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Farfisa Polychrome



farfisa polychrome

info Country: Italy
Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 1000€
demo video comments

Farfisa Polychrome
Polyphonic Keyboard (1978)

Rare combo polyphonic machine produced in Italy by Farfisa.

This analog synthesizer distinguishes itself for the eerie choir section, recentely reconsidered by synth collectors.

farfisa lofo
farfisa polychrome synth

info KEYBOARD 61 keys with primitive velocity sensibility, 2 optional metal legs. Main panel features 20 levers, 36 push buttons, 3 switches and a rudimentary pitchbender

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- a 5-dins swell pedal input
- main signal out
- separate output for choir section
- audio input for external processing with adjustable gain
- 1 wheel trimmer for master pitch
- 1 wheel trimmer for choir pitch.

edit VOICE
pure combo-string processor philosophy: summing or removing various sounds layers.
The machine is based on 4 analog frequency dividers boards groups and a single white noise circuit:

instruments - Vocal chorus
- Ensemble
- Percussive
- Strings


EDIT INTEFACE all parameters for sound edit are under the finger tips organized into various macro sound section. TIP: It is possible also to SPLIT the polychrome and assign 2 sounds to the board.


CHORUS features 3 presets values + 1 special Custom Mode.

choir Special Double button activates twice octave register layer for a deeper choir effect.

Custom mode can be edited changing 5 parameters: volume, attack, sustain, cutoff and resonance.

editPERCUSSIVE 6 presets instruments: piano, harpsichord, honkytonk, clavichord, eletric guitar and classic guitar.

ENSEMBLE group is composed by 3 sub-groups instruments:

strings - brass
- reed
- accordion.

Ensemble edit parameters are: volume mix, brilliance, attack, sustain and sound emphasis.


edit STRINGS summable registers at octaves heights 16' 8' 4' and 2 parameters:
- a simple 2-stages EG AD
- basic brilliance filter control.

a single built-in analog shift phaser with emphasis tremolo and frequency rate.
Phase shifting process is able to modulate 3 sections at the same time: ensemble, percussive and strings but NOT the choir section.

phaser demo HEAR phaser


the Polychrome is now an old machine with frequent electronic troubles and needs technical care. If you plan to buy one just go for a deep test as it is not so uncommon to report many issues. Last model I had needed about 60 capacitors to be replaced... have fun.

polychrome internal repair

Polychrome Schematics would badly help for some repairs, so if you have service manual and would like to share to everyone, please drop us a LINE.

VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some commercial samples set kontakt version (NO VST PLUGIN emulation for the moment):


Synth magic





demo Lacrima di rei theme from "Aguirre" movie by W.Herzog
demo string test with phaser
demo velocity filter choir test
demo If you want to share your polychrome demos, just UPLOAD them :)


Analog Synthesizer 1979 polychrome presentation my Popol vuh cover
Analog Synthesizer Polychrome presentation Popol vuh cover

Company: Farfisa
Model: Polychrome
Class: Synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Display: none
Dates: 1978
Synthesis: Analog
Polyphony: full
Multitimbric: 2 parts
Sounds: 11
Effect: phaser
Demo: 3



original scan
edit edit brochure

farfisa polychrome

edit polychrome

original scan

edit original brochure

Farfisa Polychrome for sale

Farfisa Polychrome for sale






family instruments jam session vcf filter
Panel board my vintage JAM!: Polychrome with Yamaha Dx7,Oberheim Matrix 6 and Aira tape echo box ... Filter Cutoff


solid solid
EERIE killer unreliable master


REVIEW "Choir is fantastic and the keyboard control is just great! Quite collectible but just keep in mind it is big, unreliable with just 1 (very) interesting sound. "

manual manual
- Choirs -bulky
- key dynamics
- unreliable
- rare -strings, brass and ensemble are average

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Farfisa Polychrome Farfisa Polychrome
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