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Future Retro Revolution




future retro revolution II

infoCountry: USA / JAPAN
Weight: 10,5 Kg
Dimensions: 495 x 127 x 471 mm
audio demo trend price : 400€
manual demo video comments

Future Retro Revolution (2004)


A modern Tb303 bassliner clone made in USA, it boasts true analog circuits with a special circular sequencer.

The second version mk2 has an updated OS and a new case color.

revolution tb303
303 revolution

info MODULE Main panel features a segment display, 29 buttons and 14 knobs.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- switch between saw / square waveform
- CV-gate out (1V/oct)
- CV input for VCF
- audio input for external process
- headphones
- main signal out
- Midi interface
- 5-din sync (24 PPQ) to synchronize drum machines like TR-808.

ac Power supply is external type AC/AC with 12 Volt - 1A.

edit SOUND monophonic analog bassliner with 1 oscillator VCO saw or square waveform.
Producer claims to have implemented a much more stable (in term of temperature) oscillator than the original Roland silver box.


filter FILTER lowpass analog filter emulation of TB-303 but parameters have a wider range.
Filter parameter controls:
- cutoff: standard frequency cutoff
- resonance : amount of Q resonance to filter
- envelope: Amount of EG sent to VCF
- env decay: time decay amount for the VCF EG
- accent: raises the amplitude and cutoff / resonance when accent is activated
- acc decay: a new entry, it determines how much accent lasts
- cv mod: how much the filter is modulated by the external CV VCF IN.


sequencer SEQUENCER
notes are entered in 3/4 or 4/4 signatureby 2 modes:
- step by step each with length, accent and glide
- realtime by external keyboard Midi
Some recording functions:
- swing mode
- transpose (36 semitones range)
- pattern backward play
- loop points repeat
- remix randoms the values into steps.
MIDI Full Midi Control change implementation and all data can be saved to exclusive systems, also the internal sequencer sends 1V/Oct tension to an analog synthesizer, also useful as Midi to CV gate converter.
HINT: Remember you have to activate the Midi function from a menu or it will not trigger anything.


sync SYNC internal frequency range from 20 to 250 BPM or slaved to:
- SYNC24 pulses ( the machine works also as a sync-24 / Midi converter)
- Midi clock.



fx EFFECT a 24 bit stereo digital DSP and some effects and left-right balancing: delay, chorus, flanger, leslie, lowpass filter muffler and finally 3 reverbs (plate, room and hall).
TIP: Special VCF analog overdrive adds "fuzz" to the bassliner



sequencer MEMORY:
- 16 banks
- 16 patterns
- 10 songs.


family RELATED FAMILY the first white Retrorevolution Mk1 version has less features and a shorter battery lifespan. Also there is special rare orange edition for the UK market.

futuretro special edition



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are no official Retrorevolution VST since it is already a clone ;-) however dozens of Tb303 VST:

  name price
free 303 vst

- Venom VB-303
- Bitsonic TB-303

commercial vst

- D16 Group Phoscyon
- AudioRealism BassLine3





demo Retro VS original Tb303 -the initial beep indicates the TB303 channel
demo factory demo 1
demo factory demo 2
demo factory demo 3
demo factory demo 4


future retro revolution r2 M300 ACIDJAM#1 Future Retro Revolution
presentation ACIDJAM#1 demo2










original scan
fx original brochure




synth cat
fxsynth o cat



acid nerd




roland tb3
Roland TB3 own Roland clone :)



Future Retro Revolution FOR SALE

Future Retro Revolution FOR SALE




sequencer behind , cv gate input display


- good tb sound
- excellent sequencer

- neon circular look


- flimsy pots
-lacks some tb smoothness



REVIEW "Another Good tb clone, love the circular design."


“We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the Revolution is capable of the most accurate reproduction of the original TB303 sound" - Original advertising.




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Future Retro Revolution 3 out of 5 based on 46 ratings. price €400