and knobs cannot be recorded by Control Change but only NRPN (Non Registered Parameters). 

- 16 songs
- 256 patterns (each 64 steps)
- 35700 recorded events
All data can be saved only to Midi dump process

■Company: Korg
Model: ER1
Class: Drum machine
Dates: 1999
Pads: 16
Technology: V.A + PCm
Waves: sine / triangle
Polyphony:6 voices
Multitimbric: 8 parts
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: decay
Sequencer: 256 patterns
SYNC: Midi clock
Effect: delay
Midi: IN / OUT / TRHU
Memory: 35700 events
CPU: H8S2350
IC: tms5707FFT DSP + DAC AK 4522

- Midi interface
- main analog out
- headphones
- 2 inputs for external processing or gating-triggering.
- ac Power supply is a 9V external PSU negative in center about 600 mA.

■Sound generation:
Analogue modelling synth and PCM samples.

■Number of parts per pattern:
Synth x 4
Samples x 4 (only two simultaneously)
Audio inputs x 2
Accent x 1

Patterns x 256
Songs x 16

Delay, Normal or Tempo.

Pattern: 64 Steps per part.
Song: 256 patterns per song.
One Motion Sequence parameter per part.

■192 Pre-set style patterns, including :
Hip Hop
Big Beat
Drum & Bass
Trip Hop
Connections (all on rear):

■ Dimensions : 300(W) x 222.5(D) x 53.4(H)mm
11.8"(W) x 8.8"(D) x 2.1" (H)
Weight : 1.25kg / 2.76 lbs


How to I turn the Memory Protect function On / Off?

- Press [GLOBAL]
- Press the Down [CURSOR] button. The display shows “ON" and Rotate the Data wheel l to turn Protect to “OFF”

How to save data pattern?
- Press the [PATTERN] button
- [WRITE] twice

How to Cancel Patterns?
- Press [PART] button to select the part
- Hold [SHIFT] + [STEP 12] twice

How to enable Metronome?
- Rotate Data wheel and choose a mode:
- “r-0”: Metronome sounds only when records
- “r-1”: Metronome sounds only when records with a one measure count before recording begins.
- “r-2”: Metronome sounds only when records with a two measure count before recording begins.
- “on”: Metronome ounds during records and playback. No precount

t How to Select aMIDI Channel t?
- Press [MIDI] button + [CURSOR UP]
- Rotate Data Dial and select a MIDI Channel + [WRITE] twice

How to sync to Midi clock?
- Press [Global]
- Press [UP CURSOR] button
- Rotate the Data Dial to select “Ext”.
- Press the [WRITE] two times

How to reset to factory ER1
- Press [SOLO] + [WRITE] button while switching on power
- press [PLAY]

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