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Impossible Mission Speech page




Impossible Mission Speech pack and variations

EPYX Impossible Mission (1984)


Impossible Mission is a Commodore 64 platform retrogame released in 1984 by Epyx which featured some early stunning digital speech.

This page is a tribute to this famous speech with some funny and interesting variations made with different hardware effects or samplers.

logo epyx

editGAME PLOT now something totally new: in this game you are the good guy ! cool eh? a 1 st class 8 bits secret agent charged to stop an atomic menace by the classic repressed evil man the genius doctor Elvin Atombender.

impossibile mission game
edit You and your grey pants must face an atomic menace without a weapon.
impossibile mission game

The mission: "During the past three days, key military computer installations in every major world power have reported that someone has gained access to their primacy missile attack computers. Only one person is capable of tampering on this scale. PROFESSOR ELVIN ATOMBENDER. We believe that Elvin is working to break the computer launch codes. If he succeeds he will triggera missile attack that will destroy tho world. You must penetrate Elvin's stronghold and stop him. To succeed you will have to evade the robot guard, break his security code and flnd his control centre. Your only weapons will be your keen analytical mind and your MIA9366B pocket computer. Good luck. The world is depending on you."


editMR GREY PANTSS SAVEEE THE WORLD you mission is to enter into a hidden fortress and collect all the pieces of a puzzle while dodging the lethal robot guards- but since you're not smart as the Elvin, you do have any weapons.... The only solution is to rely on your athletic pixelated jump to face the not-so-friendly robots.

impossibile mission game



edit THE ORIGINAL SPEECH the game was one of a kind platform with stunning character animation and quite challenging.The original 1984 edition uses digitized speech technology produced by third party company ESS- Electronic Speech Systems (also Ghostbusters, Beach Head II). The game just welcomes the player with the threatening creepy guy Elvin voice: "Another visitor! Stay a while, stay forever! ".
Now listen to ALL the original commodore 64 speeches:

another visitor demo
aaargh! (agent dies) demo
no no no! demo
destroy him my robots demo
mission accomplished demo
ELVIN's evil laugh demo


edit SPEECH ANALYSIS SID SPEECH: Destroy "hum" my robots - a lot of hiss out of the SID


edit Remakes, follow-ups original 1984 game has been ported to many computers and consoles, then, during the following years also many remakes and spin-off have been released albeit basically keeping same platform game structure.

Speech Game Platform snd pic
another visitor Impossible Mission 2 Commodore Amiga demo demo
Arrrghh Impossible Mission 2 Atari ST demo demo
destroy Impossible Mission 2025 Commodore CD32 demo demo
destroy Impossible Mission Sega Master System demo demo
another visitor Impossible Mission PS2 demo demo
another visitor Implausible Mission (remake) PC demo Implausible Mission

edit Here's some audio examples from other platforms and follows usp




editSPEECH PROCESSED BY OTHER MACHINE I recorded some fun variations about the "another visitor" speech processed by different samplers, effects, vocoders or whatever!

Audio Process type: Processed by:  
Scratch + sequenced loops Roland DJ70 edit
time stretch Akai S2000 edit
Vocoder Microkorg XL edit
Vocoder Alesis Metavox edit
Vsynth stretch + Spring Reverb Boss Rx100 + Roland Vsynth edit
Vocoder1 + delay Novation Astation edit
Vocoder2 Novation Astation edit
Sample import Yamaha Sy99 edit
Reverse Roland SDE3000 edit
Filter + LFO Korg MS20 edit
Bit reducer WMD geiger Counter edit
Sampling + fm music Yamaha VSS-100 edit
Sample import Gem S2 edit

editThis will be regularly updated or contribute and UPLOAD your ELVIN sound :)




video1 video2 impossible mission ps2
Full game Atari 7800 porting on console PS2


by Metin Seven



elvin atombender
edit manual pic





Impossible mission game FOR SALE








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solid solid


REVIEW "all time classic. Speech was stunning at the time! "

manual manual
-lofi - I do hate puzzles part :)
-a classic

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all pictures*, sounds, texts copyright Polynominal.com / Eric Pochesci
*game boxes from Wikipedia
* Modern Elvin atombender from remake implausible mission
* 3d picture from by Metin Seven
*scan /covert art by EPYX


Impossible Mission Speech pack Impossible Mission Speech pack
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