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Roland JX-3P




roland jx3p synthesizer

  audio demo trend price :300-400€
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ROLAND JX-3P (1983)
Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer

Affordable analog polyphonic synthesizer with memory and Midi interface.

the italian queen!

multi waveforms

info KEYBOARD (weight: 10 Kg ) 61 keys.
Main panel features 38 buttons, 3 sliders and a data entry slider.
On the left side there is a pitch bender with a 3-range switch (octave set) and a button for LFO modulation retrig.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- footswitch sustain input
- clock input for sequencer
- stereo output jacks (3 impedance levels)
- tape interface
- Midi interface


edit VOICE core is a 8-bits CPU Intel 8051 (also 8031) manages 6 voices of polyphony.

: each voice is composed by 2 DCO digital controlled oscillators.

filter trimmer

edit OSCILLATORS the DCO1 / DCO2 are a bit different, here's a table sumup:

range 16' 8' 4' 16' 8' 4'
waveforms saw / pulse /square saw / pulse /square /noise
tuning - fine + coarse
cross mod - 2 modes
volume mix balancing DCO1 Vs DCO2 balancing DCO1 Vs DCO2

filter FILTER based on IC IR3109 - VCF is multimode similar to bigger model Juno-60:
1- lowpass resonant at -24 dB lowpass
2- static highpass non-resonant.

filter trimmer

adsr ENVELOPE a single EG model 4-segments ADSR controls 2 sections:
1- VCA amplifier with switch between EG / gate mode
2- VCF filter
Although EG is shared, both VCA and VCF have an individual EG polarity inversion.


lfo LFO a single delayed oscillator (shapes: square, saw and sample & hold) and 2 destinations:
1- DCO pitch
2- VCF cutoff

Modulation can be set to free mode or directly retriggered pushing the LFO "modulation" button.

filter trimmer


edit EFFECT single stereo analog chorus circuit has some BBD model Panasonic MN3009 + MN3101.

sequencer SEQUENCER each patterns contains up to 16 steps (max 128) with some edit facilities like Fill, Note insert (up to six) and "Pause step" - tempo can be synched to external analog trigger by a +5V pulse signal.


midi MIDI
implementation accepts basic messages like NOTE ON or OFF and systam cannot use both Midi and PG-200 programmer at the same time ... the big rip-off!

memroy MEMORY:
- 32 RAM patches
- 32 ROM patches
If you have some troubles storing your sounds, you should check the internal battery (model CR1) which is soldered to the board

roland jx3p internal


MODIFICATION some third part company like ORGANIX produced a new set of hardware OS that expands the original Midi protocol adding a full spectrum of control changes for each parameters plus Midi Sysex handling.

jx3p vst




pg200 PG-200 is the dedicated controller. Wired with a custom six pins cable, the parameters data are quick, but not recordable.
mks30 MKS-30 rackmount version - some technical enhancements but it does not sound quite the dreaded 80017A found on Juno-106
roland jx-03 boutique JX-03 boutique, a digital destop module with optional minikeys keyboard remake from 2015. Should be a limited edition VIDEO
custom original scan
JX3p custom models gallery
(click to enlarge)



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free pack / vst and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
EFM Oddse Vst Plugin Jv3P free
effet video JX3p vst
audio oddy UVX 3p samples $$ effet  ARP Odyssey


demo electricity (all jx but drums)
demo Noise and LFO test
demo internal sequencer
demo demo sent by RWA MUSIC

cloud sound Soudcloud JX-3p

beethoven cloud2 cloud1



JX-3P Sound Demo Adventures with the Roland JX-3P Roland JX-3P and PG-200
Sound Demo Adventures with PG-200

roland jx3p

audio demo and cat mimi










OS It is reporter that some later OS supports the velocity input parameter, but Jx3p can be updated only by installing EPROMS.




wiseman tips:

The forth hidden LFO waveform "Noise Random" is available only by direct JX3P edit (not by PG) pushing "4"





filter trimmer


original scan





original scan




A guy destroys a JX3p

not for the faint-hearted!




Roland JX-3P for sale

Roland JX-3P for sale




lfo waveforms vcf filter


- filters
- sequencer


- cannot use Midi and pg200 at same time
- EG


REVIEW "Ok Jx3p never unleashed passions, but it is a good polyphonic for modest budget and Midi is handy! programming is a bit uncomfortable but sequencer is just fun!"

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