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Yamaha AN1X




Yamaha An1x synthesizer

audio demo Country: Japan
Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: 986 (w) x 285 (h) x 103 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 300€
manual demo video comments


YAMAHA AN1X (1997)
Control synthesizer Analog Physical Modeling

Digital synthesizer based on DSP synthesis Analog Physical Modeling.

At first glance, the An1x looks like the previous CS1x, but it is a far more interesting machine.

technical data

info KEYBOARD 61 velocity keys with aftertouch.
Main panel features a 15-characters backlit display, 28 buttons, 8 knobs and a switch selector. On left side there are 2 wheels for pitch bending and modulation plus a ribbon controller.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- headphones out
- 3 assignable footswitch inputs.

ac Power supply external PSU Yamaha 12V DC +)- Yamaha PA-3b.


edit TECH CPU HD6413002FP16 (family Renesas H8/300H) CPU manages 10 voices polyphony based on analog modeling APM subtractive synthesis.


A basic AN1X patch structure is composed by:

- 2 digital oscillators VCO that can be processed by:
- 1 generated white noise

- Frequency Modulation process


the VCO1 + VCO2 characteristics:

Waveforms saw / saw + pulse /
pulse / pulse +saw
saw / saw+ pulse /
pulse / pulse + saw
Edge smooth yes, up to sinewave yes, up to sinewave
Inner waves 3 in sync mode none
Rect.width yes yes
Detune yes yes
Ringmodulator yes yes
Mix volume yes yes
VCO sync yes, VCO1 > VCO2 yes, VCO2 > VCO1



edit FM
a frequency modulation can be applied to the VCO1 to change its frequency, in which case the output of the oscillator will become the carrier.

structure VCO1 is modulated by VCO2 following 4 algorithms with variable FM depth:
- only by FM
- sync + FM both: sync mode FM applied to master and slave oscillator
- sync + FM master: sync mode FM applied to master oscillator
- sync + FM slave: sync mode FM applied to slave oscillator.


edit PERFORMANCE the AN1x can be played in 8 modes:

- standard play
- unison stack all voices
- dual voices: 5 x 2 voices (assignable to 2 channels)
- stack voices
- dual scenes
- split zone (assignable to 2 channels)
- split unison (assignable to 2 channels)
- monophonic with legato + portamento time
- ribbon can be assigned to filter cutoff/resonance, modulation and pan motion.
- scenes buttons get values snapshots for each oscillator then Midi CC#1 interpolates intermediate values for a morphing effect.

demo HEAR Legato mode

yamaha an1x tech


cv LFO up to 2 delayed modulators (5 shapes: sinewave, square, triangle, saw and sample-hold + a mix of combinations) with variable depth and 5 destinations:


- VCO pitch
- VCF cutfoff
- VCA amplitude
- LFO FM depth (slave or master)
- pulse width VCO PWM.

demo HEAR LFO on Filter

edit ENVELOPE up to 2 EGs:
- EG1 FEG VCF filter: 4 segments ADSR
- EG2 VCA amplitude: 4 segments ADSR
Both EG are also assignable to other parameters including VCO pulse width and VCO pitch.

filter FILTER
digital resonant filter multimode -12/ 18/ 24 dB/ oct slope.
The Key Track setting determines the key tracking of the VCF, changing the cutoff point in accordance with the notes played on the keyboard.


AN1x filter modes:
- LPF lowpass
- HPF highpass
- BPF banpass
- BEF band eliminate

demo HEAR LFO on Filter


filter EFFECT digital DSP section features 3 algorithms categories:
- FX A: 8 reverbs models e.g. hall, stage, room ....
- FX B: 5 delays with stereo panning motion
- FX C: 14 insert effects e.g distortion, pitch, 3-band EQ, phaser, autopan, rotary, wahwah ....

demo HEAR Panning motion

notes entry is directly programmed using the 8 real-time knobs (switch between 1-8 and 9-16 steps) inspired from classic analog sequencers Korg SQ-10.
Special performance FREE VOICE EG records knobs movement in 4 different tracks.


SYNC internal clock from 40 to 240 BPM and both arpeggiator and sequencer are syncable to external Midi clock.

demo HEAR sequenced

features 30 patterns arpeggiators with 9 subdivide modes and 16 steps programmable sequencer with velocity / gate / swing rate/ latch mode demo Arpeggiator

MIDI full implementation of CC# and Sysex exclusives.
Both sequencer and arpeggiator output Midi notes to other external devices.

filter MEMORY
- 128 RAM patches

battery replacement

LEFT Battery replacement is quite easy and not soldered to the mainboard. No internal ROM sounds, factory set can be recalled anytime.

- CLICK to enlarge pic -



filter EDITOR Yamaha provides a free computer-based editor for patches named Yamaha an1x editor,
it is still available on the official website.

gngan1x editor





plg150 with  An200

AN-200 is a five voices lap top groovebox with APM synthesis. 5 voices polyphony with different features and a PCM drum kit. It is based on the PLG-150 AN board

plg 150 an

PLG-150 APM technology has been also released on modular PLG boards modern AN150 for MU and MO series.

yamaha ex5

EX5 multi-synthesis workstation including a monophonic AN voice + PCM + VL . Rack is EX5R



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are NO VST or plugins available on the market- here some free samples sets:

EFM Oddse



We'd like to share some Kontakt samples from AN1x.

Enjoy a string pad (19 mb)




demo factory demo
demo favourite: brass pad
demo favourite: arp mod
demo favourite: blade R brass
demo favourite: drop
demo favourite: texture
demo favourite: sweep
demo favourite: sync FM
demo favourite: modulation
demo favourite: melody
demo rhodes: noisy
demo rhodes: wurli?
demo organ: click
demo organ: lounge
demo vintage: lucky moog 55
demo vintage: minimoog festa
demo vintage: Emerson
demo vintage: obx brass
demo synth: lead DELTA
demo synth: auto-bahn
demo synth: lead metal
demo synth: digital bells
demo synth: 90'
demo synth: rave
demo synth: aphex
demo synth: poor PPG
demo synth: distorted lead
demo synth: square reverb
demo synth: metallic pluck
demo arpeggio: classic
demo arpeggio: Jarre
demo arpeggio: Blade R
demo arpeggio: with split
demo pad: filter LFO
demo pad: muffled
demo pad: with synth
demo pad: sad string
demo pad: chill out
demo pad: drama
demo pad: a bit metallic
demo pad: modulated
demo pad: backward
demo complex: FM
demo complex: fm sequence
demo complex: glide
demo complex: charriot of sync
demo complex: ambient
demo complex: industrial seq
demo complex: exponential
demo complex: bounce
demo bass: tb303
demo bass: vintage
demo bass: EBM -NOT- EDM!
demo bass: funky rogue
demo bass: rave sequence
demo drum: metal percussions
demo drum: metal percussion 2
demo FX: ringmod
demo FX: ship command
demo FX: flat Eric
demo FX: FM mod
demo FX: more noises
demo FX: robot speaking



JayB Sound Set Vintage 90s Relaxing ambient
JayB Sound Set Vintage 90s DEMO

Company: Yamaha
Model: AN1X
Class: Synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1997
Technology: Virtual APM
Display: 15-characters LCD
Synthesis: Virtual Analog
Oscillator: 2 digital VCO
Polyphony: 10 voices
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 2 EGs
Effects: 3 algorithms
Sync: Midi clock
Memory: 128 slots
CPU: H8/300H
OS: latest 1.04V
Demo: 68

thumb an1x




1200 free paches
1200 sounds for


AN1x Factory sounds reset Press and hold the [7], [8] and [9] buttons down while turning ON the power until a dialog box appears on the screen displaying, 'Factory Set? press Y

OS number switch on holding the zero, plus and minus symbols.
Latest should be 1.04

control synthesizer 
manual original Brochure


assume control
manual original Brochure


manual original Brochure


original scan
manual original Brochure


manual original Brochure


original scan
manual original advert

original scan
manual manual custom

an1x custom module
manual manual custom 2

an1x girl
manual manual... custom?

an1x girl
manual manualMimì the synthcat!


an1x minimoog solo
video starship trooper solo
by YES (at 9:14)


Yamaha AN1x for sale

Yamaha AN1x for sale


an1x inside an1x motherboard yamaha CPU


solid solid
Underrated Classic Digital


REVIEW "highly programmable An1x shines for uncommon pads or metallic sounds FM. Too bad for poor interface and plastic-like"

manual manual
-VA with flexible edit -cheap finish
- hard to understand
- Knob sequencer -display /edit

"The classic analog synth sound is back with a vengeance and more popular than ever" Yamaha Manual


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Yamaha AN1X Control synthesizer Analog Physical Modeling Yamaha AN1X
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