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Roland TR-707




roland tr707
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Roland TR-707 (1985)

Digital drum machine based on samples and step sequencer with advanced synching options.

Part of the famous Rhythm Composer family with similar TR-909 design and sharing same PCM samples

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track pattern

info DESKTOP (weight: 1.5Kg)
The main panel features 1 knob, 16 buttons, 16 non-dynamic pads and a central volume mixer for each instruments.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- 11 separate outputs
- main out
- headphones
- footswitch input for start/stop
- trigger out (+5V)
- tape intrface
- Midi interface
- sync at 24 PPQ (5-dins)

info Power supply PSU Roland Boss 12V DC (-

main core is a Hitachi HD6303X CPU manages 10 channels.
Each voice has one or different assigned samples from a wavetable, sounds cannot be edited in anyway but volume mixing.

707 samples

contains 15 samples at 6 bits resolution.
Here's the full list, note that some instruments are channel-shared:

Name Channel  
bass drum 1  
snare 2  
low tom 3  
mid tom 4  
high tom 5  
rimshot 6  
cowbell 6  
clap 7  
tambourine 7  
hihat 8  
crash 9  
ride 10  


info SEQUENCER notes can be entered by either:
- realtime with metronome
- step mode with a 16 steps grid (can be defined)
Some recording functions:
- shuffle adjustment
- swing option
- variable quantisation resolution
- 3 accent velocities off / mid / strong


info SYNC
the TR-707 can be synchronized to other units in 3 different manners:
- Midi clock
- tape sync
- sync at 24 PPQ
The trigger out signal generates pulses at +5V (controlled by rimoshot) and syncs arpeggiators or sequencer like Juno-60 or SH-101.


info MIDI the implementation is basic with just velocity, in addition pads transmit assignable Midi notes (not the lenght) using speciacl Midi mode 2 setting.

- RAM 64 patterns
- RAM 4 songs
RAM system works with 2 X 1.5V stilo batteries.
Data can be saved in 2 different ways:
- memory cartridges 64 Kb model M64C
- tape interface dump



Roland TR-727 quite same machine, the only difference is the blue prints and the internal wavetable with different sounds latino-oriented.
tr909 Roland TR-909 hybrid analog digital same crash, hihats and rides as tr707
tr626 Roland TR-626 successive digital model, no more sync, plain Midi
roland tr08 aira ROLAND TR-08 AIRA (2014) should have soon an upgrade with full TR707 emulation. More to come.

VST PLUGIN & SAMPLED there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
Waveshapper free sample pack free effet N/A
sampleset 2 VST planet free
effet video
dr55 free samples Tom Fire free effet N/A



demo 1 - original demo
demo 2 - created pattern

effet Soundcloud TR-707

d4 d4 d4


ROLAND TR-707- HD Roland TR 707 & JUNO 6 Diabolical Modified TR707
demo1 with JUNO 6 Circuit bent







TR-707 reset procedure

Power on while holding TRACK WRITE and TRACK #1

reset tr707



roland tr707
TR-707 service manual




wiseman tips

The TR-707 is also very appreciated as Sync / Midi communication bridge.




original scan




original scan



original scan





left view behind view tr707 mainboard circuits


- sync and midi
- step led sequencer
-separate outputs


- limited Midi
- no sound edit
- expensive


"Now a classic digital drum machine, not to mention the excellent programmer. "



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