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Roland Juno-60



synthesizer from mid 80

audio demo trend price : 800-1000€
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ROLAND JUNO-60 (1982)


Famous analog polyphonic synthesizer from the beginning of the eighties:

Juno 60 was an enhancement from the previous Juno-6 but basically they are exactly the same.

dco oscillators

juno60 edit

info KEYBOARD (weight: 12 Kg ) 61 keys
The main panel features a 7-segments display, 27 push buttons, 21 sliders and 6 position switches.
On the left side there is a bender for pitch and modulation.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- stereo out at 3 impedance levels
- headphones out
- cutoff CV control
- clock IN for arpeggio sync
- tape interface
- program change pedaswitch input
- hold pedalswitch input
- DCB interface control

edit VOICE
the main core CPU NEC D8049C manages 6 analog oscillators DCO digitally controlled.
The synthesis is analog subtractive mainly based on
TECH: VCA BA662 same found on Jupiter 8 or JX3p also filter IR3109 and MN BBD chorus effect circuit .

cpu nec data
wave WAVEFORM DCO offers summable waveforms:
- square with variable width
- triangle
- square sub-oscillator
- white noise
Square and triangle have no volume balancing while sub and noise feature a gain slider.


adsr ENVELOPE there is 4-segments EG per voice for:
VCA EG can be triggered by gate mode following the key pressure.
TECH: EG structure is based on 6 IR3R01

filter FILTER
multimode analog filter:
- LPF resonant at 4 poles
- HPF very simple, fixed to 4 stepped values from 0 to 100%

CV filter cutoff can be driven by an external tension

lfo LFO
a single triangular modular and 2 destinations:
- DCO pitch
- VCF cutoff
Modulation can be set to automatic mode or triggered pushing the LFO TRIGGER button.
Frequency range from 0 to 20hz with variable time delay.

effect MEMORY
- 56 RAM patches
RAM system works with a soldered 3V battery type CR-1/3N
Created sounds be saved only by magnetic tape interface.




juno 6 Juno-6 is quite the same with no memory, lacks DCB.
The HPF slider is full and non-stepped
jsq60 and md8

Jsq60- old school sequencer

Md-8 DCB interface for Midi.




1-with Roland Tr8 drum

3- with Korg Volca drum

9-with Drum machine Soundmaster st305

effet Soundcloud Roland Junoo-60

juno60 3 tracks 3 tracks


ROLAND JUNO 60 Roland Juno-60 Roland Juno 60 single synth demo
demo1 demo 2 single synth demo


roland juno60 and cat
the lovely Tesla...


roland juno60 and cat
and Mimì! lush cats!


how to access testmode

turn on the synth with the KEY-TRANSPOSE pressed, then select one of the 3 test modes with the arpeggiator switch position: UP for unison, UP-DOWN rotate voice at each note and in DOWN mode the voice count restarts always from voice 1 if available

dco oscillators
geek test: 106 vs 60


original scan


original scan


original scan


original scan


original scan


original scan


original scan



- a classic
- lush


-1 OSC
- no balancing
- limited panel control


" Overall sound is quite classic: all that sonorities from many hits including lush strings, pads, ringing brasses!
Some little weaknesses: do not expect too much complex patches since the signal path is limited.
Underestimated for years, they are getting every day more expensive."



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