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" A cut down version of flagship S-770 with less expansion options, but basically the same machine"


Overview  massive 3 units rackmount, cooled with fan, graphic display 64x240 dot LCD or unit can be hooked to composite external screen/monitor at 200x320 pixels. No hd but a simple 3.5" floppy disk drive (both DD and HD). 
S750 VS s770 differences: no hd, no spdif and  no XLR

-Roland RC-100 Remote Control
-Roland Mu-1 optional mouse control (msx standard)
-Roland CD-5 S550 CD ROM discs
-Roland MO-7 Magnetic unit 
-Roland RAS-770 memory expansion with OMS-750 SIMM

1- scsi 25 sub
2- Midi In OUT THRU
3- video out RGB and monochromatic composite
4-  individual analog outs (x6)
5- Main out stereo
Front panel: external controller (mouse) , contrast display, footswitch input, stereo inputs with gain.

roland s750

Sampling and memory

SAMPLING unit offers 24 voices polyphony (half if stereo) sampler at 48kHz, 16-bit sampling based on Burr Brown PCM64 DAC and ak9201-vp ADC. Accepted rates: 44.1/22.05kHz or 48/24kHz rates mono/stereo, with proprietary sampling algorithm "Fixed Sample Rate" (FSR) device using Differential Interpolation, including a real-time digital output.  Sample can be edited on external screen with up to 64x zoom for loop point (From/To, Loop Start/End, and Release Loop Start/End points )  truncate, sustain and release loops (7 modes), cut/splice, mix/combine, level adjust, , compressor/expander, pitch shift, time stretch...)
S750 is recompatible to S550/ S330/ W30 (both disk and SCSI volumes)



MEMORY factory 2Mb of RAM, giving 20,7 seconds mono sampling time at a rate of 48kHz, can be expanded up to 16Mb (167 second) with 2mb SIMM (standard PC is ok)

STRUCTURE the s750 is organized in different hierarchy levels: 
sample (up to 512) ->partial (up to 88) -> patch (up to32)-> performance (up to 64) -> Volume

Roland s750

filter, amplitude, LFO and resampling

TVA ENVELOPE (Time Variant Amplifier) page provides a four level, four rate volume envelope which appears on the screen as a graphic and can be edited with the mouse 

LFO digital modulator with eight waveforms modulator (with delay and sync) The LFO destinations are: pitch, volume, and filter depth.

TVF FILTER (Time Variant Filter) With three filter modes (LPF, HPF, HPF) with Resonance control

RESAMPLING 2 samples can be combined in 6 algorithms or structures same found on synthesizer module JD-990. These are pre-fixed audio patches that connect 2 samples into variable setups mixed with 3 audio elements: amplifier (TVA), filter (TVF) and ringmodulation (R)


Roland S750 Technical Data

Model: S-750
Year: 1991
Class: rackmount sampler 
Display: 64x240 pixel dots  / 200x320 dots on CRT
Polyphony - 24 voices 
Multitimbral - 16 parts 
Memory: 2mb factory up to 16 mb SIMM 
Sampling rate: 48K. 44.1K, 24K 

DAC: Burr Brown PCM64
ADC: ak9201-vp 

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz (+0/ -3dB) 
Dynamic range: More Than 87dB (1 voice at Rated Output) 
Total harmonic distortion Less Than 0.01 % (A/D-D/A) 
Input Levels: +4 dBm ~ -50 dBm (variable) 
Input Impedance: 1,6kOhms  unbal
Output Impedance: 1.6 kOhms unbal 

Power consumption: 24W
Weight: 9,6/ 26lbs 
Dimension: W:430mm(16.9375 in) D:420mm(16.5625 in) H:132mm(5.1875 in)   

Scan, brochure,review 

video demo

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