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Roland Dj-70

Sampling Workstation (1992)


"A now totally forgotten sampler produced during the nineties by Roland Italy, launched as the "DJ" version of famous and professional module S-770 and S-750. Later with an improved version mk2 with more ram and SCSI"


KEYBOARD 37 dynamic keys. Main panel features a 64 x 240 pixels backlit display, 42 push buttons, a data encoder, 2 knobs, a pitchbender joystick and a special scratchpad that *should* emulate a vinyl scratching. 

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out 
- stereo input with gain trimmer (+ 4 dBm ~ 50 dBm) 
- Midi interface 
- display contrast trimmer 
- pedalswitch sustain input 
Side panel terminal conncetors: 
- Cue headphones preview with individual gain

Roland dj70


SAMPLING main core based on a 16-bits CPU INTEL 80C196 which manages 24 voices polyphony.; DAC is a Burr-Brown PCM54HP and ADC Asahi Kasei 9201A with 2 fixed standard recording frequencies at 22,05 Hz or 44,1 kHz. Internal stereo sampling engine is based on MB87422 + MB87423A chips (same found on flagship S-770) works at 16 bits resolution. The hierarchy is basically the following structure: A Dj70 partial is composed by up to 4 samples (each with own level, tuning, panning) then partial are assigned to keyboard zone (from 1 to 88) in a patch.... finally up to 31 patches can be assigned to a performance with an assigned channel (yes complicated!)

SAMPLE IMPORT  it is possible to Midi sample dump or load-import other Roland format e.g. S770, S750, W30, S550, S50 using a dedicated tool into utility section. NOTE: DJ70sample import does NOT work very well, buggy and sluggish! It may take a while, mainly to process-data such as conversions from 12 to 16 bits. 

Filter, envelope and LFO

FILTER digital multimode resonant filter (LPF, HPF and BPF) keyfollow option

ENVELOPE 2 EGs, TVA features some typical envelope presets to go e.g. piano, organ, brass, percussion, strings ..
- EG1 TVF: 4 segments + 4 times 
- EG2 TVA: 4 segments + 4 times

LFO each partial features a single syncable delayed modulator (shapes: sine triangle, sawtooth up, sawtooth down, square, random, bend up, bend down).  Modulation destinations are: 
A- LFO to amplitude 
B- LFO to filter cutoff 
C- LFO to sample pitch

RESAMPLING 2 samples can be combined in 6 algorithms or structures same found on synthesizer module JD-990. These are pre-fixed audio patches that connect 2 samples into variable setups mixed with 3 audio elements: amplifier (TVA), filter (TVF) and ringmodulation (R)

Roland dj70

Sequencer, memory & Storage

SEQUENCER  the RPS sequencer (Realtime Phrase Sequencer) features 8 tracks.  The RPS is like a litte notepad for idea on the fly, since it does not contains edit functions like sync, quantisizer nor even a simple metronome! not the best.

MEMORY  sampling 2 Mbytes factory expandable to 4 Mb using standard 30 pins SIMMS (1 mega each) for 512 samples + 255 partials + 64 performances. Special MEMORY WALL setting allows to split memory for LOAD-WHILE-PLAYING option. 

floppy disk drive format 3.5 DD/HD 1440 /720 Kb capacity with auto-boot.  
Floppies formatted in ROLAND proprietary file system as DJ-70 is not Ms-DOS compatible.
It is possible to install a more modern USB emulator instead, we sometimes make some kit, please do verify our shop or contact US.

Roland dj70

Roland DJ-70 Technical Data

D70 technical data

Company: Roland
Model: DJ-70 
Class: Sampler keyboard 
Country: Japan
Keyboard: 37 keys 
Display: 64 x 240 pixels 
Dates: 1992 
Resolution: 16 bits 
Polyphony: 24 voices 
Algorithms: 6 models 
Memory: from 2 to 4 mb 
Filter: LPF / HPF / BPF 
LFO: 1 / partial 
Envelope: 2 EGs 
Sequencer: 8 tracks 
Memory: 1 -> 4 mb 
Storage: FD HD 1,44 mb 
CPU: 80C196 
ADC: AK9201A 

Price: 200€
Weight: 8,6 kg 
Dimensions: 780 (w) x 330 (h) x 126 (d) mm

video demo

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