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Roland Dj-70 mk2

Sampling Workstation (1994)


"Updated version from previous Dj70 fully retro compatible adding more memory, scsi interface and a better sequencer with BPM sample control . This second version is quite more rare than the original one. "


KEYBOARD 37 dynamic keys. Main panel features a 64 x 240 pixels backlit display, 42 push buttons, a data encoder, 2 knobs, a pitchbender joystick and a special scratchpad that *should* emulate a vinyl scratching. 

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out 
- stereo input with gain trimmer (+ 4 dBm ~ 50 dBm) 
- Midi interface 
- display contrast trimmer 
- pedalswitch sustain input 
- Scsi connector 25 sub
Side panel terminal connector:
- Cue headphones preview with individual gain

Roland dj70 mk2


SAMPLING main core based on a 16-bits CPU INTEL 80C196 which manages 24 voices polyphony.; DAC is a Burr-Brown PCM54HP and ADC Asahi Kasei 9201A with 2 fixed standard recording frequencies at 22,05 Hz or 44,1 kHz. Internal stereo sampling engine is based on MB87422 + MB87423A chips (same found on flagship S-770) works at 16 bits resolution. The hierarchy is basically the following structure: A Dj70 mk2 partial is composed by up to 4 samples (each with own level, tuning, panning) then partial are assigned to keyboard zone (from 1 to 88) in a patch.... finally up to 31 patches can be assigned to a performance with an assigned channel (yes complicated!)

SAMPLE IMPORT  it is possible to Midi sample dump or load-import (by disk) other Roland format e.g. S770, S750, W30, S550, S50 using a dedicated tool into utility section.  The SCSI adds a Akai S1000 / S1100 import file system (NOT SxX DISK! only SCSI)

Filter, envelope and LFO

FILTER digital multimode resonant filter (LPF, HPF and BPF) keyfollow option

ENVELOPE 2 EGs, TVA features some typical envelope presets to go e.g. piano, organ, brass, percussion, strings ..
- EG1 TVF: 4 segments + 4 times 
- EG2 TVA: 4 segments + 4 times

LFO each partial features a single syncable delayed modulator (shapes: sine triangle, sawtooth up, sawtooth down, square, random, bend up, bend down).  Modulation destinations are: 
A- LFO to amplitude 
B- LFO to filter cutoff 
C- LFO to sample pitch

RESAMPLING 2 samples can be combined in 6 algorithms or structures same found on synthesizer module JD-990. These are pre-fixed audio patches that connect 2 samples into variable setups mixed with 3 audio elements: amplifier (TVA), filter (TVF) and ringmodulation (R)

Roland dj70 mk2

Sequencer, memory & Storage

SEQUENCER  the RPS sequencer (Realtime Phrase Sequencer) features 8 tracks.  The mk2 adds a TEMPO functions which allows to TAP a loop frequency speed linked to the sample, this allow to sync all samples to a unique master tempo.

MEMORY  sampling 2 Mbytes factory expandable to 32 Mb using standard 72 pins SIMMS (1 mega each) for 512 samples + 255 partials + 64 performances. Special MEMORY WALL setting allows to split memory for LOAD-WHILE-PLAYING option. 

floppy disk drive format 3.5 DD/HD 1440 /720 Kb capacity with auto-boot.  
Floppies formatted in ROLAND proprietary file system as DJ-70 is not Ms-DOS compatible. It is possible to install a more modern USB emulator instead, we sometimes make some kit, please do verify our shop or contact US. SCSI allows to connect cdrom, hd and zip storage media.

Roland dj70 mk2

Roland DJ-70 mk2 Technical Data

D70 mk2  technical data

Company: Roland
Model: DJ-70 
Class: Sampler keyboard 
Country: Japan
Keyboard: 37 keys 
Display: 64 x 240 pixels 
Dates: 1994
Resolution: 16 bits 
Polyphony: 24 voices 
Algorithms: 6 models 
Memory: from 2 to 32 mb 
Filter: LPF / HPF / BPF 
LFO: 1 / partial 
Envelope: 2 EGs 
Sequencer: 8 tracks 
Memory: 1 -> 4 mb 
Storage: FD HD 1,44 mb 
CPU: 80C196 
ADC: AK9201A 

Price: 500€
Weight: 8,6 kg 
Dimensions: 780 (w) x 330 (h) x 126 (d) mm

video demo

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