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Roland Jx3p



roland jx3p synthesizer

audio demo trend price :300€
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ROLAND JX3P (1983)

Analog polyphonic synthesizer with memory and Midi interface.

Jx3p is a really nice analog machines with nice features and affordable price.

the italian queen!

multi waveforms

info KEYBOARD (10 Kg weight) 61 keys with no velocity, all plastic very nice 80' design!
Main panel has no display, 38 buttons, 3 sliders, a data entry slider for whole parameters edit, on the left side we can spot a pitch bender with a 3-range switch and a button for LFO modulation retrig.
Back panel has the following connections: footswitch sustain input, clock IN for sequencer, stereo output jacks (3 levels of impedance) tape and Midi interface.

ac Power supply is internal.

edit VOICE core is a 8-bits CPU Intel 8051.
Subtractive synthesis based 6 voices of polyphony: each voice is composed by two DCO that can be hardsynched or crossmodulated by frequency ring modulator METAL.
edit OSCILLATOR voiceboard generates three waveforms at 4' 8' 16' feet including Ramp, a 2 *Squares (two fixed preset widths at 50% and 10%) + a single white noise circuit exclusively available only second DCO.
It is quite strange that volume balancing can set no more than 50%-50% value between DCO! in fact the oscillator structure seems the weakest part of the machine.

filter trimmer

filter FILTER based on IR3109 same as the bigger mighty Jupiter 8. The featured VCF is Multimode with a very good resonant at -24 dB Lowpass plus a classical Roland non-resonant Highpass, just like cousin Juno 60.

edit EFFECT single stereo analog chorus circuit has some BBD model Panasonic MN3009 - MN3101.

filter trimmer

lfo LFO a single oscillator modulates DCO and VCF with 3 different waveforms Square, Saw and Sample & Hold. Some extra modulation functions like Delay time, Free mode or retrigger pushing the relative button.
adsr ENVELOPE a single EG model 4-segments ADSR shared between VCA and VCF, too bad It results a bit sluggish and definitively not so snappy on time.

filter trimmer

sequencer SEQUENCER each patterns holds 16 steps (max 128) with some edit facilities like Fill, Note insert (up to six) and Pause step. Definitely very intuitive and really easy to use.

sequencer SYNC tempo can be synched to external analog trigger by a +5V pulse signal.

midi MIDI
implementation is rather basic and accepts only few messages like NOTE ON or OFF and worst of all the jx3p cannot use Midi and PG-200 programmer at the same time (big rip-off).

memroy MEMORY holds 4 banks of 16 patche each. Bank A-B are ROM-stored while the others are located RAM (8k EPROM) - if you have some troubles storing your sounds, you should check the internal battery (model CR1) which is soldered to the board.

memroy OS It is reporter that some later OS supports the velocity IN parameter, but Jx3p can be updated only by installing new sets of EPROM.

midi MODIFICATION luckily some third part company produced new set of hardware OS that expands the original Midi protocol adding a full spectrum of Control Change for each parameters plus Midi Sysex handling.
Also some MOOOODD outfit around the web:
original scan custom
  mutilated desktop orange juice

roland jx3p internal

midi Related MACHINE


- PG200 a lot of old fashioned pots. Wired with a custom six pins cable, the parameters data are quick, but not recordable.

- MKS30 rackmount version - some technical enhancements but it does not sound quite the dreaded 80017A found on Juno 106.

audio demo and cat mimi

track 4 by RWA MUSIC


JX-3P Sound Demo Adventures with the Roland JX-3P Roland JX-3P and PG-200
JX-3P Sound Demo Adventures with the Roland JX-3P Roland JX-3P and PG-200



The forth hidden LFO waveform "Noise Random" is available only by direct JX3P edit (not by PG) pushing "4"

filter trimmer

original scan


original scan

weird! A guy destroy a JX3p! not for the faint-hearted





lfo waveforms vcf filter


-good filters
- Sequencer


- cannot use Midi and pg200 at same time

- slow EG



"Good polyphonic for modest budget and Midi is handy! programming is a bit uncomfortable!
the sequencer is just great"

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PPP : "Programmable, Preset and Polyphonic " - Roland advertising.


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