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Novation Bass Station Rack





Novation Bass station Rack

info Country: UK
Weight: 1,5 Kg
Dimensions: 483 (w) x 100 (d) 44 (h) mm
audio demo price trend: 200€
manual demo video comments

Novation Bass Station Rack (1995)
Analogue Synthesizer Module


Rackmount version of the famous analog synthesizer Bass station keyboard

This module adds new interesting updated features like memory improvment, sync wave option and external source processing.

analogue synthesizer module

info RACKMOUNT MODULE Main panel features a segment display, 18 knobs, 14 buttons and 12 switchtabs.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- line signal input
- 2 CV/gate inputs
- 2 CV/gate outputs
- headphones (front)

ac Power supply is a 9V DC external PSU. 500 mA positive center -(+

edit VOICE analog monophonic module with subtractive synthesis.
A voice is composed by 2 quite identical detunable DCO oscillators (C2-C7 16' 8' 4' 2) sawtooth or pulse with variable width) with volume mix balancing, detune adjust and hard sync option.


demo waveforms

demo pulse width

demodetune OSC2

demoOSC sync

some special functions:

osc - adjustable portamento time+ autoglide legato for a kind of Tb303 "twang" effect
- single / multi / poly triggering: restarts the EG1 or free flown
- EG bias assignable to breath controller or aftertouch pressure
- LFO rate + depth can be assigned to aftertouch, breath or Midi CC#
- polyphonic mode chains various basstation units for voices spillover.
MIDI all synthesis parameters can be controlled by Midi Control CC#.

FILTER resonant lowpass filter at 2 / 4 poles slope originally based on EDP WASP vintage synthesizer from 5 Hz to 10 kHz.

filter filter1 demo Hear external filtering
demo filter 4 poles
demo filter 2 poles

editTIP: external line sources can be VCF filtered (no gain control) only f relative EG is engaged.

ENVELOPE there are two 4-segments EGs:


- EG1 is hardwired to amplitude

- EG2 can be assigned to filter cutoff or pulse width


edit LFO a main delayed modulator (shapes: saw, triangle and random) and 3 destinations:


- LFO to VCF cutoff

- LFO to DCO1 pitch

- LFO to DCO2 pitch

editA second slimmed-down LFO manages the DCO1/DCO2 pulse width with fixed rate

edit SYNC LFO can be synched to external Midi clock with various time dividers demo Hear LFO exemple.

edit CV unit can be controlled by external tension from vintage synths or modulars.
The module acts also as a handy Midi->Cv converter with 4 options:

- 1V/Oct. scale e.g Roland Sh-09

- Hz/V scale e.g Korg MS-20

- Strigger option e.g.Moog Minimoog D

- trigger polarity inversion

cv gate



- 60 ROM presets

- 40 RAM slots

editSounds can be loaded and saved by Midi Sysex dump implementation.


bass station keyboards

Bass Station Keyboard - less memory, no display, no osc sync, no cv gate, no external filter process, no breath control

super bass station Super Bass station: adds even more features like ring mod, sub osc, another LFO and more memory.
bass station II Bass Station II 2013 -totally redisegned machine.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

vst plugin

Rhythm lab

Hollow Sun


- FREE sample pack

- FREE sample pack

-Commercial VST



hi-res picture

Company: Novation
Model: bass station rack
Class: Module
Rack: 1 unit
Dates: 1995
Display: digit
Synthesis: analog
Polyphony: 1 voices
Multitimbric: 1 part
Oscillator: 2 DCO
Filter: Digital Low pass
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 2 EGs
Memory: 40 RAM + 60 ROM
Effects: none


demo factory song
demo novation mix demo1 with DRUMSTATION
demo mix demo 2 with DRUMSTATION
demo mix demo 3 with DRUMSTATION
demo Bass: minimoog
demo Bass: solid
demo Bass: soft
demo Bass: transistor bass
demo Bass: wet
demo Bass: moog like
demo key:harpsichord
demo organ: kinda
demo seq: on the zrun
demo lead: mosquito
demo Synth: detuned
demo Synth: filter adsr
demo Synth: lead four
demo Synth: monolegato
demo Synth: modulated
demo Synth: sick 303
demo Synth: normal 303
demo Synth: wet resonance
demo Percussion: electro
demo FX: rain

demohave some bass station





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Novation Bass Station Rack FOR SALE

Novation Bass Station Rack FOR SALE




mainboard mainboard mainboard


solid solid
Smart Buy NERVOUS edit


REVIEW "Many improvement from classic keyboard version. Still a nice rack, not much to tweak for the limited interface. An interesting buy at fair, especially for the cv gate features"

manual manual
-improvement from keyboard
-a bit straight oscillators
-Cv gate feature
- edit interface

bass station keyboard

Welcome to an expanded "analog for the 90'" - novation manual

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Novation Bass Station Rack 3.5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. price €200