Alessandro Petrini - for Yamaha tx816 Roland Juno60 pictures / tech advices
Alfred Migs - for Yamaha Sy99 demos / Sy55 demo
Andy matic - for Korg ms20 demo / casio cz101 demo
Bastiaan Winde - for Siel Buggy Software
blendermsk - for eko box15 pictures
Amar Chaudhary - from Catsynth for support.
Bruno Pochesci - for Amdek dmk100 demo
David Barraclough - for Ensoniq Mirage editor
Edward dtech.lv - for Korg Prophecy OS dumps / Roland RE-800 service manual
Ermanno Fabbri for WDM geiger demo / EHX polyphase demo / Ibanez ad9 demo
Fausto Caruso for Akai S900 sound disk contribution
Fred Verdoorn for EMU MPS proteus PSU pinout description
Federico Pasiecznik for Korg Prophecy demo / Roland XP-50 demo
Leonardo Lombardi for Solton TS4 manual scan
Nicola Tripaldi - for Casio Ht700 demo / tr606 demo
Michael Lyon - for Ensoniq Mirage manual scan
Nikolaus Riehm - for Yamaha DX-5 service manual
Reiner Riedel- for Linn Drum 9000 service manual
Riccardo Gallio for Elka synthex picture
Richard Atkinson for info and schematics for Siel Sound Buggy
Roger from RWA MUSIC for Jx3p demo
Samir Hadiri for Siel Sound Buggy demo
Sandro Codazzi for Elka synthex prototype demo and pictures/ Roland Juno60 Tape wav
Sylvain (Les docs de Cannot) for various brochures
Serge Beauchemin for Ensoniq Mirage octo demo
Tudor Nastase for Eowave Domino Manual
Vitaliy Kovalenko for Roland DJ70 disk


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