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Roland TR-707




roland tr707

info Country: Japan
Weight: 1,5 kg
Dimensions: 380 x 250x 73 mm
audio demo trend price : 350€
manual demo sample comments

Roland TR-707 (1985)
Rhythm Composer

Digital drum machine based on PCM samples and step sequencer with advanced synching options.

TR 707 is part of the famous Rhythm Composer family with similar Roland TR-909 design and sharing same PCM samples

tr707 logo
track pattern

info DRUM MACHINE The main panel features 1 knob, 16 buttons, 16 non-dynamic pads and a central volume mixer for each instruments.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- 11 separate outputs
- main out
- headphones
- footswitch input for start/stop
- trigger out (+5V)
- tape intrface
- Midi interface
- sync at 24 PPQ (5-dins).

info Power supply PSU Roland Boss 12V DC (- negative center.

main core is a Hitachi HD6303X 8- bits CPU manages 10 channels polyphony.
STRUCTURE: each voice has one or different assigned samples from a sampled wavetable, sounds cannot be edited in anyway but the volume mixing.

707 samples

there are 4 x HN61256P MASK ROMs (each 32kb) contains 15 samples at 6 bits resolution .Here's the sample full list, note that some instruments are channel-shared:

pcm 2


Name Channel n.
bass drum 1
snare 2
low tom 3
mid tom 4
high tom 5
rimshot 6
cowbell 6
clap 7
tambourine 7
hihat 8
crash 9
ride 10


info SEQUENCER notes can be entered by either:
1- realtime with metronome
2- step mode with a 16 steps grid (can be defined)
Some recording functions:
- shuffle adjustment
- swing option
- variable quantisation resolution
- 3 accent velocities off / mid / strong.



info SYNC the TR-707 is also very appreciated as Sync / Midi communication bridge.
It can be synchronized to other units in 3 different manners:
1- Midi clock
2- tape sync
3- sync at 24 PPQ.
The trigger out signal generates pulses at +5V (controlled by rimshot) and syncs arpeggiators or sequencer like Juno-60 or SH-101.



info MIDI the implementation is basic with just velocity, in addition pads transmit assignable Midi notes (not the lenght) using speciacl Midi mode 2 setting.

info MEMORY:
- 64 patterns
- 4 songs
RAM system works with 2 X 1.5V stilo batteries. Data can be saved in 2 different ways:
1- memory cartridges 64 Kb model M64C
2- tape interface dump.





infoMODIFICATION there are some modifications to revamp the tr707:


PCM rom swap with tr808 kit or else


modding tr707

Realtime pitch modification


tr707 circuit bending

Tr707 circuit bending





roland tr727

Roland TR-727 quite same machine, the only difference is the blue prints and the internal wavetable with different sounds latino-oriented.
tr909 Roland TR-909 hybrid analog digital same crash, hihats and rides as tr707
tr626 Roland TR-626 successive digital model, no more sync, plain Midi
roland tr08 aira ROLAND TR-08 AIRA (2014) full kit released as plugin (75€) called "7x7".


effet VST PLUGIN & SAMPLED there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
free sample download free sample pack free effet N/A
sampleset 2 VST planet free effet video
tr707  free samples Tom Fire free effet N/A



demo original demo
demo created pattern

effet Soundcloud TR-707

d4 d4 d4


ROLAND TR-707- HD Roland TR 707 & JUNO 6 Diabolical Modified TR707
demo1 with JUNO 6 Circuit bent


tr707 tr909




service manual tr707



TR-707 factory reset procedure

Power on while holding TRACK WRITE and TRACK #1

reset tr707



service manual tr707
TR-707 service manual







original scan





original scan




original scan



Roland TR-707 FOR SALE





left view behind view tr707 mainboard circuits


- sync and midi
- step led sequencer
-separate outputs


- limited Midi
- no sound edit
- expensive


REVIEW "Now a classic digital drum machine- not to mention the excellent programmer. "

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