☢ MFB Tanzmaus (2016)

More than 3200 samples out of the analog Tanzmaus! We sampled probably ALL possible combination. Pack includes:
-1400 kicks
-123 claps
-905 snares
-765 toms
-1 (lonely) rimshot
-BONUS FREE : 32 factory samples from digital section

Tanz mit mir 

✪ Kick (1400 samples) 7 main pitch folders, each contains 3 subfolders with 3 attacks level, each attack driven version and noise. All decays recorded.
✪ claps (123 samples): 4 transient folders, each with all noise and decay variation
✪ snares (905 samples): 2 main EG levels, each with 7 pitches with all decay versions
✪ toms (765 samples): 7 pitch folders each with 3 attack levels. Each attack levels have all decay version

■ The dance mouse drum computer is a compact drum machine, housing is made of sheet steel, offering five analog percussion instruments and two sample sections, each with access to 16 samples. In addition, it is possible to upload custom samples via Midi.

 ■The patterns can be concatenated via "chain", A/B lets you switch or alternate between A and B. Furthermore 16 different flames can be played. The step length is individually adjustable for each instrument so you can create some polyrhythms . 32 steps, 16th or 16th/8th triplets are the basis for metrics, 15 different shuffle quantizations can be used globally. Four different accents are available per instrument.

■Five independent LFOs can be used to modulate bass drum, claps, tom, sample 1 and sample 2 in the pitch. The LFOs can be individually programmed using four waveforms per step.

■The sound parameters can be recorded using step and real-time recording. The programming releases midi out and can also control other sound generators.

■The drum machine can be synchronized via midi. In addition to a master volume, each instrument has its own volume control and can be muted. Five single outputs and one stereo output are available, the claps are in stereo. 

■ Sounds can be tweaked (also many hidden sub meno parameters) in the following parameters:
✪ Bassdrum : Transient volume, decay time, noise volume, noise decay time, pitch, pitch, transient type, distortion
✪ Snare: Pitch, Noise Volume, Noise Decay Time, Decay Time, Transients
✪ Rimshot: nothing
✪ Claps: Filter, Reverb Decay Time, Intensity, Number and Patterns of Attacks, LFO
✪ Tom: decay time, pitch, transient type, volume, panorama, LFO
✪ Sample 1 (Alt) and 2 (Alt): decay time, settling time, tune, LFO

■ Dimensions 200 x 140 x 40mm
Power supply included in delivery

■MIDI Inputs: 1 Port
MIDI Outputs: 1 Port
Sound Generation: Analogue + digital samples (no direct sampling, just playback)


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