☢ Mfb Kult (2001)

Digital drum module with many Sounds from rare and epic drum machines from the 70-80's.

✪ We did sample 192 percussive sounds, these sounds are in 12 folders by genre (kick, snare,toms, hats, crash...)
👉 A total of 5 mb for 192 WAV files
👉 24 bits, mono 

✪  Please note that samples are quite "short" and may sound a bit lofi due the Kult characteristics: it's not mean to be a Hi-fi tr808 replacement, but it has its own character, quite cripsy.

A compendium of famous drums

Here's the list of the samples:

-22 kicks
-20 snares
-56 toms
-30 hats
-9 rides+ 3 crashes
-12 claps
-37 various percussions (claves, cowbell...)

■ From the 1979 German company MFB (now defunct) father of the Low-cost drum machine MFB-301.
After 1986 the digital drum module MFB-712 came onto the market, then a hiatus as the company focused on videogames market.

■The kult is a rompler with sounds (not all) from 25 classic rhythm drum machines, the box is very cheap with six colorful buttons and an endless rotary controller, very basic four-digit LED display is used.
Don't expect too much control on sounds: you can't create your own sets these are defaults but look like roughly GM compliant but not really precise.

■Operating modes You can use the two yellow buttons RHYTHM MODE and the SOUND Select MODE.  Each of the 192 sounds (16 bit 44.1 kHz) can then come along selected with the rotary control and with the blue can be triggered using the PLAY button. With the Red buttons also allow editing of a few sound parameters possible. That's how you can Attack and release of the volume envelope change and volume and the stereo panning adjust each sound. That's all

■ The Tempo can be set in a value range of 0 set to 99, some pre-recorded rhythm patterns

■  drum list: Boss DR-55 , CasioPT-68, Casio VL-1, Roland CR-78 , Roland CR-8000 , Sequential Circuit
its Drumtraks , E-MU Drumulator), Electro Harmonix, Hohner, Korg DDD1, Korg-220, Korg KPR-77 , Linn 1 , MFB-401, MFB-501), MFB-512, MFB-612, Pearl SC-40, Rhythm Ace, Simmons Clap Trap, Simmons SDS, Roland TR-606, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909 and Vermona DRM 1. 

■External PSU

■17.7 cm × 12.5 cm × 3 cm

MFB kult manual PDF DOWNLOAD


Manfred Fricke

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