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Moog Minimoog D


Moog monimoog D

audio demo trend price : 3500€
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Born to be a simpler and portable version of the Moog modular systems without any complicated patch cords floating around their feet.

Also called D as the fourth model out of a production of prototypes.

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knobs pannel

info KEYBOARD 44 keys (no velocity) fine wood case with clear wood. The black graphite panel has adjustable gradient slope and features 6 selectors, 15 switch tabs and 21 precise knobs, in fact the sound drastically changes at each movement, perfect for subtle sonic nuances.
On the left side there are 2 wheels for Modulation and Pitch, 2 tabs for the envelope decay (or note finishes after key press) and the Glide function with Low Priority system, as the Mini does not retrigger the EG during Legato play.
Rear panel terminal connectors: audio outputs HIGH and LOW impedance, an audio input line for external processing and CV controls.

acPower supply is internal.

editVOICE subtractive monophonic analog generation with 3 detunable VCO, each with own volume adjustable in the mixer section.

waves OSCILLATORS the first VCO is the main oscillator and drives maser tuning while the 2 others are detunable (7 semitones) to a 5 octaves range (32' 16' 8' 4' 2' LOW); tuning the oscillators is the first task to do after switching on and a very useful A440 switch tab on the panel helps for tuning.
Oscillators have a total of 6 waveforms: triangular, saw, square, wide, narrow rectangular and saw-triangular (third VCO has a reverse Saw instead) + a white-pink noise with volume gain control.
VCO circuit is genuine in perfect in symbiosis with the ladder filter, solid backbone of the Moog sound, so true that the all-time rival Arp Odyssey attempted many times to clone it.

minimoog voyager

adsr ENVELOPE there are 2* EG with 3-segments ADS:
-EG1 defines VCF
-EG2 defines VCA
Another segment time Release can be added for both VCA and VCF simply pressing the dedicated tab button, then EG Release gets the same value as the Decay segment. EG is enough fast but does not reach the snappiest outsider french RSF Kobol (check out also the french master synth).

filter FILTER resonant lowpass at -24 dB/ octave filter with cutoff Frequency and contour amount around the Q point for resonance EMPHASIS. VCF auto-oscillates up to a perfect sinusoidal waveform then lowers volume a bit of gain at high emphasis.

Other VCF features are External process IN and two different modes Keytracking KEYBOARD CONTROL for Cutoff compensation over octaves.
minimoog voyager

lfo LFO the third oscillator can be deactivated as "VOICE" and assigned as a LFO that modulates VCO1-2 pitch and VCF Cutoff; relative modulator frequency rate is defined by the dedicated wheel.
Note: switching VCO3 to LFO deactivates also the VCF Keytrack function.

lfo CV there are 4 inputs for external tension control VCA Loudness, CV VCF Filter, 1V/Oct, CV Pitch Oscillator.
NOTE: gate system is aless-commond S-trig, a negative inverted switch trigger variant.


minimoog voyager

MINIMOOG VOYAGER- reissues from 2002 more flexible signal path, Midi, memory for patch and setup, very good filter but somehow the sound is not so close to the original probably for the new redrawn oscillators design, but the ladder filter seems to be raw power! not necessarily a bad point, but that' s a different synthesizer.

minimoog voyager

STUDIO ELECTRONICS MIDIMINI - an original Minimoog in a rackmount box plus some extra goodies made by Studio Electronics, a company now producing analog rack synths.

fat like a pig


* with delay Moog mf-104z


History of the Minimoog Synthesizer Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog Demonstration of the Moog Minimoog
History of the Minimoog Synthesizer Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog Demonstration of the Moog Minimoog D

cat and minimoog

original scan

original scan

original scan

original scan

original scan

original scan

original scan



minimoog lateral Moog minimoog behind minimoog D design


- it's a Minimoog!!
- fat !
- best filter !


- HIGH price
- no dedicated LFO



"Minimoog D is still a masterpiece of genius and not only a marketing product: a true musical instrument with a soul and a thundering fat sound never reached by any other monophonics. If you mean FAT sound you mean D . "

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"An electronic music synthesizer is a musical instrument whose circuitry can be interconnected and set up in a large variety of ways to produce a broad spectrum of musical sounds. " - Moog Manual


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