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Jomox Xbase 09





jomox xbase 09

info Country: Germany
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Dimensions: 330mm x 240mm x 75mm
audio demo trend price : 400€
manual demo video comments

Jomox Xbase 09 (1997)
Midi Controlled Drum Machine

A little modern analog box aimed to emulate 2 legendary drum machines: Roland tr808 and tr909.

Xbase tries to keep the sound and adding some new features for modern studio implementation.

drum machine

not DRUM MACHINE Main panel features a 3 digit red LED 7-segment display, 5 velocity pads, 25 knobs (transmit Midi CC#), 16 buttons for step edit and 10 others for pattern edit.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- 3 individual audio outputs
- Midi interface
- 5-dins syncclocked at 24 PPQ resolution.

not Power supply is external AC-AC model 12 Volts / 1A.

not VOICE based on a 8/16-Bit Risc Controller CPU clocked at 16 mHz which manages 3 voices polyphony. The Jomox hardware features both analog and digital sound generation technology:
- PCM HIHATS is a sampled digital PCM channel at 8 bits resolution.
- ANALOG BASS DRUM and SNARE have both analog circuits.

step analog sequencer

notPERCUSSIONS DETAILS: the kick, the snare and the hihats have various sound parameters:

not BEAT basically BEAT DRUM is a VCO OSC generating a sinewave:
- TUNE controls its pitch EG amount on VCO for warping
- PITCH overall tuning: starting from rumbling 20 Hz
- DECAY controls the generated EG decay up to a long time of 2.5s
- HARMONICS adds harmonics to the sinewave with some distortions
- PULSE (attack) add a square impulse to the attack for click
- NOISE (attack) adds some white noise
- ATTACK ratio of added pulse and noise attack to the sine
- EQ simple lowpass filter attenuates high frequency.

jomox xbase 09 sinw
not SNARE drum is composed by 2 triangle VCO + 1 white noise generator:
- TUNE changes the pitch of both OSC.
- XSNAPP the 808 SNAP of amount of filtered noise balanced with OSC
- DECAY the lenght
- DETUNE detunes the snare drum oscillators for resonating effect
- NOISE TUNE amount of noise mixed (also open the VCF filter).
jomox xbase 09 triangle
not HITHATS sampled Hit-hats and some other PCM samples for a total of 6 samples coded at 8 bit resolutions: closed / open hihat, crash cymbal, ride, rim shot and clap routed to an analog EG :
- OH / CH DECAY controls the decay time of the analog EG of the sample.
- HH BAL volume balancing between OH and CH.
- TUNE changes the sample reading speed.
- REVERSE plays the sample backward.
jomox xbase 09 triangle

not EDIT INTERFACE: the jomox is quite straightforward, some minimal keycombo:

jomox xbase 09

not LFO up to 2 modulators* with retrigger (shapes: saw-up, saw-down, square and triangle) sharing same tempo frequency. Modulators have 5 destinations:
- BD pitch
- snare tune
- Xsnapp factor
- noise frequency
- Hi Hat pitch.
*note: only OS 2.09 and higher.


real-time record or step entry using the 16 dedicated buttons.
The sequencer also records knobs movements, in addition there is micro groove editor and a shuffle to shift each step with a maximum of 96th of a bar resolution with a 92 ticks / bar resolution.
Internal tempo range from 38 BPM to 292 BPM or unit can be slaved with external Midi clock from other units or Sync at 24 PPQ to vintage drum machines.
MIDI all functions are available also by Midi control change: surely one of the best feature! also a complete Exclusive implementation for edit and librarian storage purposes. Each voice in sequencer can transmit or transmits on its own Midi channel.

step analog sequencer

- 100 ROM preset drum kits
- 100 RAM slots
- 64 user patterns
- 10 user songs
Battery replacement: internal memory works with a standard soldered Cr-2032 lithium battery, an easy task.

xbase  09 battery


not MODIFICATION two nice links: custom sample with eprom change, here's a very nice project from frequency response, now discontinued - another for tact switch fix/clean from My Diy blog:

xbase 09 limited tact switch repair

effet EDITOR free performance panel fror CTRLR.org

xbase 09 limited



xbase 09 limited xbase tok tok
xbase 888 xbase999
X-base 09 "DR Walker limited edition" valuable on the market VIDEO

X-base tok tok limited edition VIDEO

X-base 888 much bigger than 09, replaced by 999 VIDEO X-base 999 with sample import option VIDEO


mbase hello samples
Airbase 09: revamp 09 rackmount VIDEO

JaZBase03 - different sampleset MP3 demo

Mbase 01 the 09 kick section - updated to Mbase 11  

effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price
hello samples hellosamples sample pack:

-free light version
-commercial version


demo mix pattern 1
demo rhythm 1
demo rhythm 2
effet have some nice 09 demos? shar'em UPLOAD


Jomox XBase 09 Analog Drum Synthesizer Roland TR-909 Emulator JOMOX 09 Jomox XBase09 vs Roland TR-909
Analog Drum Synthesizer Roland TR-909 Emulation vs. Roland TR-909



jomox xbase 09





Turn off the XBase09, hold down step buttons 4, 6 and 8 and switch power on.




X09: OS Software Version Display
Hold down all four instrument buttons (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Closed HH and Open HH). The
display should show the three digit version number of the units firmware. Versions below 1.32 do not display the OS version Latest os is 2.09.



banner xbase09




original scan
demo orginal brochure


xbase 09
demo nice PIC



banner xbase09

Others 808 /909 famous clones:


roland tr8
Roland TR8


novation drumstation



Jomox Xbase 09 FOR SALE




banner xbase09

jomox internal circuits xbase eprom upgrade snare drum circuit


- analog drum
-TR sequencer
-Midi CC
- synch options


-sequencer timing
- flimsy buttons


REVIEW: "Box with power and modern Midi implementation. Xbase09 vs tr 909? not really good:
The X0X emulation is average."


“You don't want to use 909 samples, because, only the original machine has the necessary punch and authenticity” - Jomox advert



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all snapshots*, sounds, texts copyright Polynominal.com / Eric Pochesci
*xbase 888 and 999 from jomox website
* tok tok edition from ebay auction
* DIY picture eprom sample by requencyresponse.ch
* tact switch repair from My Diy blog
polynominal.com is not associated or affiliated with Jomox in any manner.

Jomox x09 3.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings. price €400