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Korg EX-8000




korg ex8000

info Country: Japan
Weight: 8 Kg
Dimensions: 430 (w) x 412 (h) x 90 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 300€
manual schematic demo video comments
Korg EX-8000
Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module (1986)


Rackmount version of the famous hybrid synthesizer DW-8000 features internal digital waveforms and an analog filter.

programmable polyphonic module

info RACKMOUNT MODULE 2 unit height.
The main panel features 2 segment display module, 3 knobs, 19 buttons, 1 data encoder and 3 switch tabs.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface
- main signal out (high/low impedance set)

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones
- tape Interface


edit TECH main core 8-bits HD 63B03X manages 8 voices polyphony based on DWGS Digital Waveform Generator System subtractive synthesis. Each voice is composed by 2 oscillators DCO + 1 white noise circuit with variable parameters:

DWGS - volume gain

- octave set 16' / 8' / 4'

- pitch detune


the 256 kb ROM (4X EPROMS) contains 16 short-cycled spectral 8-bits PCM TECH: It seems to be possible to hack the internal EPROMS to change the waves.

dwgs wavea waveform list : sawtooth, square, piano, electric piano (x2), clavinet, organ, brass, sax, violin, guitar, electric guitar, bass, digital bass, bell and whistle.

multitimbral PERFORMANCE the system handles voices in various playmodes:

- poly1 rotate sequentially the 8 voices in constant order
- poly2 same as poly1 but restarts from first voice
- unison1 retriggers the EG when a key is pressed
- unison2 only the first key activates the EG
- aftertouch be assigned to filter, amplitude or LFO depth
- joystick can be assigned to pitch, LFO and VCF cutoff
- interval transposes the OSC2 pitch to keep a constant interval above first OSC values: minor 3rd, major 3rd, perfect 4th, perfect 5th and unison.

filter FILTER
based on analog 8 X NJM2069 (same found on Korg Poly-800 which is paraphonic)
Lowpass resonant VCF at -24 dB/Oct and polarity inversion. Section features a primitive Keytrack system and 4 fixed rates: 0 / 25 / 50 / 100 %.

cutoff demo Hear cutoff and resonance

Eg LFO a single delayed modulator MG (shapes: triangle, square saw-up and saw-down) and 2 destinations:

lfo - OSC 1 & 2 pitches (both not individual)
- VCF cutoff.
demo Hear LFO



3 EGs:

eg vcf - EG1 VCA: 4 segments + 2 times (ADBSSR)
- EG2 VCF: 4 segments + 2 times with polarity inversion
- autoBend: simple pitch EG (OSC1 / OSC2 or both) 2 modes up / down.

12 bits digital delay with 2 - 512 ms time range able to generate short delays and chorus. Time can be set in coarse of fine mode as well as total feedback.
demo Hear delay

mrmory MEMORY
- 64 slots in RAM patches.
Sounds library can be saved to either Midi sysex dump or magnetic tape.

related family

LEFT - System works with a 3V CR-2032 soldered to the mainboard, you have to disassemblethe whole keyboard and remove board KLM-661-3.

- click to enlarge picture



EDITORS there are some free and commercial editors for DW8000:

- Soundquest (MAC/PC $$)

- ctrlr (PC LINUX)

- DW8000 Patch Editor (old PC OS free)

UPGRADE third-part companies projected some hardware boards that adds some new functions like split, key transpose, random LFO and more.

dw8000 editor


mrmory EX-8000 RELATED MODELS:

related models

DW-6000 61 keys keyboard version Slimmed-down version with less waveforms and some minor differences

korg dss1 DSS1- this is a sampler but with very similar architecture and hardware
korg dw8000

DW8000 64 keys keyboard version with arpeggiator+joystick control, same as this rackmount

korg mex8000 MEX-8000 memory expansion adds 4 extra banks.
korg dvp1 DVP1 vocoder not directly related, but they do features a very very similar case.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set, NO OFFICIAL PLUGIN EMULATOR:

Waveshapper FREE
DW8000 sample pack

SQ8L Emulation of Ensoniq SQ80

Cobalt VST Emulation of DW but also Kawai K3 and Ensoniq ESQ1

No longer available




demo song 100% DW8000
demo resonant pad
demo squared bass
demo delayed pad
demo fat sirens
demo random autobend
demo drone
demo klunky piano
demo chording
demo bass-organ
demo pad lfo to vcf
demo filtered organ
demo TEST: delay
demo TEST: arpeggiator
demo TEST: cutoff + resonance
demo TEST: LFO frequency




Korg EX-8000 Demo Korg EX-8000 + Roland JD-800 + TR-707 korg ex-8000 + mfb-522
+ Roland JD-800
+ TR-707
with mfb-522


Company: Korg
Model: EX-8000
Class: Synth Module
Rackmount: 2 units
Dates: 1986
Display: 2x segments
Price: 300€
Synthesis: hybrid
Technology: DWGS
Polyphony: 8 voices
Oscillator: 2 DCO
N. waves: 16 PCM
Resolution: 8 bits
Filter: analog low pass
LFO: 1
Envelope: 3 EGS
Effect: digital delay
Memory: 64 slots
Midi: IN / OUT/ THRU
CPU: 63B03
IC: NJM2069
Demo: 20











original scan
mrmory original advert


original scan
mrmory original advert





Korg EX-8000 FOR SALE

Korg EX-8000 FOR SALE






inside filter noise


REVIEW "A good unit! even better than DW-8000 which keyboard was low quality. Good filter, sound is always a bit dark but pleasant. Too bad edit is limited. A near-classic."

manual manual
-analog filter and VCA -edit interface
-unison voices
-some DWGA waveforms

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Korg EX-8000 Korg EX-8000
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