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Yamaha CS1x "bad" mod

Forewords: The CS1x (1996) is a digital romper, and some realtime buttons.
Basically it was a MU XG with some kind of real -time controls, which were quite nice for the time. One of the worst part of the machine was the 61 velocity keys , all ugly plastic and seems quite easy to break, for some reason recycled on the far better V-A AN1x. No module-rackmount has ever been made before the CS6R, but a different machine just before the MOTIF series.
So some people have made some kind of custom mod ... 

And now the mod !

My eyes are bleeding ... again. Basically the keyboard has been removed and then enclosed with wood sides and something on the front. The knobs have been replaced with MOOG - style ones.

REAR VIEW: A sticker has been placed on the "X" to certify it's a RACK, in the case you might wonder, quite there 19". There also an extra 5-din near the "YAMAHA" logo, what's for? Let's investigate

Oh yes, how stupid am I : it's for the modulation-pitch remote controller so you can tweak parameters from your couch

Ok, that's enough for today from cringe cat.


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