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Roland TR-606




roland tr606

info Country: Japan
Weight: 1 Kg
Dimensions: 200 (w) x 55 (h) x 146 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 600€
manual schematics demo sample comments


Roland TR- 606
Drumatix Computer Controlled (1981)


Famous and portable analog machine with same TB-303 design

TR Transistor Rhythm are considered cult machines around the world.


sound edit

info DRUM MACHINE main panel features 21 push button, 2 selector knobs and 8 knobs.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mono signal ouput
- headphones
- start pedalswitch input
- din sync at 24 PPQ resolution
- switchtab master / slave
- 2 trigger outputs (tom 1 and tom 2).

info Power supply
is external 9V with negative center PSU.


info TECH main core CPU NEC D650C-128 (MASK ROM) manages 5 channels each with dedicated volume mixer section. Voiceboard generate 7 instruments: kick, snare, tom (x2), cymbal and open/close hh.

knobs 606

(ABOVE) click to magnify 606 knobs

EDIT INTERFACE quite simple with some keystroke, just select and instrument from knob selector and push play. Voilà.


roland tr606 tech


is based on classic Roland step mode recording or realtime using the tap button. Default signature is set to 16 steps, but the scale selector can modify to wished value.


A few edit functions: cancel, patterns chaining and special accent that can be applied to a whole step but not to an individual sound

info SYNC
internal tempo set from 40 to 300 BPM or It is possible to slave the machine using the sync 24 (like tb-303 or mc-202). Another useful synchronisation way is the trigger: simlpy fill the 606 TOM steps and plug it to some synth arpeggiators or simple sequencer like Elka Synthex or Roland Sh-101

sync clock


info MEMORY:
- 32 patterns
- 7 songs.
There is absolutely no way to backup your songs or patterns.

sync clock
HINT: When switched off the machine retains the memory if 4 C-size batteries are fitted, and when RUN led begins to flash, it is time to get fresh new batteries! just remember that it is wise to remove them after a long period just to avoid acid leaks.



MAINTENANCE If buying a second hand just watch out for the famous ALPS buttons that may need some replacement, but pay attention to cheap replacement parts.

tr6060 motherboard
- click above to zoom IN -



the 606 can be easily modded here's some of my works, trying to keep the original aspect as close as possible:

tr606 midi kit Midi modification with velocity, OUT was unnecessary for our needs.
separate outputs


Separate outputs with micro-jacks

high leds luminosity mod

high luminosity LEDs Blows- in-the -dark your eyes!


mug mug mug mug
Some other custom works:
pic 1-2 : thebeast.co.uk
pic 3: stereoping.com
pic4: customsynth.co.uk



aira tr8


Roland Aira TR-08 special pricey plugins adds tr606 sounds- not analog.

Cyclone Drum Drone TT-606

Cyclone Drum Drone TT-606 a clone like Bass bot with ugly design

Acidlab Drumatix

Acidlab Drumatix analog clone VIDEO


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set or vst emulation:

  name price demo
sampleset 2

- BPB Cassette 606 


free sample packs
dr55 free samples

-VST planet

-Marvin VST Tromine

free VST N/A



demo simple pattern
demo demo by Nico
demo Commercial with Akai Ax-80
demo Sanxion demo with Roland Alpha Juno


How to program a Roland TR-606 Roland TB-303, TR-606, TR-808 and TR-909 modifed Roland TR-606
How to program with TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 a lot of of modifications here!



Company: Roland
Model: TR-606
Class: Drum Machine
Dates: 1981
Price: 600€
Technology: analog
Percussions: 7
Polyphony: 5
Sequencer: 7 songs
BPM range: 40 - 300
Patterns: 32 slots
Sync: DIN Sync 22 PPQ
LFO: none
Filter: none
CPU: D650C-128
Demo: 8


tr606 hires
info big pic 606





original scan 4
info original brochure

original scan 3
info original brochure

original scan 1
info original brochure

original scan 2
info original ad


tr606 warp

synth cat
info sweet 606 cat :)

info info


info info

info info


info info

info info

custom tr606
info custom 606
(Unkown source)

rackmount tr606
info modded 606
(Unkown source)


Roland TR-606 FOR SALE
Roland TR-606 FOR SALE


behind side view front 606

cheap bending
TB friendly oldschool king


REVIEW "A true perfect symbiosis with tb303! The metallic sound is unique!"

manual manual
- sound -key combinations
- classic step sequencer - limited sound edit

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