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Roland M256E

32 kb Ram card for roland synthesizers and modules 

Roland m256e


OVERVIEW The m256E is a RAM card with batteries that allows to save sounds on many roland machines such as synthesizers, modules, drum machines and effects. Specification: 32kb memory with write-protection switch.

RELATED other cards from the series, often compatible depending mostly on the host machine:
- Roland M256D : exactly the same as M256E with different outfit and for other world markets
- Roland M128D: a 16 kb version offering half memory (works on few machines)
- Roland M512E: a 64 kb version double memory (not many machines can use the full 64kb, it is backward compatible to 256)

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Roland m256e m256d m128d m512e

m256E / M256D Compatibility

Roland m256 compatibility

M256 battery replacement

ARPEGGIATOR The m256 contains a Cr2016 standard battery with 3V. It last for years, much more than stated by roland in the manual (2 years!). Normally you device will signal you when it's time to replace the internal battery with warning at boot. Please be sure to backup your data by midi exclusives, or copying to another card. You can still try to replace the battery while insered into the switched on machines, which should provide to keep your memory intact.

-1 Just pull where's battery indicated (refer to pictures),
-2 PLEASE DO CHECK POLARITY (plus or minus) and replace with fresh one
-3 push back the battery compartment
NOTE: the CR2016 is a VERY common battery still available quite anywhere, you do NOT need to buy special one at high price to "experts". It should cost no more than 2€ and don't buy cheap one, they don't last much.

roland battery replacement

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