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Yamaha AN-200



yamaha an200

audio demo Country: Japan
Weight:1,6 kg
Dimensions: 986 x 285 x 103 mm
audio demo trend price : 150-250€
manual demo video comments

Loop factory (2002)


Mostly DJ-Live oriented in the LOOP FACTORY series grooveboxes based on AN analog physical modeling synthesis and sampled percussions.

The desktop AN-200 is a slimmed-down version of keyboard Yamaha AN1X.

yamaha an200 pattern mode

info DESKTOP MODULE The main panel features a basic segment display, 16 knobs (they send Midi CC#) 35 buttons and 16 non-sensible pads.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi input and output (can be set to thru)
- main out
- headphones out.

ac Power supply is PSU external 12V +)

edit SOUND the machine based on CPU HD6413002FP16 handles 2 syntheses:
1- VA APM subtractive: virtual analog generates 5 VA voices
2-PCM AWM2 samples: 32 sample voices.

an200 data structure

an200 data structure

the virtual AN synthesis is slightly different from the previous model AN1X but still keep 2 VCO structure + white noise. FM APM frequency modulation can be applied to the VCO1 to change its frequency, in which case the output of the oscillator will become the carrier.
VCO1 is modulated by VCO2 following 4 algorithms with variable FM depth:
1- only FM
2- sync + FM both: sync mode FM applied to master and slave oscillator
3- sync + FM master: sync mode FM applied to master oscillator
4- sync + FM slave: sync mode FM applied to slave oscillator.
Slave oscillator's pitch can be tuned.


an200 data structure

Waveforms saw / multisaw / tri / pulse / (mix) pulse + saw saw / sin / tri / (mix) pulse + saw / pulse
Edge smoothing up to sinewave up to sinewave
Inner waves 3 in sync mode -
Rectangular width yes yes
Detune yes yes
Ringmodulator yes yes
Mix volume yes yes
VCO sync VCO1 > VCO2 VCO2 >VCO1
Crossmodulation VCO1>VCO2 -

editAWM2 SYNTHESIS the ROM contains a 8 MB wavetable: 120 drums, noises and percussions sampled at 16 bits resolution.

filter FILTER digital resonant filter multimode -12/ 18/ 24 dB/ oct slopes and 4 modes:
1- LPF lowpass
2- HPF highpass
3- BPF bandpass
4- BEF band eliminate
Key Track setting determines the key tracking of the VCF, changing the cutoff point in accordance with the notes played on the keyboard.

scene free EG

cv LFO
2 delayed modulators with variable depth and 5 destinations:
- VCO pitch
- VCF cutoff
- VCA amplitude
- LFO FM depth (slave or master)
- waveform width.
Up to 4 waveform categories: sine (+4 variations), square (+2 variations), saw (+3 variations) and randomish sample-hold (3 variations).


2 EGs:
- EG1 FEG VCF filter: 4 segments ADSR
- EG2 VCA amplitude: 4 segments ADSR
Both EG are also assignable to other parameters like: pulse width and pitch.



filter EFFECTS a digital DSP with delay, reverb, flanger, chorus, phaser and overdrive.
AN200 synthesis features an extra distortion section that adds fuzziness using 3 models: stack, combo, tube + a final stage EQ

 the machine is multitimbral and manages 1 APM part + 3 AWM parts.
Special synth APM playmodes:
- full polyphonic
- twin mode with possible stack voices (also full unison and monophonic play)
In addition 2 special scenes functions: each scence has a sound in memory and then the adjacent pot morphs a sounds toward the other one, interpolating intermediate values.

up to 4 tracks:
- 1 for synthesis
- 3 for drums.
Optimized live functions as backward play, half or double tempo, roll flame, humanize- quantizes, mute track and transpose sequence. Special FREE VOICE EG records up to 4 tracks recorder for knobs movement with a single parameter per track.
SYNC internal tempo range from 20 to 300 BPM or sync to external Midi clock.



filter MEMORY:
- 256 preset recording patterns
- 128 user patterns
- 10 songs.

filter EDIT display is more than basic and it is impossible to directly program anything deep on it! worst of all the panel lacks many important parameters from original AN synthesis only accessible by a free computer-based editor, still available on the official website.

an1x editor

filter MAINTENANCE the data encoder often needs cleaning for precise control. Protect it from dust!

an1x editor



plg150 an PLG-150AN -daughterboard for Yamaha synthesizers with PLUG modular technology. It's the same board found on AN-200
an1x AN1X- synthesizer with AN technology, a bit different.
ex5 EX5 contains 1 AN voice + other syntheses. Exists also in rackmount version EX5R


DX-200same groovebox format but with FM synthesis on board.



filter An200 VS AN1X : the An200 features half polyphony, the extra Multi SAW wave and some quite useless PCM drum sound kits. Both machines have a similar architecture but they do sound different anyway. I do personally prefer the An1x also for all parameters access from pannel.



demo factory demo 1
demo factory demo 2
demo factory demo 3
demo frog lead
demo brass
demo techno pattern
demo techno pattern 2
demo Drum PCM
demo SYNC
demo distortion
demo click bass
demo filter
demo preset pattern

Check out AN1X - AN synthesis advanced demos to get an idea of AN power.


effet Soundcloud AN-200

demo1 demo2 demo3


yamaha an200 Acid Techno old - with Yamaha AN200 Live with Yamaha AN200 Loopfactory
demo1 Acid Techno old - Loopfactory

an200 groovebox

AN200 Factory Reset procedure:

Press and hold down the [SHOW VALUE], [PATTERN], and [EXIT] buttons simultaneously then turn the power ON.

an200 reset










yamaha an200 main picture




yamaha an200 brochure




yamaha an200 details




yamaha loopfactory




Yamaha AN-200 for sale

Yamaha AN-200 for sale


yamaha an200 and cat switch board yamaha assy encoder fix


- portable
- AN synthesis

- live approach


- display
- quality built
- Needs editor


REVIEW "An200 misses too much from quite good AN1X: the external editor is needed for serious works. An200 is a (very nice) toy with great live features"




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Yamaha an200 3.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. price €150