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Korg N1R



korg n1r

info Country: Japan
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 482 (w) x 263,4 (h) x 45 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo video comments

Korg N1r
Synthesizer Module (1998)


This is the rackmount module derived from N1 series workstation - pure PCM rompler breed, direct evolution from previous Korg N5 series.

korg n1r logo
arpeggiator switch

info RACKMOUNT MODULE single rack unit.
Main panel features a 144 x 40 pixels display, 17 push buttons, 6 Midi-assignable knobs for real-time parameters control.
Back panel terminal connectors:
- main out
- aux out
- Midi interface
- host port: an obsolete serial interface which allows to use the 32 available Midi channels instead of 16 but it requires specific old drivers.

ac Power supply is external with a non-standard connector pinouts - AC/AC 9V IN / 1.7A draw > DO NOT GET A UNIT without original PSU<



edit VOICE 
modules manages up to 64 voices polyphony based on Korg AI2 16 bits synthesis.
STRUCTURE A basic patch is composed 1 or 2 PCM samples (oscillators) that can be set in 3 different manners:

1- single: 1 oscillator per sound
2- double: 2 oscillators per sound
3- drums: special kit mode for drumset

Just a few oscillator parameters can be set including: volume, pitch tuning and stereo panning.

ai2 synthesis


a 18 Mb ROM memory contains 867 PCM waves of bread and butters of any kind of acoustic sounds, also compliant to Midi GS-GM-XG protocols.

The wavetable is split into 2 main categories:
- 563 PCM multisampled acoustics
- 304 PCM drum percussions.

demo HEAR GS/GM file "Last Ninja 2"


performance PERFORMANCE
system handles 16 parts with individual parameters:
- monophonic mode with variable portamento glide speed
- Midi channel
- split zone
- pitch tune.

korg n1r module


filter FILTER
the VDF is a 4-poles non-resonant digital filter- cutoff can be assigned to velocity, knobs, aftertouch or pitchbender or by key scaling function.



lfo LFO
up to 3 delayed modulators (shapes: triangle, saw-up, saw-down, random and square) with variable depth and special progressive fade IN:
- LFO 1 to amplitude
- LFO 2 to pitch
- LFO 3 to filter.


adsr ENVELOPE 3 EGs:
- EG1 VDA amplitude: 4 segments
- EG2 VDF filter: 4 segments
- EG3 Pitch: 4 segments


memroy MEMORY:
- RAM 100 sound programs
- RAM 100 combinations
- RAM 32 performances
TECH: ROM contains factory presets with internal recall.


20 patterns ready-to-go with 4 edit controls:
- gate length
- octave range
- direction up/down
- swing mode.
Internal clock tempo range from 40 to 240 BPM or slaved to external Midi sync.


fx EFFECTS double digital DSP in serial or 6 parallel modes:
- 48 algorithms
- 728 fully editable presets e.g reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, frequency exciter, enhancer, parametric EQ, simulated resonance, distortion, phaser, rotary and tremolo


korg n1 n5


N5 61 keys and a 12 MB wavetable:it misses the expanded piano wavetable (35 samples). After some months Korg released an "EX" version with extended sample set form Trinity and SG ProX VIDEO

N1 88 weight keys and 18 Mb wavetable ROM.




demo factory demo
demo factory demo 2
demo brass
demo choir
demo Minimoog
demo piano 1
demo tines ep
demo tines DX
demo guitar
demo gamelan
demo house organ
demo pipe organ B
demo pad 1
demo pad 2
demo strings
demo strings 2
demo fisa accordion Lupin
demo synth
demo percussion metal
demo various electro sounds

demo please do UPLOAD some of your N1R audio clips for sharing :)



korg n1r piano ep rhodes arrangement with korg n1r
piano EP Rhodes arrangement


korg n1r

Company: Korg
Model: N1R
Class: Synth module
Dates: 1998
Price: 150€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
N. waves: 867 PCM
Polyphony: 64 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Oscillator: 2 digital OSC
Filter: Digital Low pass
LFO: 3 modulators
Envelope: 3 EGs
Effect: 48 algorithms
Arpeggiator: yes
Memory: 100 slots
Demo: 20




Press Global, Page to Init. Select "Factory Preload" then press Enter


-free samples

banner n1r

Korg N1R for sale

Korg N1R for sale


banner n1r


inside n1r waveforms lcd screen


REVIEW "a Korg collection of bread and butter sounds: some are excellent other are pure plastic. Real-time knobs are nice as well as arpeggiator function"

manual manual
- lot of sounds - poor edit interface
-dirty cheap
- external custom PSU

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