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Roland Tr707


roland tr707

audio demo trend price : 400€
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Roland Tr707 (1985)

Part of the famous Rhythm Composer family with similar tr909 colors and sharing same PCM samples.

tr707 logo

track pattern

info LAPTOP (weights 1.5Kg) plastic chassis white and orange colors-dominating design.The main panel features a rotary pot for tempo, 16 buttons for main functions, 16 pads and a central volume mixer for each instruments. It is important to specify that the pads are not dynamic but they can transmit other assignable Midi notes (NO lenght) in speciacl Midi mode 2 setting.
Back panel terminal connectors: 11 separate outputs, Main stereo outs, headphones out, Footswitch input for Start/Stop (same as in the panel), Trigger out (+5V), Tape and Mid interface and a Sync-24 DIN.

info Power supply PSU Roland Boss 12V DC with negative tip in center.

Main core is a Hitachi Hd6303X CPU.

info WAVETABLE is on a EPROM memory at PCM 6 bits resolution for a total of 15 samples for 12 different instruments: Kick, snare, Low-mid-High Tom, Rimshot, Cowbell Claps, Tambourine, Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride.
Some samples like Crash & Hihats or Rides are straight from Tr909 ROM, but unlike the famous techno god, you cannot edit sounds! anyway these samples have pretty good dynamics as the PCM path is going to DACS stages, a lowPass analog filters + preamplifier so the overall sound is good punchy.

707 samples

info SEQUENCER holds up to 64 RAM patterns + 4 songs.
Programming is based on classical Roland 16 steps grid (very similar to Tr-505 and Tr-626) with Shuffle and Swing option and variable quantisation resolution. This is the kind of machine you have to learn the logic and relatives key combinations, but once you tame the beast, it is a real source of rhythm improvisation and live fun.
2 different notes entry modes:
- Step by step with three different ACCENT velocities (OFF, Mid and Strong)
- Real-time with optional audio metronome.

info SYNC main tempo is set from internal clock or synchronized from three external sources: Midi clock, Tape sync or Sync at 24 ppq.
The DIN SYNC resolution is precise and stable, in fact is is really appreciated for a live gigs chaining other machines such as Tb303 or Tr808. This protocol is useful as Sync to Midi communication bridge! a link from past technology to modern one. (well, If you consider Midi as modern).

The Trigger out signal (generated Pulse at +5V) is controlled by the RIMSHOT and it is perfect to drive some analog arpeggiators or sequencer like Juno 60 or Roland Sh101.

roland sync24

info MIDI If hardware sequencers are not your cup of tea just use the plain Midi triggering.
The 707 manages this protocol and relative incoming Velocity levels, but good news ends here: no Midi Control Changes and NO intelligent exclusives system management.

info EFFECTS NONE! Use separate instruments outputs with various external boxes such as effects or dynamics outboard for a lot of creativity.

info MEMORY retained with 2* 1.5V stilo batteries (note: you cannot use the drum machine straight on batteries as these are only for memory purposes) and if the 707 is not used for a long period, do not forget to remove the batteries to avoid acid leakage over precious ICs.
Save your sounds to a 64 Kb memory cartridges model M64C but theses are getting pretty hard to find around. a trick is to use more common 16k model M16C but it works partially and MAY cause randomly error on your TR or even behave odd.
A second backup way is the analog tape interface data dump.

roland mc64c


roland sync24

Tr727 is exactly the same machine, the only difference is the blue prints and the internal wavetable with different sounds latino- oriented.




ROLAND TR-707- HD Roland TR 707 & JUNO 6 Diabolical Modified TR707
ROLAND TR-707- HD Roland TR 707 & JUNO 6 Circtuit bent tr707





TR707 reset procedure

Power on while holding TRACK WRITE and TRACK #1

reset tr707


original scan


original scan


original scan




left view behind view tr707 mainboard circuits


- sync midi I/O
- step led sequencer
-separate outputs with mixer


- poor midi
- no sound edit
- expensive



"Not appreciated like tr909, but the faked-techno sound is really appreciated by connoisseur! Not to mention the excellent programmer. Getting expensive everyday more"



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