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Akai S-2000




Akai S-2000

info Country: Japan
Weight: 7,7 Kg
Dimensions: 483 (w) x 88,1 (h) x 408,8 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 100€
manual demo comments

Akai S-2000 (1995)
Midi Stereo Digital Sampler


A popular budget spinoff sample module from more expensive models S-3000 / S-3000XL with smaller display and lacking some functions.

Today S2000 is considered quite obsolete with a not-so obvious user interface. Now the module can be purchased for very low street prices.

aksi 2000
akai s2000

info SAMPLER MODULE Main panel features a 16 x 8 backlit display, a data encoder, 2 knobs and 16 buttons.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out + 8 individual output (optional board)
- Midi interface IN / OUT / THRU
- SCSI interface (25-sub)
- Digital I/O (optional board)

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones out
- stereo signal input (for sampling)



editTECH main core based on a 16-bits CPU NEC D-70236 manages 32 voices polyphony.
The stereophonic sampling engine works at16 bits resolution

DAC PCM69ap - DAC is a PCM69AP Burr-Brown and ADC is an ASAHI KASEI AK5359 with 2 fixed recording frequencies:
- 22,05 kHz

- 44,1 kHz

demo resampling to lofi 4000hz

SAMPLE EDIT - A single sample into the S2000 can be modified with various edit functions:

DAC PCM69ap - trim sample length
- tune sample pitch
- normalize amplitude
- reverse sample
- amplitude fade IN or OUT
- resample bandwidth
- loop mode (crossmode, hold and loop tuning)
- timestretch from 25% to 2000% with two analyze modes: cyclic or intelligent demo hear cyclic

editSAMPLE IMPORT it is possible to Midi sample dump or import foreign Roland or EMU volumes (only CD/HD).


The S2000 is also retrocompatible with previous models S900 / 950 (sytem automatically converts from 12 to 16 bits- check out recording comparison in the demo section) or S1000, 1100, 2800, 3000 and 3200.

EDIT HIERARCHY a single or more samples must be placed in a keygroup and once mapped they make a program. Each Keygroup features edit parameters:

s2000 sample structure - Midi channel assign
- keyboard zone assignment
- EG amplitude
- LFO settings
- filter cutoff amount
- volume gain
- velocity switch.



edit PERFORMANCE the s2000 handles 16 parts each with individual functions:

- Midi channel assigment
- stereo panning position
- analog out assign (of IB-208P board is fitted)
- semitones transpose
- keyboard zone assign
- note polyphony priority
- monophonic legato triggering
- portamento - with rate and time modes
- Midi song import (up to 300 kb).
akai s2000 tech

filter FILTER
a 2-poles resonant digital dynamic low-pass filter.
Keyboard track filter at 1 octave range.

resonant filter demo hear s2000 cutoff

there are 2 EGs with available preset templates:

eg s2000

- EG1 amplitude with 4-segments ADSR + 1 Hold time

- EG2 filter ADSR + 4 times

The special KEY SCALING allows to control the amount by which the key position affects the decay
and release rates.



lfo LFO 2 delayed modulators with variable depth, 4 shapes (triangle, sawtooth, square, random).
- LFO 1 generally acts as a standard vibrato or can be assigned to APM matrix
- LFO 2 is AUX and can be assigned to APM matrix.


demo hear all LFO shapes
demo Hear panning LFO

APM MATRIX any modulation source may be routed to virtually any control input:

Sources:   destinations:
Modulation wheel CC#1
Pitch bender
Pressure key
keyboard position
LFO1 / LFO 2
EG1 / EG2
assignable Midi CC (breath / foot / volume)
LFO 1 depth
LFO 1 rate
LFO 2 depth
LFO 2 rate
filter cutoff


edit MEMORY:

akai s2000 motherboard

- 255 samples
- 254 programs
- sampling 2 Mbytes factory, expandable to 32 Mb using standard 72 pins SIMMs (no parity).

edit the s2000 board is quite similar to 3000 board - Click for motherboard Zoom In picture -


floppy disk drive format 3.5 DD/HD 1440 /720 Kb capacity with auto-boot. Floppies formatted in Akai proprietary file system: S2000 is not directly Ms-DOS compatible.
HD: It is possible to link a standard zip disk100 mb or some old SCSI HD (max partition 500mb) - too bad s2000 is often incompatible to most CD-ROM player models.
: it is possible to replace old FD with more modern USB reader.
disk usb


Some s2000 SCSI modifications are available, also common circuit bending process.

circuit bending

-edit to watch S2000 circuit bending video -


adsr EDITOR most common S-2000 editor is free MESA (requires ISA / PCI SCSI PC card) also these:



akai mesa editor




fxm008 flash ram FMX 008 rare flash memory
IB-304F akai IB-304F second filter ADD 1 filter EG ADSR
IB-208P IB-208P 8 outs + SPDIF out coaxial
EB16 akai EB16 effects board-multi-effects processor 2 channels distortion, four-band EQ, ringmodulation, chorus, phase shift, flanging, pitchshift, autopan or rotary speaker, stereo delay and reverb .



akai s612 S-612 (1985) the legend started here

akai s900

S-900 (1986) cult sampler at 12 bits. Revamped with S-950

akai s700 S-700 (1987) upgrade version of S-612 also exists in keyboard version X-7000.
It seems that a model called X-3700 was a never-released prototype or a plain hoax.
akai s01 S-01 (1987) budget sampler, basic display no SCSI.
S-20 laptop version and Remix16 (and Japanese 88) with improved options and memory.
akai s1000 S-1000 (1988) 2nd generation cd quality and SCSI
S-1100 boosted model comes with many optional boards and HD recording.
S-1000KB is the S-1000 keyboard version
S-1000PB playback, just plain sample reader.
akai s3000

S-3000 (1996) 3rd generation.
- S3000XL was an update with extra (SCSI, digital)
- S2800 cut-down version
- S2800I with SCSI standard
- S3200 added filter board + optional boards
- S3200XL all optional
- 3000CD includes a cd player
- 3000I with SCSI standard

akai s5000 S-5000 (1998) 64/128 voices, optional USB, digital I/O. S-6000 was even bigger with some standard option and detachable display, last of the S series then replaced hen by Z family like Z4 and Z8.



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION no official PLUGIN version of S2000 sampler, but some related programs:





Standalone program
simulates the classic Akai timestretch sound.



thumb res s2000






Company: Akai
Model: S2000
Class: Sampler module
Unit: 2 standard rack
Dates: 1995
Display: 16 x 8 lines LCD
Resolution: 16 bits
S. Rate: 22 / 44 kHz
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Memory: 2 -> 32 mb
Filter: digital low pass
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 2 EGS
Effects: optional
CPU: D-70236
ADC: AK5359
OS: latest 2.0



demo welcome sound Os 2.0
demo piano: tine DX7
demo piano: 32 tera :)
demo organ: cheap farfisa
demo synth: filter 1
demo synth: filter 2
demo synth: filter 3
demo synth: poly analog
demo Synth: s and hold
demo Synth: ambience
demo Synth: bubbles
demo Synth: digital
demo Synth: panning
demo Brass: hate brasses
demo FX: old school sirens :)
demo PAD: quite digital
demo DRUM: acoustic kit factory disk
demo DRUM: sampling ORBIT
demo DRUM: sampling Xbase
demo IMPORT: original S950 sequence
demo IMPORT TEST2: S950 imported by S2000
demo TEST: timestrech 200% cyclic
demo TEST: timestrech 200% intelligent
demo TEST: timestretch 400% cyclic
demo TEST: pitch range
demo TEST: tones OS1.3

demohave some s2000








OS S2000 requires to boot OS from floppy (or HD). Last one is 2.0, which should improve SCSI compatibility.

->we still have some spare 2.0 disk in stock



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akai 2000

akai 2000

Akai S-2000 FOR SALE
Akai S-2000 FOR SALE



akai 2000








OS EPROM custom chip L7 ACD IC
OLDSCHOOL Cheap as hell


REVIEW "A lot of synth programming there, not a mere static sampler with advanced APM modulation like a true synth. Bargain price today"

manual manual
-cheap -display / edit
- flexible
-SCSI compatibility

"The S2000 is a high performance sampler offering nearly all the functionality of the original
S3000 and the new S3000XL but has a re-designed user interface "

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Akai S2000 Akai S2000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler
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