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Cyclone Bass bot TT303




Cyclone Bass bot TT303

audio demo Country: USA (built in Thailand)
Weight: 730g
Dimensions: 300 x 55 x 146 mm
audio demo trend price : 350 €
manual demo video comments

Cyclone Analogic TT303 Bass Bot
21st Century Transistor Technology


A clone of the famous analog bassliner Roland Tb303 with a (quite) 1:1 surprising appearance.


bass bot
cyclone clone

info BASS LINER main panel features 2 rotary selectors, 24 push buttons and 8 knobs potentiometers. Fun, there are 13 different LED colors.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- CV tension out 1V/oct
- Gate signal out
- 8 DIN for Midi IN/OUT (special cable included)
- audio input MIX IN
- headphones out
- waveform selector (square / saw)

ac Power supply is a 9V external PSU DC negative center -)+ 300mA or 4X 1,5V batteries.



edit VOICE the internal CPU manages 1 voices with 2 different waveforms: saw and square with autotune calibration procedure.
Generated sound can be tweaked using the upper knobs functions.



editSOUND FUNCTIONS the sound can be modified using 6 knobs, some of them have wider range than the original TB303:
- Tuning: changes the VCO oscillator pitch
- Cutoff freq: amount of filtered VCF
- Resonance: amount of VCF resonance
- Env Mod: sets the amount of signal from the EG that reaches the VCF cutoff
- Decay: sets the decay time of the Envelope
- Accent: sets the amount of the EG that reaches the VCF resonance.

drum pad



edit FILTER transistor filter VCF at 4 poles.

drum pad


edit ENVELOPE generator is based on IC BA6110 VCA chip (not BA6612 which are getting hard to find also previously implemented on x0xb0x project) and controls decay and accent.

cyclone clone


the TT303 has many new enhancements compared to original silver box introducing the OS INSTADJ (now V2). TT030 also includes the not-so-intuitive internal sequencer with some modification: notes are entered with the mini-keyboard, then each note can be set with length, portamento, slide and octave transpose (+/-1) or shifted with pattern rotation new function.
If after decades of TB you're tired to manually program the TT, then random some patterns with the "Bot generation" that features 7 different algorithms generator (+mutator variation) or use the intelligent arpeggiator (4 modes: up, down, up-down and random).
MIDI notes can be directly played with external keyboard/sequencer, velocity above 112 with trigger the Accent twang. All parameters are mapped to Midi control change.

drum pad


edit SYNC the bass bot is automatically synched to external Midi clock, but won't work with traditional DIN SYNC unless with a third-part clock converter.


edit MEMORY:
- 7 songs
- 224 RAM patterns
- 224 ROM patterns
No battery inside, non-volatile memory technology inside; data and patterns can be saved to Midi exclusive systems.

we recorded some patterns for this great match between the original TB303 and the replica TT303:
TEST NOTE: The Tb 303 is on the LEFT channel and always start first.

tb303 cat


cyclone wave wave1 tb
demo Test: 1 all around  
cyclone wave bot2
demo Test 2 : VS accent  
bass bot 3 vs tb303
demo Test 3 : VS resonance  



memroy RELATED FAMILY tb303 is maybe the most cloned machine ever made, dozen for more or less good emulation of the silver box.

sync Roland TB303 (2014) should be the official successor of the Tb303 with new outfit. A digital cheap machine, not so great IMHO.
Roland Tb-03 Roland Tb-03 (2016) boutique series is a remake of the tb3 which is a remake of the tb303- lol- Not tested yet
clones Other clones: here's a brief list:
- Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline synthesizer VIDEO
- Adafruit x0xb0x VIDEO
- Acidcode ML303 VIDEO
- Analogue Solutions TB-X TB-303 VIDEO
- Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 VIDEO
- Future Retro Revolution
- Future Retro 777 VIDEO
- Acidlab Bassline VIDEO
- Syntecno TeeBee VIDEO
- Doepfer MS-404 VIDEO
- Analogue Solutions Trans-Bass-Xpress VIDEO
- Deep bass Nine VIDEO
- Oakley TM3030 VIDEO



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION also a LOT of virtual softwares:

  name price
free 303 vst

- Venom VB-303
- Bitsonic TB-303

commercial vst

- D16 Group Phoscyon
- AudioRealism BassLine3





demo Bassbot with Roland Tr707
demo Bassbot with Roland Tr808
demo Bassbot with Roland Tr909
demo Bassbot solo 1
demo Bassbot solo 2


demo1 video2 hits3
video video2 programming tutorial video3


tb303 cat













Cyclone TT303 MANUAL










tt303 brochure 1
editoriginal brochure





bass bot brochure 2
edit original brochure





tb303 scan3
edit edit





Bass bot TT303 FOR SALE
Roland tb303 FOR SALE


Technology Transplant cutoff computer controlled


-looks like a TB!!
-sounds good
-affordable price


- another TB clone
- a bit plastic cheap compared to tb303, flimsy pots


REVIEW : "Like it especially for the design. Sound is nice with new Midi, intelligent random phrases generator and more. I am still wondering why Roland did not sued the Cyclone company for the copyright / patents plagiarism :)"

bass bot logo




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TT303 Bass Bot 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. price €350