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Korg 03R/W




Korg 03RW

infoCountry: JAPAN
Weight: 3,5 Kg
Dimensions: 435 (w) x 262 (h) x 45 (d) mm
audio demo price trend: 80€
manual demo comments

Korg 03R/W
Ai2 Synthesis Module (1992)


The 03W is a Korg 01 budget spinoff module with less synthesis features but compliant to GS/GM Midi protocol.

03rw edit
korg 03rw

info EXPANDER MODULE one single unit.
Main panel features a 16 x 2 backlit lines display, a volume knob, 10 buttons and a led monitor for Midi channel activity.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out + 2 AUX outs
- Midi interface
- headphones
- 8-pin DIN input for external controler model RE-1
Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones out
- 2 slot for DATA and PCM cards.


edit TECH main CPU based on a NEC V25 (uP D70325L) manages 32 voices (or digital oscillators) polyphony - relative DAC is a 16 bits Burr-Brown PCM55HP.
A patch is composed by 1 or 2 PCM (single OSC /double 2 OSC) samples with individual settings:

cpu - volume mix

- delay start

- pitch detune (in double mode)

- interval at +/- 1 OCT. (in double mode)

edit PCM WAVETABLE Rompler module, internal ROM contains 256 PCM samples recorded at 16 bits resolution. The 03RW wavetable is roughly organized into 4 sound familes:

pcm - 138 acoustic samples
- 95 drum / percussion shots
- 12 DWGS (from classic hybrid synth Korg DW-8000)
- 10 digital samples from analog basic waveforms (e.g: sawtooth, square).

EXPANSION Wavetable can be expanded using special PCM cards (PIC from ebay auctions)

NAME n.c sn PCM sn Data sn  
Best of M1 and T 2 USC-1S XSC-801 UPC-01 USC-1S
Dance 2 USC-4S XSC-804 UPC-04 USC-4S
Ethnic 2 USC-6S XSC-806 UPC-06 USC-2S
House/Funk 1 UPC-12 / UPC-12 UPC-12
Orchestral 2 USC-2S XSC-802 UPC-02 USC-2S
Piano Keyboard 2 USC-3S XSC-803 UPC-03 USC-2S
Pop Performance
(by Voice crystals)
1 UPC-03 / UPC-13 UPC-03
Sound Alternatives 1 UPC-11 / UPC-11 UPC-11
Synth Design 2 USC-5S XSC-805 UPC-05 USC-2S

PERFORMANCE the COMBINATION mode handles up to 8 parts (16 in GM mode) each with individual functions:

- Midi Channel assignment
- semitone transpose
- stereo panning
- volume mix gain
- keyboard zone
- 8 preset velocity curves
- 5 standard tuning scales
- aftertouch is assignable to: pitch, filter cutoff, amplitude or filter LFO amount
- external bender / modulation wheel can be assigned to OSC1/2 pan, filter cutoff (sweep) and modulation to pitch (both OSC1/2) or filter.

03 rw explained

demo HEAR 03rw GS GM file "blade R"


ENVELOPE up to 4 EGS with same 4 segments + 3 times + keytracking structure:

eh - 1 EG amplitude (VDA) for osc1
- 1 EG amplitude (VDA) for osc2
- 1 EG filter (VDF) for osc1
- 1 EG filter (VDF) for osc2
Also 1 EG pitch: 3 segments + 3 times.

LFO up to 3 delayed modulators (the MG) sharing same shapes (triangle, up-sawtooth, down-sawtooh, square and random).

lfo - LFO VDF: can be applied to OSC1/OSC2/BOTH with variable intensity
- LFO pitch OSC1: with variable intensity, fade IN and retrig at note
- LFO pitch OSC2: same as LFO pitch OSC1.



edit FILTER simple non-resonant digital lowpass filter (VDF) with no special control.


TIP: The VDF can be controlled by aftertouch signal or assigned to modulation LFO (the "MG")

demo HEAR 03rw lowpass filter

edit EFFECTS up to 2 processors can be chained in serial or 3 parallel modes.
Inlcuded effects are: reverb (hall, plate, spring ...) delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, overdrive, phaser, autopanning, rotary leslie, EQ and effects combination (e.g: delay+rotary) demo HEAR FX flanger

MIDI full sysex control, a few Midi Control Change for basic controls.
Sounds and library can be saved to standard Midi dump.

edit MEMORY:

Korg 03R/W motherboard

- 128 ROM presets
- 100 RAM slots

RAM can be doubled using memory card model Korg SRC-512 also used by other Korg synthesizer including famous mono V.A Prophecy synth.

edit Battery replacement: just open the rack, replace the CR-2016 (3V) into dedicated holder - click LEFT to magnify -

MAINTENANCE & MODDING module 03rw is very reliable, never had any troubles: maybe tact switches can be replaced after some time.

Korg 03R/W motherboard

edit- No special modding but a CIRCUIT BENDING

demo 03rw bent audio HEAR


korg Re1 editor

editRE-1 Remote Editor - an external optional editor for quicker edit (if features preset templates for M3R, effect A1 and of course 03rw). it is quite rare


Korg 01W

edit01W bigger brother with more waveforms and waveshaping process. The 01 series is not compliant to GS/GM protocol.
03rw and 01 series are NOT compatible even if they share a similar wavetable

Korg 05rw

edit05rw another module with similar name but it is not compatible with 01 / 03 series - a consumer version is AG-10



demoVST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION free and commercial samples set:

[NONE] manual -No official VST plugin

- no known samples library





brochure 3 brochure 2
brochure 03rw

Company: Korg
Model: 03R/W
Class: Synth Module
Dates: 1992
Display: 16 x 2 lines LCD
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
N.waves: 256 PCM
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 8 parts
Oscillator: 2 osc
Filter: Digital Low pass
LFO: 3 modulators
Envelope: 4 EGs
Memory: 100 RAM slots
CPU: D70325L



demo factory 1 2 3
demo GM blade - DUNE
demo EP Tines
demo Organ b3 - bach - lounge
demo bass spaceman
demo Synth 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -
demo Strings 1 - 2 -
demo Pad 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -
demo Choir 1 - 2 -
demo Ethno gamelan
demo percussion 1 - 2 - 3
demo FX 1 - 2
demo Circuit bending 1 - 2- 3 - 4

demohave some 03rw






data cards




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CPU memory IC RAM
Cheap as Hell! edit interface boredome


REVIEW " Quite reliable unit, interface it horrible! sadly it also misses many great features from classic 01w. "

manual manual
- 01 technology - poor edit interface
- stripped WAVESHAPING

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Korg 03R/W module Korg 03R/W Sound Module
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