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Korg Poly-800




korg poly800

info Country: Japan
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Dimensions: 78 × 28,6 × 8,8 cm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual factory sounds demo video comments

Korg Poly-800 (1983)
Polyphonic Synthesizer


Affordable poly-synth based on DCO oscillators with internal step sequencer.

DCO Editing parameters
DCO Editing parameters

info KEYBOARD 49 keys with no velocity. Main panel features a segmenst display, 3 sliders, 19 button and 1 data slider.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (no Thru port)
- main signal out
- headphones out
- tape Interface
- switch tab memory protection
- pedalswitch input for program up.

ac Power supply is external PSU with 9V AC/DC -)+ polarity.


edit VOICE
main unit 8 bits controller CPU Intel 8050 family. Oscillator DCO is based on MSM5232 chip, well-known for some '80 arcade games. The IC 5232 generates 8 digitally controlled oscillators assignable in 2 different manners:
- double mode: 2 x 4 voices for a thicker richer sound
- whole mode: 1 x 8 voices for full polyphony.
TECH: Poly-800 cannot be computer- edited since it cannot handles Midi Exclusives.


DCO Editing parametersDCO Editing parameters


DCO DCO an oscillator features 2 summable waveforms saw and square plus 4 additive harmonic octaves heights at 16' 8' 4' 2' + 1 white noice generator.



adsr ENVELOPE there are 3 EGs:
- 1 DCO1 amplitude: 6-stages ADBSSR
- 1 DCO2 amplitude: 6-stages ADBSSR
- 1 VCF: 6-stages ADBSSR.
The ADBSSR stands for: Attack, Decay, Break point, Slope, Sustain and Release.




lfo LFO there are 2 triangle-shapped modulators:
- MG1 modulates FILTER VCF
- MG2 modulates DCO pitch.
The modulator is triggered by joystick control with possible delay start function.




filter FILTER a limited paraphonic filter based on a single NJM2069.
The chip is a resonant (but not up to self-resonance) analog 4 poles lowpass with cutoff, contour and possible polarity reverse.




analog stereo chorus board based on BBD 3209 + driver 3102.

MN 3209


edit SEQUENCER features a very basic 256 steps sequencer syncable to external Midi clock


repair synthex MOD
filter VCF values are quantized in 99 numbers but some nice guys made out a nice hardware modifications called "Moogslayer" adds 2 real-time knobs for cutoff filter and resonance. I did this mod once but to the laptop version EX-800 Moogslayer - you can listen to it in the DEMO section.

tech poly800



memroy MEMORY:
- 64 RAM patches
- NO ROM memory
Memory is non-volatile if 6 x 1.5 V batteries are fitted- there is a custom modification to implement an internal lithium 3V like Cr-2032.
TECH: no Midi Sysex implementation, later corrected on desktop EX800 and revision model Poly800 Mk2.


poly800 mk1




POLY800 reverse

POLY800 reverse key edition. Same with different outfit

poly800 mk2 POLY800 II enhanced POLY800 with new design, sysex, battery CR2032 and digital delay.
korg poly800 series EX-800 Laptop version of poly800 mk1 with Midi thru and Midi sysex.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
EFM Oddse Poly-850
then " X-POLY"
vst dxi poly 800 plugin
audio oddy Bedroomproducers Free
sample pack
(includes various classic vintage synthesizers)
free samples Free



demo Machinery - all poly800 : overdub+drum + vocoder Roland SVC350
demo All poly800 + Volca beats drums
demo shine on your strings
demo moogish
demo Moogslayer bassline
demo ->more Demo at the POLY800 MK2 page
demo just few demos, please do send some of your poly800 audio clips :)


** Back in the 80s ** Korg POly 800 mod Synth Demo - KORG Poly 800
** Back in the 80s ** mod Synth Demo



poly800 classic


service manual

factory patch load
FACTORY PATCHES for tape player


tech poly800

original scan 4
manual original Brochure


original scan 4
manual original Brochure


original scan 3
manual original Brochure


original scan 2
manual original Brochure


original scan
manual original Brochure


original scan
manual CUSTOM poly800


manual Super CUSTOM "Frankenkorg"


tech poly800

Korg Poly 800

ebay auction




tech poly800




inside the korg poly800 korg MSM5232 poly800 board


- cheap
- analog


-a bit thin sound
- edit
-no sysex

budget classic

REVIEW "Classic analog for budget: some nice pads and sweeps.
Sound is sometimes unusual with many sonic artefacts resulting pretty harsh.... but that could looks interesting. "


"This instrument has been engineered for highest quality sounds and superb reliability" - Korg Manual





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