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Yamaha CS1X




yamaha cs1x

info Country: Japan
Weight: 5,7 Kg
Dimensions: 976 (w) x 103 (h) x 285 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo comments
Yamaha CS1X (1996)
Control Synthesizer


CS1X is a budget rompler synthesizer with some real-time controllers.


welcome to cs1x
welcome to cs1x

info KEYBOARD 61 velocity keys. Main panel features a simple display, 6 assignable knobs, 12 push buttons and 10 switch tabs for matrix control. On there left side there are 2 wheels for modulation and pitchbender as well as 2 SCENE buttons.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- AUX line input (not processed by effect processor)
- 2 assignable footswitches for: modulation or filter expression
- volume pedal input
- main analog output + headphones

ac Power supply is an external PSU 9V DC +)- polarity.



edit TECH main CPU H8/3002 handles 32 voices polyphony based on AWM2 technology a 16-bit with 18 bits DAC model NEC UPD63200. The basic playmode is the performance which is composed by a maximum of 4 layered PCM patch-sample with some parameters:

wavetable - mono mode with portamento
- chorus and reverb amount
- part volume mix
- key zone assign
- shift transpose
- treble / bass gain
- cutoff / resonance
- panning position
- pitch detune


PERFORMANCE the MULTIPLAY mode allows a special 16 parts mode since CS1X is fully GM/XG compliant. Multiplay has limited edit for each part like for typical XG stuff and some parameters:

cs1x tech - keyboard zone assign

- volume gain

- stereo panning

- effect amount

the internal 4,5 Mb ROM contains 450 PCM sounds at 16 bits.

450 pcm Rom sound is organized into 22 categories: piano, strings, fx, synth fx, vocal, chromatic percussions, ensemble, ethnic, combinations, organ, guitar, pipe, sequencer, bassm synth lead, synth pad, drums, wave, brass, synth, reed and drum kit (which cannot be edited).
demoHear Hammond

simple digital resonant lowpass at -24/Oct.

filter demo Hear filter


lfo LFO
up to 3 modulators with variable phase start (shapes: sawtooth, triangle and sample & hold):

LFO - MOD amplitude
- PMOD pitch
- FMOD filter

lfoTo recall snapshot knobs positions: push both scenes, the modulation wheel interpolates the values in between, creating a morph effect.


adsr ENVELOPE 3 EGs:
- AEG: amplitude : 4-segments ADSR
- FEG: filter 4-segments ADSR
- PEG: pitch 4 segments ADSR + 2 times.

the 16 bits processor handles fully editable 3 kinds of effects:
- 11 reverb models: hall, room, stage, plate, tunnel and basement
- 11 chorus models: classic, celeste and flanger
- 43 variation and insert models: delay, leslie, tremolo, pan, overdrive, wah, distortion and phaser.

demo distortion

up to 30 arpeggios presets and 10 subtime subdivisions: dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, half-note triplet, eighth note, dotted sixteenth, quarter-note triplet, 16th, eighth-note triplet and 32nd note.


SYNC internal tempo frequency range from 40 to 240 BPM or synched to external MIDI clock. The Arpeggiator does NOT transmit notes to Midi OUT.

demo Hear arpeggiator

adsr MEMORY:


- 128 ROM presets
- 128 RAM patches users
No external media for backup except Midi Sysex dump.
lfo Cs1x is NOT compatible with successive upgraded model CS2x.

adsr Battery replacement: RAM system works with a CR lithium battery in a holder - Battery replacement picture from wikipedia. - CLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURE -


effet EDITOR there are some computer-based software for quick edit:

- BOME EDIT (old PC, free) LINK

- CS1x Background Edit (old PC, $$$) LINK

- Tune Em Up CS1X (old PC, free) LINK

- Cs1x editor (Commodore Amiga) PIC
cs1x editor





CS2x upgraded version with more polyphony, wavetable, enhanced features like better filter and new arpeggiator.
Consider cs2x instead of cs1x for the extra features


CS6X totally new concept, more professional. Incompatible with Cs1x Cs2x series. Later the cs6x gave birth to famous MOTIF series.

Also exists in rackmount version CS6R.



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:




Ableton sample packs


original scan original scan
original scan original scan


advert custom table top
(pic from EBAY)



Company: Yamaha
Model: CS1X
Class: synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1996
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Technology: AWM2
Resolution: 16 bits
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Envelope: 3 ADSR
Filter: digital lowpass
LFO: 3
Memory: 128 slots
Arpeggiator: 30 patterns
Sync: midi clock
DAC: UPD63200
CPU: H8/3002



demo CS1X factory demo
demo CS1X MIX: a french tune
demo Organ: hammond
demo Bass: infra bass
demo Bass: tb three o three
demo Arpeggiator: random
demo Synth: delicate stab
demo Synth: old monophonic
demo Pad: resonant
demo Pad: resonant 2
demo Drum: kit
demo CS2x factory demo 1
demo CS2x factory demo 2
demo CS2x factory demo 3
demo CS2x factory demo 4
demo arpeggio*
demo arpeggio bubble*
demo arpeggio gate*
demo Bass deep*
demo dark voice*
demo lead distortion*
demo synth reverse*
demo Drum filtered*
demo Drum various*

* kindly sent by ian berry

demohave some CS1x






FACTORY RESET Turn the power of the CS1x off, then, while holding the 7, 8, and 9 keys
on the numeric keypad, turn the power back on.

Cs1x TEST MODE TURN on pressing [0] and hold [-] then [ENTER]


edit Sample SHOP
edit Report Error


-more demo
- more free samples set


Yamaha CS1X for sale

Yamaha CS1X for sale




edit synthesizer cs1x and cs2x back panel


solid plastic
Cheap as hell Plastic design


REVIEW"A kind of super Yamaha XG canvas with some handy real-time controls. All blue plastic - Now a bit outdated rompler"

manual manual
- knob controls - old XG waveforms
- filter

"In the beginning, there was the knob… And the knob was good. Great, in fact.
You could just reach out and grab it. Turn it left. And turn it right. Interact with it in realtime"

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Yamaha CS1X Yamaha CS1X
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