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Retrogames music Synth remake




Retro games music remake

Retro games music remake
with classic synthesizers


A special page indeed! sometimes when I do some synth demos, I like to play some themes or short riffs from classic games from the eighties and the nineties especially from Commodore 64, Amiga or old PC.

This page sumups the different demos from various synth dedicated to these games - some are shorts, other full or just a licks. Depends :)


drum pad



retrogame synth


korg ms20 monkey island



Archon - Capcom (1985)


edit intro theme by KORG MS20



Blood Money- Psygnosis (1989)

blood money

edit full intro theme by Roland Sh101 / Elka Synthex / Akai MPC60


Castle Master - Incentive (1990)

blood money

editbells intro by Alesis QSR


Commando - Capcom (1985)


edit riff by MFB NANOZWERG


Delta - Thalamus (1987)


edit riff by Yamaha An1x

edit MIDI GM by Viscount MF01



Dune- Cryo (1992)


edit Midi Gm by Korg o3rw
edit Sietch FM rendering by Yamaha OPL3 chip
edit Midi Gm by Roland Jv2080


Fairy tales- MicroIllusions (1987)

faery tale

edit combat riff by Roland Juno60



Firelord - MicroIllusions (1986)

faery tale

editMAIN theme GM GS by GEM S2 workstation



Green beret- Konami / Imagine (1986)

green beret

edit riff by Kawai K4


Impossible Mission - Epyx (1984)

impossible mission



Knucklebusters - Mobygames (1986)

impossible mission

edit full intro theme by Roland Jp8000

edit SID rendering by Elektron Sidstation


Last Ninja 2 -System 3 (1988)

lost patrol

edit Last Battle by Korg N1r


Lost Patrol - Ocean (1989)

lost patrol

edit Riff Bass by Yamaha Tx81z

edit Riff Strings by Roland MVS1



Monkey Island - Lucasfilm (1990)

moneky siland

edit Reggae theme by Alesis QSR


Rambo II - Ocean (1985)

rambo 2

edit Riff intro by Yamaha Sy55


Sanxion - Thalamus (1986)


edit Full theme by Roland Alpha Juno + drum Roland Tr606



Shadowfire - Denton Designs (1984)


edit riff theme by Kawai Sx240

edit riff theme by Formanta Polivoks


Space Harrier - Sega (1986)

space harrier

editattack theme by Kawai k1


Spellbound - madgames (1985)


edit riff theme by Moog Minitaur


Turrican 2 - Rainbow arts (1985)

turrican 2

edit slow riff by Yamaha Tx81z

edit wall riff by Akai AX80

edit wall by Yamaha SY99

Ultima III - EXODUS - Origin (1983)

ultima III

edit Theme by Akai X7000

Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar - Origin (1985)

ultima IV

edit Stone by Yamaha Sy85

edit Castle by Oberheim Matrix 6

edit Wanderer by Solton Sm100


Ultima V -Warrior of Destiny - Origin (1988)

ultima V

edit Greyson tale by Korg 01rw

edit Stones by Kawai K1

edit Fanfare of virtues by Roland JV-80


Ultima VI - Origin (1990)

ultima 6
edit Dungeon FM rendering by Yamaha OPL3 chip


Ultima VII - The Black gate - Origin (1992)

ultima V

edit MIDI intro by Roland Mt32

edit fellowship by Roland Mt32

edit Riff fellowship by Yamaha Tx81z

edit Bells intro (FM) by Yamaha TG33


Ultima Underworld (1992)

ultima underworld

edit MIDI ingame by Roland Mt32


Untouchable - Ocean (1989)


edit Intro bass by Kawai K3


Shadow of the beast - Psygnosis (1989)

ultima V

edit Full Theme 1 by Korg M1

edit Full Theme 2 by Korg M1


Space Quest III

space quest 3

edit MIDI ingame by Roland Mt32


Zak Mckraken

ultima V

edit riff Theme 1 by Roland Juno60 + delay Boss de200

edit riff2 Theme 1 by Siel EX80
























drum pad circuit rsf kobol

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