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Akai AX-80





audio demo trend price : 800€
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AKAI AX-80 programmable polyphonic synthesizer (1984)


Analog synthesizer from the mid-eighties produced by the famous sampler company

ax80 display

ax80 display

info KEYBOARD (weight: 18 kg) 61 velocity keys,
The main panel offers 56 buttons, 4 knobs, a large rotary encoder for values enter. All parameters values are displayed on a special glowing bars display incredibly cool eyes-candy device.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mono out
- headphones
- Midi and
- tape interface
- sustain pedalswitch input
- program change pedalswitch input

edit VOICE the synth manages 8 voices based on subtractive synthesis.
Each voice is composed by 2 DCO oscillators + 1 sub oscillator.
TECH: sub features a PWM linked to DCO1 PWM values.


oscillator DCO1 DCO2
octave range 16' 8' 4' 16' 8' 4' 2'
waveforms saw / pulse / saw+ pulse mix saw / pulse / saw+ pulse mix
detune no yes
PWM yes no
sub oscillator yes (1 octave lower) no
mix volume yes yes

adsr CROSSMODULATION the DCO can be synched in 2 different ways:
- soft sync mode
- hard sync mode

dco data

there are 2 EG in total and both are 4 stages ADSR:
- EG1: amplitude for both DCO
- EG2: filter (lowpass)
The Keyfollower function is pretty brilliant for its age and features 99 different levels.

features 2 mode filters:
- lowpass at 4 poles also based on 8 excellent CEM 3372 (IC act also as EG)
- static highpass
The Key follow function tracks the cutoff notes with variable range from 0 to 150%.

cem curtis 3372

filter data

lfo LFO there are 3 modulators in total sharing same frequency (range from 0.1 to 20 Hz):
- OSC1 pitch
- OSC2 pitch
Each modulator offers 4 waveforms (saw up, saw down, triangle and a pulse) and a delay time function.
TECH: modulation wheel triggers LFO using either MWHEEL OSC or MWHEEL VCF.

basic implementation:
- pitch bender
- modulation
- sustain
- key velocity
- program change

memroy MEMORY holds:
- 32 ROM preset
- 64 RAM slots
Sounds can be saved only using tape interface.
TECH: internal RAM system uses a BR-2330 lithium battery, soldering skills are needed for replacement

lithium battery

midi MAINTENANCE keyboard panel part lacks a good spacer system, in fact, after many presses, underneath contacts may break.

inside the akai ax80


audio demo

Demo note:
track 1 with Roland tr606

effet Soundcloud Akai Ax-80

ax80demos 3 tracks  


fan ax80 advertisement Akai AX-80 Sounds By: Synthpro New Akai AX 80 demo
fan ax80 advertisement Akai AX-80 Sounds New Akai AX 80 demo

akai ax80 synth



Unlike the others AX-VX series machines, the Ax80 does not feature the VOICE IN connector that processes signal from hardware samplers like S900.



zoom picture



original scan



high tech







Discover the ax80 most terrible competitor!

Roland Juno-60



NO AX80 for sale
ebay auction




akai ax80 side view ax80 behind view synthesizer


- filter
- cool display


- tape storage
- weight
- lacks portamento and unison


"Really different and more harsh than Roland! analog pads and sweeps are just great. Really underrated."


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