Arturia Minibrute

Analog Synthesizer (2012)

Compact analog synthesizer at affordable price from French company , most famous for digital plugin emulation of classic machines.


OVERVIEW   compact 25 regular keys with aftertouch. Main panel features 6 switches, 14 sliders, 30 knobs and 2 wheels for pitchbender and modulation. 

-  Exists also as a special "SE" edition and colored RED  same specs
- Two years later, Arturia released an more compact version MICROBRUTE
- a big version paraphonic MATRIXBRUTE in 2017
-  updated version MINIBRUTE2 in 2018
Terminal connectors 
10. CV Gate In/Out he machine features various facilities with modular system at 1V / Oct scale:
- CV / gate input and output
- VCA CV input
- VCF CV input.
The synth acts also as a Midi to CV converter bridge for vintage synthesizers.

11. Audio In/Out: Process audio through synth
12. MIDI In/Out: Connect and sync tempo
13. USB In/Out: Controls from your DAW or use it as a master keyboard (well if you really have to)


OSCILLATOR  a monophonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis.
A voice is composed by a single VCO with 5 summable waveforms elements each with individual mix:
- sawtooth wave
- pulse wave
- triangle wave
- noise generator
- sub oscillator (square or sinewave, 1 / 2 octaves below).

WAVESHAPER  these special osclliator functions alters the harmonic contents of specific waveform:
- ultrasaw mixes the saw with different phases with rate and depth controls
- width changes the pulse shape from 50 to 90% duty cycle
- metalizer adds harmonics to triangle for a metal-like sound.

LFO The main modulation bipolar LFO supplies 6 waveforms and can run in sync to the Arpeggiator.  The Vibrato LFO allows for trills and standard vibrato.

FILTER   so called "Steiner Parker" 
- lowpass 2 poles
- highpass
- band / notch 1 pole.
Minbrute processes external audio signal by VCF at line impedance, in addition a keyboard tracking .

More details

ENVELOPE there are 2 EGs:
- EG1 VCF: 4-segments ADSR
- EG2 VCA: 4-segments ADSR + 2 EG timemode:
Two EG modes: Fast for quick envelope response scale from 1ms to 1s while Slow from 10 ms to 10 s for long dronic effect. VCA feedback Brute Factor saturates the signal for a fuzzy distortion.

SEQUENCER 64-step sequencer that allows you to input notes . You can store up to different 8 patterns and the sequences can be backed up to your computer ONLY using the included editor software 8 (no sysex/ external media)

PERFORMANCE  some handy playmode functions:
- aftertouch is assignable to cutoff or LFO 2 amount
- modulation wheel is assignable to cutoff or LFO 2 amount
- pitchbender with adjustable range from 1 half-tone to whole octave
- octave selector ± 2 octaves
- although the keyboard is not sensitive, the synth can receive it
- velocity curve can be set by external software
- glide playmode from 0 to 2 seconds time (priority can be set only by software).
MIDI keyboard can be used also as a polyphonic Midi controller. 

SE edition and red color version of minibrute

Arturia Minibrute Specifications by producer

Average price: 200€
    Monophonic synthesizer
    Monophonic synthesizer
    100% Analog Audio Signal Path
    Steiner-Parker 2 pole Multimode Filter (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch)
    Voltage Controlled Oscillator with Sub-Osc (Square, Sine, -1 & -2 oct)
    Oscillator Mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, White Noise, Audio In)
    Signal Enhancers :
        Pulse Width Modulation
        Ultrasaw generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms
        Metalizer bringing extreme triangle harmonics
    Brute Facto  delivering saturation and rich harmonics
    LFO1 with 6 waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Random Square, Random Sine) and bi-polar modulation destinations (to PWM & Metalize, Pitch, Filter, Amplifier)
    LFO1 clock syncable to Arpeggiator (Arpeg, or free).
    LFO2 with selectable rate and 3 vibrato modes (trill up, trill down, sine)
    Two ADSR Envelope Generators with selectable slow/fast speed (from 1 millisecond to more than 10 seconds)
    Keyboard Tracking on the VCF Cutoff
    25 note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch (assignable to Cutoff or Vibrato amount)
    Mod Wheel (assignable to Cutoff, Vibrato, or LFO amount)
    Pitch Wheel (with selectable bend range)
    Octave selector from -2 to +2 octaves
    External Analog Audio Input
    CV In/Out :
        CV Inputs: Pitch, Filter, Amp
        CV Output: Pitch (tracks the keyboard and pitch wheel)
        Gate In/Out
        Gate source selector (Audio/Hold/Keyboard)
    MIDI In/Out with 5 pin DIN connectors
    USB MIDI In/Out
    1/4” Audio Output and 1/4” Headphone Output
    Full Function Arpeggiator:
        4 modes of arpeggiation
        4 octave range control
        6 step divisions
        6 Swing positions
        Hold function
    Tempo knob
    Tap tempo
    MIDI Sync
    Rugged Aluminium enclosure
    12V DC 1A power

Size & weight
    Instrument size : 325x390x70mm (12.79 x 15.35 x 2.76 inch).
    Instrument weight : 4 Kg (8.8 lbs).

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