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Arturia Minibrute




arturia minibrute

info Country: France
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 250€
manual demo video comments

Arturia Minibrute
Analog Synthesizer (2012)


Compact analog synthesizer at affordable price from French company , most famous for digital plugin emulation of classic machines.

arturia logo
brute minibrute tech

info KEYBOARD compact 25 regular keys with aftertouch.
Main panel features 6 switches, 14 sliders, 30 knobs and 2 wheels for pitchbender and modulation.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- gate source switch
- audio input
- main out
- headphones
- CV / gate interface.

acPower supply external PSU 12 VC DC +) polarity.

editSOUND a monophonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis.
A voice is composed by a single VCO with 5 summable waveforms elements each with individual mix:
- sawtooth wave
- pulse wave
- triangle wave
- noise generator
- sub oscillator (square or sinewave, 1 / 2 octaves below).


minibrute tech


edit WAVESHAPER these special osclliator functions alters the harmonic contents of specific waveform:
- ultrasaw mixes the saw with different phases with rate and depth controls
- width changes the pulse shape from 50 to 90% duty cycle
- metalizer adds harmonics to triangle for a metal-like sound.



filter FILTER the VCF inspired from the famous Steiner Parker Synthacon classic synthesizer; this peculiar multimode model does not lower volumes at auto-oscillation like classic 4-poles.
- lowpass 2 poles
- highpass
- band / notch 1 pole.
Minbrute processes external audio signal by VCF at line impedance, in addition a keyboard tracking processor.

filter vcf



adsr ENVELOPE there are 2 EGs:
- EG1 VCF: 4-segments ADSR
- EG2 VCA: 4-segments ADSR + 2 EG timemode:
Two EG modes: Fast for quick envelope response scale from 1ms to 1s while Slow from 10 ms to 10 s for long dronic effect. VCA feedback Brute Factor saturates the signal for a fuzzy distortion, maybe inspired by the Moog Minimoog D infamous feedback trick (aka plug audio out to audio input).


lfo LFO 2 digital modulators :



shapes sqr+ / sqr - / sine sin / tri / saw / sqr / s&H / rnd glide
destinations pitch pitch / cutoff / metalizer / PWM
sync retrig - yes
bipolar value no yes


filter PERFORMANCE some handy playmode functions:
- aftertouch is assignable to cutoff or LFO 2 amount
- modulation wheel is assignable to cutoff or LFO 2 amount
- pitchbender with adjustable range from 1 half-tone to whole octave
- octave selector ± 2 octaves
- although the keyboard is not sensitive, the synth can receive it
- velocity curve can be set by external software
- glide playmode from 0 to 2 seconds time (priority can be set only by software).
MIDI keyboard can be used also as a polyphonic Midi controller.

arpeggiator ARPEGGIATOR
a 4 octave range with latch, 6 swing levels and 5 directions: up, down, up-down, random, sequencer (entered notes) e
SYNC LFO2 and arpeggiator can be synched to internal tempo (setting range from 30 to 260 BPM), tap tempo or slaved to external clock - there are 6 time dividers: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, /1/8 triplet and 1/16 triplet.
NOTE: arpeggiator outputs both CV tensions and Midi notes.



cvCV the machine features various facilities with modular system at 1V / Oct scale:
- CV / gate input and output
- VCA CV input
- VCF CV input.
The synth acts also as a Midi to CV converter bridge for vintage synthesizers.

arpeggiator MAINTENANCE some users reported troubles with keys sticking out of the keyboard: It seems to be 2 unlucky batches of products. According to Arturia official announcement about 4% of machines suffer from this factory issues. This unpleasant surprise should be reported immediately to Arturia or you dealer for replacement.

minibrute broken keys
Pic - The infamous key trouble in a production wave




cvMINIBRUTE VS ROLAND SH101 the Minibrute is considered as a new Roland Sh101.
Same VCO structure + sub + summable waves is similar and the grey color is close, but that's it they do sound totally different: the Sh101 is so smooth, creamy and round while Minibrute is aggressive, more distorted harsh sound-oriented. You can find some sh101 and Minibrute in the demo section.





MiniBrute SE MiniBrute SE (2014) the arpeggiator has been replaced with a sequencer. Also a special red edition.


even smaller version at fraction costs and a smart semimodular patch.


maxibrute MAXIBRUTE (2016) coming up. Should be a stereoid minibrute keeping same structure with matrix programming.


  name price link demo
free samples audio animals free
effet n/a
audio oddy waveformless Free effet n/a



demo Supermix Minibrute + drum machine MFB 522
demo JAMMING 909 with Roland TR-909
demo Lfo madness
demo glide function
demo true Sh-101 filtered by minibrute
demo demo by Arturia part1
demo demo by Arturia part2


effet Soundcloud Arturia Minibrute

demo1 3 tracks 3 tracks  



brute dream BRUTE ARPEGGIATOR DEMO: Vince Clark minibrute
brute dream arpeggiator demo Vince Clark

rsf kobol

Minibrute and Rsf Kobol a cool french synth








some parameters like velocity curves or Midi channel selection are accessible only by USB connection wired to an Arturia free software. The usb allows also firmware updates.




MEMORY none but some cools patch sheets are provided with the synth.





original scan
Hack a brute website, resource to mod the machine.






original scan





original scan






original scan



red edition
minibrute red edition



original scan
custom wood






original scan
custom desktop






original scan
a fun homonymy!



Arturia Minibrute for sale

ebay auction


arpeggiator minibrute demo minibrute adsr


- price
-many features
-can be modded


- keyboard
-arguable quality built
-brute, distortion sounds a bit the same


REVIEW portable entry-level machine nice features in a compact box. Too bad for cheap built! a lot of hacks, schematics, a kind of open source synth, that's a very nice idea! "

arturia logo
"Arturia Minibrute, analog for the masses"- ARTURIA SLOGAN




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all snapshots*, sounds**, texts copyright Polynominal.com / Eric Pochesci
* Minibrute SE picture from Arturia website
*custom 1-2 Minibrute from Ebay auction

** official demo are copyrighted Arturia

Arturia Minibrute 3.0 out of 5 based on 72 ratings. price €300