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WMD Geiger Counter




WMD - Geiger Counter Digital Destruction

info Country: USA
Weight: 5 Kg
Dimensions: 482,5 x 87,5 x 260 mm
audio demo trend price : 250€
manual demo video comments

WMD Geiger Counter
Digital Destruction (2009)


Special pedal effect: a mix of various preamp gains and audio bitcrusher from simple lo-fidelity level to total sonic destruction.

A 100% experimental effect!

stomp pedal from 1978

chips and circuits


not PEDAL EFFECT Main panel features a segment diplay, 6 knobs, 2 lever switches and 1 bypass button switch.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- signal input
- signal output
- control voltage CV input.

notPower supply external PSU DC 9V (- polarity or 9v battery.


notSOUND the WMD distorts and destructs sounds in a frequency range from 260 Hz to 58 kHz.
WMD destruction works in 2 main modes:
- internal bitcrusher reduces sampling resolution from 8 to 1 bits
- mask sound is processed through 256 digital internal waves with specific harmonics contents- the relative number showed in hexadecimal values on the segment display (from 00 to FF).



wdm geiger counter


notCONTROLS knobs GAIN and TONES are for tonal modification with preamp gain for sustained sounds guitar (like distortion-oriented) that can be driven directly to wavetable math process or bypassed.

geiger counter audio demo


CV Control Voltage can be changed by a modular system tension.
Just plug expression pedal, LFO, CV sequencer or whatever producing something within a 0-5V range.

cv in


not MODIFICATION the "bass mod" adds better low end frequency response than the original.
It is made by the original company for now- I don't know about any schematics for now.

geiger counter audio demo



geiger counter audio demo


EURORACK MODULE: exists also in modular format with even more CV controls.


Civilian Issue version: budget slimmed down version




demo guitar demo 1
demo guitar demo 2


WMD Geiger Counter Distortion WMD Geiger Counter WMD - Geiger Counter
Distortion demo2 demo3

wdm geiger counter

WMD Geiger Counter MANUAL






wavetable list PDF



display behind , cv gate input wave table crusher


- great sound
- quality built


- a bit expensive
- too particular?

for lo-fi geeks

REVIEW "OK, an extreme effect.
can be really interest if you're into dirty sounds, 8 bits, LO-FI or experimental sounds."

wave table crusher


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WMD Geiger Counter 4.5 out of 5 based on 42 ratings. price €250