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Yamaha DX-200




Yamaha DX-200

info Country: JAPAN
Weight: 1,6 Kg
Dimensions: 338 (w) x 51,7 (h) x 209 (d) mm
audio demo trend price :600€
manual schematics demo comments

Yamaha DX-200
Desktop Control Synthesizer FM Synthesis (2001)


DJ-Live oriented groove box LOOP FACTORY series based on DX7 FM synthesis plus sampled percussions.


info DESKTOP MODULE the main panel features a basic segment display, 16 knobs (they do send Midi CC#) 35 buttons and 16 non-sensible pads.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi input and output (can be set to thru mode)
- main analog signal out
- headphones out.

ac Power supply
is PSU external 12VDC +)- polarity.



edit STRUCTURE the machine based on CPU HD6413002FP16 which handles 2 syntheses + special noise generator with 16 contents variations but no control.

dx200 architecture

- PCM AWM2 samples: 32 voices polyphony
- FM synthesis digital process: 16 voices


the YMP706-F (also FILTER) manages internal 8 MB ROM wavetable which contains 120 PCM drums, noises and various percussions sampled at 16 bits.8 mb rom


 the machine is multitimbral and manages 1FM part + 3 AWM parts.
Special synth FM playmodes:

yamaha dx200 edit

- full polyphonic
- twin mode with possible stack voices (also full unison and monophonic play with portamento)
- random pitch play.

edit2 special scenes functions: each scene has a sound in memory and then the adjacent pot morphs a sounds toward the other one, interpolating intermediate values.


DX200 is a modern version of the classic cult FM synth Yamaha DX7 taking main characteristics plus some very good extra. Like its ancestor, the dx200 generates 6 sinewave digital oscillators operators (or OP) organized as algorithms, assigned as carrier or modulator linked between them on different pathways interacting on their harmonic contents depending on the varable feedback strength.

function - carrier: defines the amplitude and the spectral frequency

- modulator: sets the sound timbre and the relative harmonic contents.


DX200 features 32 algorithms with frequency ratio or fixed frequency.
The output is fed back to its input with 7 different levels feedback, as rule of thumb: high values feedback results in richer harmonic contents.


filter FILTER compared to traditional DX series, the Dx200 adds a digital resonant filter multimode -12/ 18/ 24 dB/ oct slopes and 4 modes. Key Track setting determines the key tracking of the VCF, changing the cutoff point in accordance with the notes played on the keyboard.

Cutoff - LPF lowpass
- HPF highpass
- BPF bandpass
- BEF band eliminate.


lfo LFO a single delayed modulatorswith sync retrigger, and 3 destinations:

LFO dx200 - PMD modulates pitch
- AMD processes the amplitude
- FMD Filter cutoff

LFO shapes: sine, triangle, saw up/down, square and sample & hold.


adsr ENVELOPE up to 9 EGs:

osc1 - 1 EG for each operators: 4-segments + 4 time levels
- 1 EG pitch: 4-segments structure + 4 time levels
- FEG filter: 4 segments ADSR
- AEG amplitude: 4 segments ADSR is a global EG for the whole amplitude (master).

filter EFFECTS
a digital DSP with delay, reverb, flanger, chorus, phaser and overdrive.
DX 200 synthesis features an extra distortion section that adds fuzziness using 3 models: stack, combo, tube + a final stage EQ


filter SEQUENCER up to 4 tracks with Optimized live functions as backward play, half or double tempo, roll flame, humanize- quantizes, mute track, global gate and transpose sequence. Special FREE VOICE EG records up to 4 tracks recorder for knobs movement with a single parameter per track.

roland tr626 circuit bent

- 1 X for synthesis

- 3 X for drums
SYNC Internal tempo range from 20 to 300 BPM or sync to external Midi clock (LFO can also be synched).

demoHEAR sync sequence

filter MEMORY:

roland tr626 circuit bent

- 256 preset recording patterns
- 128 user patterns
- 10 songs

edit DX-200 can load straight DX7 exclusives patch and banks.

filter EDIT display is quite basic andpanel lacks some parameters from original DX synthesis, only accessible by a free computer-based editor "DX200 editor" still available on the official Yamaha website.

dx200 editor


the most common issue is the encoder that "jumps" values, same troubles as sampler A3000/4000/5000: the machine must be disassemble and encoder should be cleaned, not so difficult but I had to to this a couple of times - irritating.

dx200 repair

edit DX200 dirty encoder can be a pain, but operation is quite easy - -Click to magnify -



yamaha an200

AN200 from same "loop factory" series. Quite same machine but based on AN modeling synthesis which was originally implemented on synthesizer model AN1X.

yamaha dx7 DX7 classic synth, spiritual "father" of FM .
PLG 150DX Card PLG150-DX is the main DX-200 "motor". A modern remake of classic DX7 Mk2 that can be fitted in various Yamaha keyboards with Plugin-board technology (including CS6X, motif , S80, Mu1000 ...)


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

dexed VST plugin -DEXED


free VST



brochure brochure 3
brochure 4 brochure 6
brochure 2 synthcat dx200 synched
synched with an200

Company: Yamaha Corp.
Model: DX-200
Class: Synth Module
Dates: 2001
Synthesis: PCM + FM
FM Class: 6 Op
Algorithms: 32 modesl
PCM Resolution: 16 bits
ROM size: 8 mb
Polyphony: 48 voices
Multitimbric: 4 parts
Filter: LPF /HPF/ BPF/ BEF
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 9 EGs
Effects: 6 models
Sequencer: 4 tracks
Sync: Midi clock
Midi: IN / OUT
CPU: HD641300
DAC: upd63200GS-E1



demo funky bass
demo can't get enough...
demo hypnotic sequence
demo tweaked bass + internal PCM drums
demo FM bass + AWM drums
demo bass + portamento
demo Wurlitzer wah
demo my FM hammond B3?
demo DX7 FM bells
demo Solina emulation
demo Tr-808 FM cowbell + internal PCM drums
demo morphing
demo tech piano
demo DX200 bells
demo factory song1
demo factory song2
demo factory song3
demo factory song4
demo factory song5
demo factory song6
demo Exp noises modulation
demo Exp harmonics tweak
demo Exp sequenced algorithms
demo Exp filter LFO
demo Exp bass feedback
demo Exp ambient with distortion
demo Exp Fm percussions
demo Exp Fm percussions 2

demohave some DX200





Press and hold down the [SHOW VALUE], [PATTERN], and [EXIT] buttons simultaneously then switch ON.


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Yamaha DX-200 FOR SALE - buy!



dx200 abnner




pattern yamaha an200 and dx200 loopfactory
Digital power rare!


REVIEW "The most tweakable FM machine ever made. Way ahead of its time, and more powerful than more modern Volca FM - A rare must-buy!"

manual manual
-sound - basic display
-PCM kit is average
- DX related - some parameters need external edit

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Yamaha DX200 Yamaha Dx200 Desktop Control Synthesizer FM Synthesis
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